Saturday, July 11, 2009



(Some changes are painful:
Like, for example, the day you realize your thighs touch:)

Mommy feels your pain Jax:)
St. George, June 2009


Speaking of Changes....

Change is often a difficult thing for first instinct is to fully embrace it, yet when it actually happens I end up struggling to thoroughly accept it for months. I've discovered that any change in life, location, routine ends up changing bits and pieces of me in return....and that's difficult sometimes. It forces me to stretch and grow and learn from new people. Change means reaching outside your comfort zone which is often intimidating...but always rewarding. Utah has been my home again for a whole year now....and the last 2 months are the first that I've truly felt back "at home".


I've made countless new friends, learned several new hobbies, I love my calling in the church, enjoy my ward, LOVE LOVE LOVE my mother's cooking, holiday traditions with family, and I must add that the No BILLS part is heaven:) We (me, Jarom and Jaxson) have found our "NEW NORMAL" and are feeling very happy and content at the moment.

aaaghhh....I can finally let out a sigh of relief and

enjoy being completely content.

(of course...that is...until things Change and we move again in November!)


Life has been FULL of changes for us for the past year...and the past few weeks have continued that pattern! We have been crazy busy...and are embracing and gratefully welcoming each one!


I have been too busy living to be blogging......I guess that's a good sign! I went through my camera this afternoon and actually had forgotten the countless things we've managed to pack into the past few weeks.

Where do I begin???

I will address my list from the previous post in an effort to stay on task and cover them all:)


1-Stroller flying off cliff in Zions National!

This was quite a day...and accurate reflection of how my brain has been working lately!

We headed off for a spontaneous summer vacation to St. George and decided to take a Hike in beautiful Zion's National Park on the way. It was HOT HOT HOT...but Jaxson was excited about our adventure and had a blast chasing squirrels and playing in the dirt.


I was up for a little I strapped on my tennis shoes and headed up. I was having fun until I was halfway up the mountain in my tight denim shorts (dragging my 15 pound overweight butt uphill mind you)...noticing pretty quickly that I was hiking alongside a woman with a child strapped to her front and one in a pack on her back with a special water-releasing backpack that made her seem so professional and super human:) I was so pissed off. I was sweating to death...and eating red vines! ha ha ha.


Jaxson was kept safe by a leash. I always swore I wouldn't be one of those mothers who kept their children on leashes!!! So embarrassing. When thousand foot cliffs are risk looking "cool" for the fact that the monkey tail attached to your wrist is the ONLY THING keeping your child from plunging down the ravine. Actually, it has the adverse effect (the leash that is) people loved it!!! A mountain full of people were staring and laughing and oohing and aaaghing over his scrumptiousness:)

(the majority of them korean tourists...but still)





On our way down the mountain Jaxson was busy pointing out a mother duck and her 5 babies trying to cross the river WAY WAY WAY down below. (Over the side of a cliff and 200+ yards down a rocky mountainside mind you)! He has the best eyesight on earth I swear...because my family couldn't believe he spotted them. He kept trying to tell us "LOOK at those ducks..RIGHT THERE MOM!" and we couldn't see them that far away. I was pushing my trusty BOB jogging stroller (I am obsessed with that thing:) which was carrying every belonging I own. My camera and several lenses, diaper bag, wallet, snacks, etc.

Meanwhile Jaxson was riding on my dad's shoulders and he screams (imagine echoes off cliff walls at this point)...


"HEY MOM...let's kill em' and eat em'!"

(Yes you heard me right...he was referring to the precious little family of ducks on the river)


I'm not sure if it was the shock and horror of hearing my big-eyed and grinning little boy come up with something like that graphic (and quite intelligent. ha ha) but I momentarily lost all ability to think...let go of my stroller and turned to look at him. My family (mainly Jarom) started screaming my name and I turned around just in time to see most of my favorite things tumbling down the side of a red rock cliff.


All I could think for hours afterward was "how lucky I was that my child wasn't in that stroller". I seriously don't remember like 5 minutes (I'm blaming over-exertion...ha ha:) and consider myself VERY lucky. My wonderful husband lowered himself slowly down the mountainside and recovered every last granola bar, lipgloss and cell phone that was strewn down the cliff. The only casualty is a small gash in the handle of my beloved stroller. Everything was fine. Amazing huh?

