Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pools and Pony's...

As promised...we are having a great time at Aunt Kay-Kay's.


WE have been lazy.

I have eaten a whole package of cookies.
(the GV fudge covered graham ones.) Oh my goodness.
I can't believe I didn't know about these little babies!


For some reason...leaving home instantly means VACATION in my mind...and vacationing always means good food. Junk food...and little to no exercise:)


It was cloudy today and so we bagged the idea to swim outside and opted for the indoor pool with water temperatures at a much more comfortable 88 degrees. Now, I can handle that!!!

My child is a nutcase.


I am terrified for his life...and I MUST watch him carefully this summer or mark my words...



Thanksgiving pointe was wonderful. We sweated to death...while Jaxson ran blissfully from animal to animal. He warmed up to the goats and enjoyed feeding them.


His favorite...were the pony rides!

Oh my goodness....as Jaxson exclaims 100 times a day.
--- Fake smile ---


I just love love love these pictures.

You can easily tell how excited he is.


As the pony's would go round and round...he'd turn his head and give us a good "CHEESE" before he went on his way. He also instructed me to "stand back" and "do not hold me".

My baby is growing up.


Everytime I would ask what a pony says he would respond proudly:


oh boy. He's such a turd sometimes.


I know this picture is totally blurry....but check that out.

(the one below)

He blows kisses a lot these days. He looked like a scary little beauty queen waving and blowing kisses with pride. I couldn't help but laugh. At least he wasn't the dorky girl in a sun hat screaming her head off while all 4 family members walked alongside the horse caoxing her on.

My son may be a little show off...but at least he's not a wuss.

Hee hee.








We're heading home a bit early...because I am a stress case and I have a million things to do.

Stupid huh?!?

I can't even sleep at night because of the lists running through my mind. I have a feeling this is going to be a jam packed summer.


Modbe's to deliver, pictures to take, phone calls to return, Graduations to attend (my baby brother graduates from High School tomorrow night:) and a husband to smother.


(Jarom I know you miss me. Regardless of how you feel....you are not enjoying this freedom to watch ESPN, play softball and basketball games and drink mountain dew as much as you think you are. See you tomorrow:)


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Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh boy...Jaxson is a little cheeser isn't he? So cute though! I can't believe you're going home early!!! You should just enjoy a small vacation! Crazy I tell ya!