Thursday, August 13, 2009


I always knew my firstborn would be a BOY.

How? I'm not sure.

Call it Mother's intution---or wishful thinking...but I just knew it.

...and I always wanted it that way....


I dreamt about "him" regularly....always waking up only moments before I got to see his little face. I would hold him bundled tightly in a blue blanket...only seeing the top of his little head and his wisps of brown hair. I would smell that perfect baby smell and my heart would fill with the most undescribable happiness.

Then....Bam...I'd wake up. I hated it.

Often times I'd pull the covers over my head and try and go back to sleep. In an attempt to pick up where I left off, I guess.


Jarom and I aren't the kind to rush into things.

We analyze. That is what we do.

We always have a plan.

Some would call it boring...Lame even.

......but it works for us:):)

How is our savings? Do we have enough money to provide for a child? What about missions, college? Would I get to stay home? Getting us both through college first was a must!

So the wait continued on. It was difficult for me.


We spent a few years planning and dreaming of the day "HE" would make his big debut and we would officially be a family:) I was growing anxious and impatient. I wanted to meet him.


I would ALWAYS tell Jarom

"I saw our baby boy last night..." and he'd respond with one of his LOOKS.

One of those that clearly meant (you are freaking nuts...but I kind of like it)...and he'd laugh at me. I would then expound on every detail of my dream....and the cycle continued as such for months and months. He endured it well.





It was always the same dream. Exactly.


I told Jarom continually that we'd have a BOY...In fact, I clearly told him it was a boy up until the very moment we were anxiously waiting in the lobby during the magic Week #20.

Jarom wasn't so sure.

He didn't think he'd get that Lucky:)


(...My point is coming....wait for it...wait for it:)

ha ha ha

Earlier this week---after a good 45 minutes of reinacting "ultimate fighting" moves, head butts, tackling and wrestling with Jaxson...we collapsed on the family room floor. He snuggled up to me and cuddled onto my lap. He wrapped himself tightly in his favorite companion: YELLOW I could only see his eyes and the top of his little head. I leaned over and kissed him and breathed him in. Yummy.

It hit me.

That was it...exactly.

My Dream.


It was such a simple little moment...yet one I won't forget.

He was the boy of my dreams...

I had held him so many times before this...JUST LIKE THIS...

and I would get to forever.

That was one wonderful feeling.



p.s. He then picked his nose, wiped it on my arm and laughed the

deepest gut laugh you've ever heard.

p.s.s I want another little boy so badly it hurts:)

They are highly entertaining, rough, wild, obnoxious and sometimes gross....
BUT when they smother you in kisses and say
"Mommy you're so pretty....and your my FAAAVorite!"
it's the best thing ever.


Erin said...

I really hope you don't think I am crazy for leaving you a comment!! I came across your blog from Kelley Howes and Carins a while back and I LOVED your b-day party that your threw for your little guy. My little boy is turing 2 and we are throwing him a construction party similar to yours and I was hoping you could share the cake recipe with me that you had in the dump truck! I have looked on line and can't seem to find anything. I have checked your blog from time to time and I just love all the creative things your post! This time I just dared to leave a comment :) Thanks!!
If you have time email me at:

Chelsea said...

OH think boys are great...just wait until you have a girl!!! So sweet, fun, & girly..and NO boogers! Trust me, I know.

Erin said...

What a cute little story! Isn't a mothers intuition so weird. When me and john were dating I had dreams all the time about me and john sitting on a couch and a little boy and girl would come running into the room giggling. I saw the same two little kids in multiple dreams and at different ages but they were always the same 2 kids. I honestly think those two kids were Caleb and Claire. And its weird I always heard other kids making sounds in the background of my dreams but never saw their faces. Me and john have talked about just having two kids lately and I always wonder if that was why I only ever saw their two faces. It's weird!

And just for the record. I beg to differ with chelsea on the no boogers with girls. They are sweet, fun, and girly but they still wipe boogers! At least my little one does. Hopefully they grow out of it.

Erin P.

The Wells Family said...

amen!!! i hope you get your wish like i did.... i can't wait to have another boy! and he better be as good, fun, and amazing as the first or i might send him back. okay, not really. bobby even said that his "baby brother" isn't going to be as cute as he is. Hmmmm...

i adore jaxon and i have never even met him. hopefully one day i can get a chance. i still smile when i think of a video you posted of him with his gut laugh...completely hilarious!

Sabrina said...

That is so awesome; I love it!

Maranda said...

I hope you get another little boy too. When did you say you'd be having another? It's got to be in the plans somewhere...right? Jaxson is too cute!

Jamie said...

K, you always write the cutest things. What a sweet post, I agree that little boys are the best thing(s) ever, crazy rough and kind of gross, but so sweet & fun hu? I hope you have another very soon:)

Nicole said...

Ok so since Erin left you a comment and you don't know her-I will too. Except I know you, but I don't know if you'll remember me. I was in Dental Assisting School when you were coming from the High School. I freakin' loved you (not in a weird way). You were so much fun to be around. So imagine my surprise when I found your blog one day-AWESOME!
Anyways-now that you are SCARED out of your mind...I just wanted to say Hi and to tell you thanks for always putting being a Mommy in perspective for me. I have a one year old-boy-and love him to death, but I often forget how lucky I am. Your blog always reminds me :) You're an amazing writer. I am totally jealous.
We have a blog to and if you want an invite email me :) (Or if you just want to remember the CrAzY who has been stalking you :) Sorry about that...)
Nicole Stevenson Ure