I plan to go back. Only next time I'm buying a cool pack for Jaxson to ride in...taking vitamin water and a water backpack thingy so I can look all pro like those rock-hard women I saw. They were pretty darn serious about it. I was just looking for a nice little family outing. I think I'll stick to the local parks with slides and swings and benches. Yes benches to SIT and RELAX.


2- Grandpa's Garden!


My Grandpa has the world biggest garden.

He lives in Southern Utah and owns a farm...with enough land to grow food to feed his entire extended family (plus a city I swear) for an entire year! Jaxson had his first experience helping pick the veggies. I am excited about canning this year (I am getting so old and boring, ha...and yet I love it). For the first time (by this FALL) I'll have a Food Storage room to actually store it:) Next week I'm heading down to spend some quality days with by grandma and a butt load of green beans.


It's always fun to learn new things! Compared to my friend GAYLYN...I have a long way to go:) She is Mrs. Domestic...not to mention a wonderful mother. I am LEARNING all I can from her and enjoy her so much. She is so "REFRESHING" to be around and cares only for the things that matter. Like Canning (ha ha...I joke...and of course, lets not forget her perfectly applied makeup).

I'm kidding again. She gets me.

On our walk this morning she had me laughing so hard I about died.



2-Saving a drowning lizard in the pool!

After Zions...We were off to spend a week relaxing in beautiful St. George. It was heaven...and a much needed vacation. Aren't all vacations much needed??? I live for them. Great food...relaxing by the pool in 108 degree heat...reading a book...Plays at Tuachan...and the shopping. Oh...I want to go back so badly. Everytime we go somewhere I realize that I could spend weeks on end with Jarom and never get tired of him:):) He makes me laugh and laugh...and he is always so concerned with what I want to do. It's amazing after 5 years of marriage that he STILL makes every decision based on what he thinks I WOULD prefer...even if it's torture for him


(the outlets...he would rather die I swear).


We spent DAYS by the pool.




Jaxson learned to swim and I couldnt' believe how quickly he became FEARLESS of the water. He would put on his floaties and start kicking! He could swim laps around the pool on his own by the time we left. We all got fried crispy (which we love) and spent a lot of quality family time together. I was swimming with him when we came upon a lizard. I reached out (thinking it was his plastic one we take almost everywhere) and went to hand it to him when I realized the thing was squirming and most definitely alive. I scream and Jaxson gut-laughed for 10 minutes. We then saved it's poor little life by getting it to dry land and watching it struggle to breath for a minute. It ran off and Jaxson could NOT stop talking about it. He was very impressed with his mommy touching a REAL LIVE LIZARD.


I was pretty proud myself. I hate animals more than anything on earth.





It's a tradition to attend Tuachan Theatre each year. We saw Footloose this year and it was simply wonderful!!! The Dancing was amazing...and I kept leaning over to Jarom saying "I used to be able to do that"...."I could do that too!"....."Oh my body used to look like that" as I finished off a bag of bite sized nutter butter cookies I had stuffed in my purse. Ha.

Oh how things change:)


He just laughed....and told me he likes me better "THIS WAY" whatever that is supposed to mean.

That's what he has to say.




Jaxson is such a good child. I swear I did something right to deserve him:) He swam and played the entire day and was just exhausted...yet sat on my lap for the entire 3 hour play and watched quietly. Last 18 months old...he watch Les Miserables at Tuachan which was 3.5 hours and he didn't make a peep. He makes my job so easy! We pretty much take him every where and I love that he doesn't limit what we can do as a family.


3-Wonderful book reviews!

Reading is one of my new hobbies. Who would have thought!?! I am usually too fast-paced and busy to take the time to read...but I have learned to thoroughly enjoy it. I loved reading by the pool in St. George...and read 2 books while I was there. I have since read 2 more...and am starting the book list from the book club in our neighborhood this week.

Look at me be a nerd.

It's so much fun. I take a bubble bath EVERY SINGLE night and read for an hour. It's me time....and I am never stopping. I love it. It is also such a refreshing hobby for me aside from my pictures, scrapbooking, shopping and list of things that do absolutely nothing to make me a more educated and well rounded person. I am really loving it.


