Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guess What???

I've said it a million times...but I'll say it again:)
I am one blessed woman.
Jaxson walked up to me on Sunday (only 4 days ago) and exclaimed...
"I am a big boy mom and I want to pee in the toilet!"
I quickly thought about how busy my life is at this moment and how it would be
---IMPOSSIBLE in every sense of the word---to stay home for several days and POTTY TRAIN this little boy:)
BUT I let him wear some underwear around for the day...thinking...
"when we move in November I'll have time for this and he'll only be 2.5 so it will be perfect!"
Fast forward three days and everyone in my family is in complete shock!!!
without an accident...
without wetting the bed...
I guess I'm not surprised. Jaxson has the kind of personality that if he decides he's going to do something...he just does it, with little help from me.
I almost feel guilty that I have not ONE CLUE how I've managed to do this. I don't have one piece of advice for those who are looking for hints on potty training!
I didn't read books, I didn't follow a manual or plan, I just told him,
"Don't PEE or POOP on your FOOTBALLS because mommy is busy, ok sweetheart!"
....and we had no choice but to continue our errands:)---
His first day of potty training...(Which I am certain sets a world record in this category) he peed in over 9 different toilets in strange places around Layton! Nothing short of a miracle.
It happened in this order:
1-Gas Station off of 21st street!
2- Parking Lot of Precision Granite (standing up:)
4-Lighting Design
5-Bajio Grill (twice)
8-Grass outside gas station
9-Parking lot of Carl's Jr. (standing up:)
Can you believe that?!?!?!?!?
I am VERY proud of him...
His 2nd and 3rd day of potty training were very similar. We were in Ogden/Layton doing house stuff from about 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. and he never had an accident!
Day 4 has started off wonderfully as well...
---he just woke up dry....went pee...then asked for a sticker----
I can handle that.
On a side note:
My mom swears that my next child will be horrid! ha ha. Now that we've lived with them for over a year and she's seen how easy Jaxson is...she contantly says so and doesn't feel bad for me one single bit. She is certain, however, that my next child will give me a run for my money:)
One things for sure...I realize how lucky I am that my 1st is a clone of his dad!
Super easy going and (although I hate to admit it)...pretty darn good at everything he tries.
Little boy underwear...are the cutest thing on earth.
I'm convinced.


Maranda said...

Wow! What a big boy. Gees, if only everyone could potty train so easy. I guess it's alot easier when it's the childs idea instead of the parents. So cute, I can't believe how fast he's growing up.

ashley said...

I can't say I'm not TERRIBLY jealous!!!! I hate potty training more than just about anything. Emma asks if she can go and I say "no" b/c I'm just dreading it. But, I'm going to try next week (I've been saying this for a month now)! You are so lucky and Jaxson is adorable!

The Wells Family said...

oh boy you are SO lucky! bobby said that when he turned three and it has been a breeze with the potty part and stayed dry all day/night (we skipped the pull-up phase)...HOWEVER, pooping in the potty is going to KILL me! he is too afraid to, and he will only wear underwear. i am tired of cleaning poopy underwear (thank heavens for a sanitizing cycle!) and nothing will make him do it. really?!? this has been my worst obsticle with him.

and my mom says the SAME #2 is going to make me run for it. ugh....i sure hope not.

congrats to mr. jaxon! really...count your blessings. :)

Bryce & Brittany said...

Wow!!! Way to go Jaxson! That's awesome for you and him both! I'm really not suprised! He's such a smart kid!

Ashleyandsteve said...

Hey..what are your prices for a photography session? let me know