Friday, May 15, 2009

Twenty Five!

I turned 25 Years Old yesterday.

It was special...and simple.


I spent the day with my baby. We jumped on the tramp...and played with play doh. Ya jealous?I'd say it was one of my best birthdays yet (still comes in second to my 23rd when Jarom took me to HAWAII) but...nonetheless...FUN:)


We had a special night planned "AWAY" for tonight...but I'm sitting here next to my hubby who is "green" and "moaning". I guess it's his turn with the flu. Poor guy. Jaxson is at aunt Kayla's for the weekend getting spoiled completely rotten. I think today he got a new kite, soccer ball, and football shaped water bottle, went to a petting zoo, rode a baby pony, and went out to dinner. Schedule for tomorrow: swimming pool...and more spoiling. I need to have more babies soon...because my family filled with adults has to fight over him.


I feel lost without him.

It's too quiet...and I'm bored to be honest.

I don't mind changing his little butt and playing catch all day.

It feels pretty good to have such "purpose".


Although I didn't get to go "AWAY" for the weekend...

I have to admit.... It could be worse. I could have turned 29 like my husband.

Ugh. Now...THAT would stink:)


I don't feel different yet...but I'll keep you posted!!!

I DO get the feeling 25 is going to HOLD a lot of change and excitement for me:)


It was a great day with LOTS of surprise calls and packages that made me feel completely happy and wonderful! Thank you Thank you.


It started by going out to lunch with some of my favorite women. My mom, mother-in-law and Jarom's grandma....AND, of course, my little love JAX:)


My family was very generous!!!

My mom got me a beautiful set of dishes for my soon-to-be house...

and some pretty darling hot pink shoes, clothes, jewelry...she has darling taste:)


Jaxson got to open all of my presents. He is hilarous on birthdays...and gets so excited.

I think he exclaimed: "OH MY GOODNESS...A SHIRT!" every time he opened a present. He would then hold it up to himself and model it for the camera. I love his little chunky face smile.





My mom always makes us a special dinner for our birthday. YOU NEVER get too old for your "BIRTHDAY DINNER". Whatever you can dream up...she will make. It was delicious...and my mother-in-law Jeri got to come celebrate with us too! I feel lucky to have such a close family...both mine and Jarom's.


I also got fresh strawberry cheesecake. My absolute favorite.




It was a wonderful day...and evening with my family:)

Jarom then took me to the movie.............
and Jaxson slept right smack between grandma and grandpa and gave us a night alone.


I then met up with my sister today for a day of shopping!

She, of course, conned me into stealing my child for the weekend.


I think the conversation went something like this:

Kayla: "I want to take Jaxson for the weekend. I went to the store and bought him all of this stuff...and I want to do this and this and this."

Me: "BUT...I'll miss him."

Kayla: "please?"

Me: "I'll think about it"

Kayla: "Uuuuhhhh. Kristin....BUT you get him ALL THE TIME!"

Me: laughed...and laughed...and then gave in.


I got a kick out of her saying: "YOU GET HIM ALL THE TIME"

Yep. He's mine. All mine. I'm pretty darn happy about that...


I hope 25 will be full of learning, growth, fun, excitment, finishing my house and possibly moving out of my mom's basement would also be a plus:)


The Wells Family said...

happy birthday! really...25 was a memorable year for me and truly my favorite of the "twenties"...but that is when i got married so it was good. wait until you hit has almost been a year, and i still can't get over it. ugh. i am glad your day was great. :)

Maria said...

Looks like you had a *wonderful* birthday. Sorry your hubbs is sick :( No fun. Hope the weekend goes by quickly without baby Jaxson....

allegra said...

Happy Birthday Kristin! You're so young!! I'll be 27 this year!? ugh. hate the sound of that:) Glad it was a great day for you

The Happy Holladay's said...

So Kristin, Happy Birthday and I'm reading through your blog laughing hard. Cause your little man sounds EXACTLY like mine! I've been wondering lately what on earth I have done. He was such a good sweet baby and he suddenly turned 2 and a half and is destroyed! JK I love reading your blog! Heidi Larsen Holladay

Pam said...

I hope you had a great day!!! I love that sign that you cute!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh I hope you had a great birthday, it sounds like you did! I'm glad to hear you got my messages and package. I'm sorry I didn't get to see you last week while I was in SLC. My mom and I were on a major shopping spree!:)