I have started reading a lot of Jodi Picoult books. I just finished Vanishing Acts (so so good) and My Sisters Keeper (wonderful). My sister's keeper is actually a movie right now in theaters...but the book is so so good so you must read it. I also read "for one more day" which is about a mother whose son plays baseball and hits really close to home for me. It is so good, sad, touching and eye-opening. "Running with Angels" is pretty darn motivating as well:)

I am just starting "Change of Heart" which I heard is AMAZING.


Serious. Go get a Jodi Picoult...but I warned you that there is always some interesting language and 1-2 naughty scenes per book. Whoops:)

4-Spontaneous Vacation!

I already told you about our relaxing week away....but I didn't mention that we were able to attend the "Mormon Miracle Pageant" at the Manti Temple while were in southern Utah. I grew up attending this pageant with my family each summer...and it was fun for me to take Jaxson. I remember it so clearly when I was young and I am really glad I took him. He loved it and talked about it for a few days. When Joseph Smith was shot during the play Jaxson turned to me and my parents and said, "OH DANG IT....they SHOT HIM!"

What a crack up he is.


(checking out the fountain at the TEMPLE)



5- Hubby's New Job

This one is self explanatory! Without boring you too much...this is one of the positive changes in our lives right now!!! Jarom is so happy and loving his work...which makes all of our lives more content and happy. I am so proud of him and his ambition and continual drive to do better and learn more amazes me. Thanks Jarom...for letting me stay home with our son and have the rewarding job of Mother:)

6-The "House Project"

BUSY BUSY BUSY...and finally started!

Sucking all of our time.

It is fun, exciting and overwhelming but we feel very blessed!

7- 4th Of July!




-Jaxson had to so many highlights on the's impossible to mention them all-

The first that DEFINITELY made the list is "Face Painting at the Park"

I want to kiss the crap out of him in the first picture. He is getting so big...but those eyes and cheeks take me back to those first few months with him. He looks exactly same.

Like my chunky little baby boy:)

His little body is growing...but the look in eyes stays the innocent and sweet.

I have such a special bond and relationship with him.


A BLUE RASPBERRY Snowie was 2nd.

(On the LIST of highlights that is:)



Wearing his JERSEY to Daddy's Softball Tournament.

Close 3rd....for sure.

Followed by a LUNCH.

A close 4th:)





This is by far my favorite Holiday!

As you are well aware...I love holidays more than anything. I always love a reason to celebrate...but this holiday was spent a little different than most. My family went boating, then celebrated with a BBQ and fireworks...BUT my little family had so much to do we spent the day with just the three of us. Jarom played in the Perry City Softball Tournament and we watched several games over the weekend. Jaxson LOVES watching his dad's games and everyone is amazed at how he watches so intently instead of runs wild like the other kiddos. He is very interested in the game and will shout commands to the players. He is a great announcer and will turn and shout "He hit it!" or "He missed the ball mom" or " YYYEEESS! He caught it!".

Jaxson looked adorable in his little red, white and blue jersey I must say. I wanted to kiss him to death. Well, I did...many times throughout the day. He is sooo sweet. I am not sure where he got it...but he tells me probably 100 times a day that I'm pretty. He will grab my cheeks and say "Mom you are so pretty! And I am such a STUD MUFFIN, huh?!?!"


We had a wonderful dinner...I made Strawberry Cheesecake and the three of us cuddled in the back of the Jeep to watch the fireworks. It was a great night with my family.


8-Swimming Lessons

Last but not least! Me and Jaxson successfully finished Swimming Lessons. Mom and Tot to be exact...which consisted of us playing around, splashing each other, chatting with other moms, and going down the slides repeatedly for an hour each day...for 2 weeks.


It was fun and I love doing things like this with him.

I so much cherish this one-on-one time with him...I never want things to change:)

(although I know they will...things always change, it's inevitable...and although

it's always for the best and for our growth it never means it's easy)

I know that someday he won't be my baby anymore...he will take the role of "OLDEST" which I know a thing or two about! It's rewarding and makes you very responsible and helpful to your parents.....but I would be lying if I said I was ready to push him out of the baby seat just yet. It makes me emotional. He enjoys being my I'm going with it. It won't be that way for long....and I will never get the time back so I'm embracing it fully and loving every day.


