Sunday, June 7, 2009


(Picture taken in Mantua)

I was in Mantua last night right before sunset and snapped this picture.

I loved these bright yellow wild flowers and this long dirt road that went on forever...

I haven't been to Mantua in years...but it was so beautiful and peaceful!

...It got me thinking...

Too many thoughts to summarize here and now...but life is pretty good right now, even with all the stress and hectic schedule I make for myself:)


I've been so busy lately. A good kind of busy...

It seems the busier I am...the more I try and squeeze into a day:)


I have started another 5 projects it seems! I'm also reading a great book (with a few naughty parts that are completley disturbing and have nothing to do with anything:) I hate that.

Let's see: I've been sewing pillows....LOTS OF PHOTOGRAPHY...and more and more and more Modbe. GOTTA LOVE swimsuit season...this years line is wonderful:) Add house stuff, Young Women's and JAXSON and I am definitely tired each night!
We moved the little stinker into his OWN BIG BOY BED last night.
He's growing up so quickly.
(pictures and hilarous video clip coming)


Today was a good day...

After church we:

1- took a nap

2- ate a chocolate covered banana creamie

3- and took a four-wheeler ride.

Just the three of us.

It was beautiful.

We petted the horses and saw the peacocks HUGE feathers.

Jaxson LOVES the peacocks!!!

(Jarom is a tad bit scared of them:)


Jaxson also went to Nursery today and STAYED there:)

I beamed with Pride.


We spent the evening making homeade oreo cookies

with a generous helping of cream cheese frosting, of course...

and rented a Redbox (2) actually:)




I haven't had time to blog lately...

but that means life is FULL...just how it should be:)
I'll do better this week hopefully...


Maranda said...

It's good to be busy sometimes. I made homemade oreo cookies for my in-laws one night. They loved them! I've now been appointed to make them at every family function. We need to get together soon if you can squeeze us into your busy schedule. We are coming to Logan this Saturday for my sister's sealing. Maybe we can stop by Brigham City for some ice cream or just to say hi.

Kristin Bishop said...

Maranda....OH PLEASE DO...let's go to dinner or for ice-cream or something. Call me and you can come over for sure. LOTS of people live here so who knows you may have to meet (ha ha) but I would love to hang out! Call us...I am planning on it!


Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh boy....that good mood only lasted a couple days huh?:) The last post was only two days later. Your busy schedule caught up with you.:) What book are you reading?? Gosh I haven't talked to you forever! I'm going to stop blogging right now and give you a call.......