Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's Say...

Let's say you actually cared....

and you were his mother and loved him like I do...

and YOU had to choose...


Please help me


These are his 2.5 year pictures. My baby is growing up...and looks older and older each week. He is so handsome and such a sweetheart!!! I love him to pieces. (Even though I about beat him to death in order to get these pictures. He started laughing when Jarom pretended to hit my butt with his toy baseball bat and it was great from then on. Boys. Whatever worked was fine by me:)


(How he is this old already I can't figure out....but it's true, unfortunately:)

He's 2.5 going on 20 I swear.


Such attitude and such a poser.

















I saw this idea on my friend Laci's blog and thought it was so darling. She takes pictures of kiddos with all of their "favorite things". What a perfect way to document his obsession with ALL sports (bats & balls), big trucks, helmets, his stuffed monkey, his baseball glove and dinosaurs. Such a little boy....

I loved these pics:)

Most Definitely going in his room.





Not sure what he's doing here...but I like it. He is hilarious these days and is just starting to develop quite the imagination. I'm sure he was in the middle of one of his stories! He can get pretty animated.

OOOOHHHH...I'm in love.

Which ones?????
(and yes I elminated over 100 others before posting all 20 of these:)
ha ha ha


Stacy Ellison said...

good luck making that decision! they are all SO cute!

Laci said...

All very cute! I like the hands in pocket or him sitting straight on to camera. Thanks for your nice comment. I had a lady in California do it for me. I have no clue how to!! So I'm impressed you figured out this 3 column thing.!
*also good job on fav. things pic I love those too!

heddomarie said...

You didn't put it in the post but the one you used at the top for your header is my favorite!

allegra said...

so so cute! they're all fabulous. your photos are great! i just love little boys. i've actually been meaning to take some 2.5 photos since Max turned 2.5 this month but haven't gotten around to it yet, so thanks for the reminder to get on it!! geeze, i'm slackin'...

ok, i love #1, #7, #13 ( for some reason, i LOVE this one. love the bum shot in those cute little boy shorts), or #16.

Jessica Anderson Photography said...

I love the 4th one down and the 2nd from the bottom, those are my votes :) Where is that cement wall with the ivy? It's really cool!

Ericson Fam said...

Okay so I love the one with his hands in his pocket and all the ones with his hand on his hip because that is just the cutest thing. looks like you had fun. He needs to come and play. Bella has been asking about him. I also need to find a time to get our pics and i want you to take Lincolns six mths

Sabrina said...

I love that first one that you have posted!

I would choose 2, 12, and 21 to enlarge. I also really like that first one of him with his toys.

Jessica Kettle said...

so sweet! love the last one.

Bryce & Brittany said...

Big decisions!! Here are the ones I love...1)the one where he's standing up with his hands in his pockets 2)the one where he's sitting against a fence with his knees up and 3)any of the ones where he has the scrunched nose smile.:) Those would be my choices anyway.:) Good luck!

The Thurgoods said...

If I were you I would enlarge every single one of them and put them on all of the walls of my house. That is how adorable he is!!! I am sorry I didn't introduce my husband in RC Willey that one day... I am terrible at that. You are such a cute girl and it was good to see you. Good luck deciding.... definately enlarge the one with him standing up against the brick wall with his hand on his hip!!!