Thursday, May 28, 2009


Jaxson is cracking me up lately.
He is the funniest thing ever and most definitely has his father's sense of humor!!!
I am sharing a few that have made my day
TODAY (and it's only 1:22 p.m.):
Right when he woke up...he sat up and exclaimed
"Oh my gosh mom...where did my daddy go, huh?"
"MOM...get your phone's ringing!"
I was getting him ready for the day and he looked at himself in the mirror, pulled a bizarre face and said in a deep voice "OH MOM...I look like such a stud muffin, huh!"
I was watching Nanny 911...and he said "that kid is soooo naughty! He is soooo going to Time out!"
At lunch time he carefully placed his yellow blanket on the barstool beside him and said "Hey mom, I want a peanut butter sandwhich...lellow blankie wants a hot dog and some apple juice!"
This morning after our walk he grabbed my cheeks and gave me the longest, wettest kiss ever! I said "Wow really love mommy don't you?" he said "NO MOM!!!...I was trying to get some CHAPSTICK on my lips!"
I gues I must have had some on my lips and he thought he'd help himself:)
I just love my days with him.
He keeps them busy and entertaining. Always.
We had a great memorial day weekend. So great in fact...that I didn't take pictures. That NEVER happens. It was so relaxing and much needed:) We spent a day in Park City hitting the sales and scored finding Jaxson...GUESS????....another JERSEY! We spent a day in Salt Lake letting Jaxson run through the olympic fountain at the Gateway. Dinners at Chili's and Famous Daves topped each day off quite nicely. I loved spending 4 days straight with my family:)
Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.
love, me


Maria said...

Little boys are the absolute sweetest, I'm convinced!

Bryce & Brittany said...

I cannot believe you didn't take pictures! That's unheard of from you!! Jaxson is a crack-up! I cannot believe some of the things that kid says!! I want to hear him say them in real life cause it's just so crazy to think he says those things.:) Sounds like you guys had such a nice/relaxing weekend.

The Christensens said...

I love that age, they are constantly saying the cutest things! If they all stayed that age I would be in trouble cause I would probably have 20 kids:)

Brandie said...

Can I sign up for you to take some pictures? My email is if you'll email me your number I would love to pay you to do ours.