Friday, May 22, 2009

The Toyns:)

I had a great time...and LOTS of practice last week...when I took pictures of the TOYNS.
They have such a cute family...and darling little girls.
I wanted to share some of my favorites.
I had SOOO many it was hard to choose:)
best family
big blue door
black and white yellow shoes78
cora flower
hadlee sepia
love love love
I am really starting to enjoy photography...and it is great getting lots of practice and experience.
Especially on such cute families.
Thanks Toyns!


Jessica Anderson Photography said...

Those are great! If you want more practice, I need some family pics done. Email me :)

~Jessica (May)

heddomarie said...

Hey you did a great job! I see you are loving shooting at that location!

Hickman Family said...

Your pics always look so so good!! Love them. Hope you had a Happy Birthday!! It is so weird to get older....Jaxon is growing up so much, and is adorable. I still want you to help me with some things on my blog, maybe when I come out in a few weeks...Great job on the pics, Oh and I always feel like I have to do more than I do, I think it is called being a mom-wife-homemaker......

Maranda said...

Those pictures look awesome. I'm with the first comment. If you want more practice I, too, need some family pics!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Those pictures are great! Good job Kristin!

Martha said...

It was fun meeting/chatting yesterday :)