Sunday, May 31, 2009

...headin' out...

We here at the Bishop home have been basking in the warm weather...
Summer you did not come ONE DAY too soon..we love you:)
We spent an afternoon with our friends at Willard Bay.
Jaxson was so much fun...and he WILL BE a blast this summer at Lake Powell for sure:)
We are taking a little vacation...Just me and Jax because Jarom is a workin' man.
We're heading to aunt Kay-kay's tomorrow and have DAYS worth of fun things planned.
Mainly eating Cafe Rio, walks to the park, swimming pools, Thanksgiving pointe petting zoo in which my child will ride ponies to his hearts content and chase animals like a maniac!!!
Oh...I can't wait.
I bought him a pool for the backyard...and we ALL (me, jarom, jaxson, kayla) laid out yesterday and got fried to a crisp. It felt just wonderful.
We splashed in the Olympic fountain at Gateway....and got burnt again:)
Can you tell we are a "WATER" family!
We're obsessed. We live for boating, water parks or the pool:)
Actually: the BEACH is our #1 but we are limited to the BAY...
IMG_4120 copy
I will be back with MANY pictures of
quality one-on-one date time
with my #2 man....


Bryce & Brittany said...

Sometimes I'm amazed how much time you guys spend in the water but I guess I'm probably just a little jelous! I love water too but I'm really the only one in my family that does.:( I really really need to have a kid so I have an excuse to go to the pool or something. Looks like your summer has started out great!!!

Allyson said...

Yeah for summer!! Cute pics! I can't believe you are out at Willard Bay so soon...I bet the water is FREEZING! Totally worth it.:)