Monday, August 3, 2009

We're BACK...

we're back
...and this picture pretty much sums it up...
We had a blast and LOVE LOVE LOVE Lake Powell.
(Can you tell Jaxson was having a good time?:)
My baby is growing like a weed and his new likes and abilities are amazing me each day.
He is FEARLESS...of just about anything.
It was hard to come home.



All of his swimming worked up quite the appetite. He ate really well while we were there! He downed BAG after BAG of swedish fish (HIS FAVORITE) and probably 30 Capri Suns. He was spoiled and showered with treats, love and attention from all of his aunts and uncles. I love my family...and I love that they adore him so much.



Jaxson LOVED feeding the fish...and walked around with a "fishie face" for hours each day.

It was hilarious....he also made the "fishie face" every time he was swimming in the lake...SO funny:) We all got a kick out of it. He is always coming up with something new!!!


One of our favorite things to do is tour the Lake. Each year we choose a day to drive up to Cathedral Canyon and tour the beautiful canyons and ruins. We always end the day with a trip to the Marina for Ice-Cream cones and Rootbeer floats. Jaxson was pretty in love with this idea:)


Like most boys...he enjoys mud...throwing...and rocks.

He would throw so hard and jump each it everything he had!

It was great to watch. Check out how far off the ground he is????




wakeboarding notes




Jaxson LOVES boat rides...and took the longest nap every afternoon while we toured the lake and took rides around Hall's Bay.


Jaxson just so happens to be obsessed with my brother Ryan's girlfriend...Kelsey.

He tells me 100 times a day, "Kelsey is SO pretty mommy!"

She is...we love her.


She is so good to him...and she and Ryan spent hours building a giant bear out of sand with him.

This would be my brother Ryan...for those who haven't had the privelage.
He's a nutcase...but we love him.
He lovingly refers to this picture as


Oh how he loves it. It was the best thing ever watching his reaction and hearing the giggles that were coming out of him. He loved it!


Check out the excitement on his face!


My little boy had the best week of his life....I'm 100% positive.

I think we all did. We love boating...and having a houseboat on Lake Powell is the Best boating ever! Waking up on the water...awesome.


The Whole Crew

This year we took my mom's sister and brother and there kiddos.

We love spending time with them and it was a great trip!

p.s. I still feel like I am on a boat and everything is moving. Everything is swaying back and forth permanently. ONLY downside I guess, to living on water for a week:(
I'm going to throw-up...I swear.


Maranda said...

What a fun trip. I agree with you, Lake Powell is one of the best spots to vacation. Jaxson is so cute and completely ALL boy! Sucks to come back to reality. phones, work and people doesn't it!?!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Yay!! Fun trip! Lots of fun in the sun....I'm jealous!!

Emmett and Ashlee said...

That looks like a blast. Jaxson does look like a little dare devil. Nice. He is so cute.

allegra said...

i can't even begin to tell you how jealous i am. i LOVE that place and usually try to go once a year but this past summer didn't get to go. sucks big time! looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

allegra said...

p.s. beautiful photos, too. are you using a new lens?

Ms. Case said...

HOW FUN! The guy I am dating just invited me to go over labor day and I am SO excited! I haven't been in 12 years!