I pulled up to the bank and Jaxson said

"Oh hey mom...don't forget to get a sucker for your baby, ok?"


Today at Home Depot he said, "Mom do you want to hold your baby?

I quickly responded "OF COURSE!" and swept him out of the cart and into my arms.

He followed up by saying... "You can tickle him too, ok!"




Deal Jax.
I will never forget your my baby...if you don't.

I Love you to pieces.



The Wells Family said...

love the update...and love all the changes. :)

jax is so nummers! i could eat him too. i just love little yummy boys. :) bobby gets eaten every day. and completely enjoy have him all to yourself. i don't regret ONE MINUTE of waiting so long for #2. i have had great memories and quality time with bobby. it was so important to me. now when i tell bobby that he will always be my baby he says, "no way! the baby is in your belly. i am a big boy now because i am all growed up!". makes me almost cry.

enjoy this time in your life...all the changes. congrats on the new house! it is so fun to have something so new and fresh. i can't wait to see pics. :)

is jarom still doing law? i hope he likes his new job. that is a bummer that his other job didn't work out. i hope this makes everybody happy. :)

Bryce & Brittany said...

Cute, cute post! I loved all of it! I'm so glad Jarom was able to recover your stroller, camera, phone etc....that could have been disasterous!! Jaxson is a little stud muffin and I'm glad that he knows it! I'm happy that Jarom is liking his job!! And I can't wait until you guys get into your house so I can come visit you!:)

Kelley said...

I love reading your blog :) I know I rarely have time to comment, but I always look at it. Looks like you guys have been having so much fun this summer..Jaxson is just cute as ever!

keep us update on the new house and keep the fun stories coming...always LOVE 'EM!

ps. Glad the stroller is ok :)

Ruth Peterson said...

Hey Kristin! Missed you guys on the 4th, but it looks like you had a fabulous time! I wish we could get Brenner in the pool--the little stinker! Two big brothers to play with (one can outswim all the rest of us put together!), a pool out his back door, tons of chances at hotels--nope! I really, really don't want to do a "mom and tot" class with all of those moms your age (and your so-much-smaller-cuter-size) than me!! But, sigh, I may just have to...aaagh--the sacrifices we'll make and the humiliations we'll embrace for our darling kidlets! :S

steph said...

you are so funny! i loved every second of your post. jaxson is so handsome! what a babe! you definitely have a lot going on right now. at least you are good at change. i for one am horrible!
p.s. awesome pictures!

US! said...

Kristen, I loved reading this post! You are such a creative fun writer. You make me so so so excited to have a little boy! Thanks for sharing this part of your life with me and letting me do a little blog stalking! Oh and your pictures are AMAZING!!!

Ms. Case said...

While that may have been your longest post yet...I did read it. And I pretty much laughed forever on the duck part and what Jaxson yelled...hysterical!

Fun Post!

Maranda said...

Wow! I hope you can breathe after that post. So cute and much needed. Jaxson is such a cutie. You are right about his little body growing, but he definetely has those same big eyes....Too cute. I love all your pictures.

It sounds like your life is full and you are loving it. That's always good to hear. I think it will be an exciting change for you to move into your new home.

We want to do something with you guys before we leave. We will be in San Diego all next week, but will call when we get back.

Tai and Joe said...

I really enjoying reading about your life. You inspire me to be better. I think you are so adorable.

Ally said...

K real tears sprang to my eyes on the last two pictures and last words of this post. Love it. Congrats on all the new changes! (and I'm obsessed with Jodi Picoult as well!!!)

Hickman Family said...

Such a was so fun to see you. Wish we could have done more. The time sped by, as expected. Love the pics, the 4th ones are so cute of the two of you! Hope all goes well with the house, will look forward to updates!

heddomarie said...

looks like you guys are having fun! I just saw your pics of Jaxson on studio 5! Awesome!

ashley said...

AHHH... You can just feel the love! You look gorgeous Kristin--as always!