Sunday, May 17, 2009

...ball game...

ONLY Two things bring my son TRUE JOY...

1- Chocolate Milk



Come to think of it...

Only Two things bring my Husband TRUE JOY also...

1-Mt. Dew



Like Father..Like Son.


See what I mean?!?

(I just love this picture)

Last night we took him to the Bees game.

His personal definition of HEAVEN ON EARTH! Literally.

They were playing the CUBS this week. Double bonus.


Mid-Game the man seated behind me leaned forward and asked:
"How did you guys come to love the cubs so much?"

My response: "Who me? OH...I married into the obsession..."

...and obsessed they are...(the bishops I mean)

Was it my child's Cubs hat that gave us away? Or could it have been the giant Cubs blanket I had myself wrapped in? The fact that my entire family was sporting their "colors"? Or Jaxson screaming "My Cubbies!" the whole time? Maybe his jersey...?

Regardless...they knew we were fans! Not to mention Jaxson held the eyes of about 200 people as he kept up the craziest level of excitement for an entire 4 hour long baseball game that any adult had ever seen:)


I totally scored earlier this week at Target when I found a Chicago Cubs hat in his size...and a HUGE old fashioned black and white canvas of Wrigley Field. I, of course, brought it home...and thought Jarom was going to fight Jaxson over having it in his office.

Nope....right above jaxson's bed. Sorry honey.

front row

Jarom has instilled the same love for the Cubs in Jaxson and I have a feeling that my future family vacations will be filled with traveling to Wrigley Field in Chicago to watch them play...or pre-season games in Arizona....rather than my dreams of taking my children to "Magic Morning" at Disneyland to eat breakfast with goofy and tigger!


(I'm this point...he'd think that totally was:)


You see...Grandpa Bishop gave him Front Row Season Tickets for Jaxson would have plenty of opportunities to watch "BALL GAMES" and practice his favorite song during the "7th inning stretch".


The Bishops have a different version of the song...that Jaxson has adopted as his own.

"for its root...root...root for the CUBBIES...if they don't win it's a shame!"

He also happens to think the song was written about him...and includes his name! You will hear him running about the house singing:

"Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jaxsons...I don't care if I ever get back.."

It is to die for.

I hope he never learns the "REAL WAY" because it N-E-V-E-R gets old and I always, always, always laugh:)





Yep. He sat on the cement baracade only a few feet from First Base (the best seat in the house...according to Jarom) with his Glove held high...screaming "THROW IT TO ME GUYS! Oh my goodness...oh my goodness...OVER HERE GUYS!" for hours.


I wish I would have had my camcorder. I would pay for that footage 20 years from now. It made my whole night...and I can't get over his little personality! It's hysterical.


This is my favorite shot of the night.

I love the stadium lights behind him...and bless his little heart...he wants them to throw it to him sooooo badly! He kept his arm extended like that forever:)

The BEE mascot riding around on the four wheeler was another highlight of his night:)

I almost threw him over the edge!!!

Combine baseball and ATV's and the kid almost hyperventilated.

When the BEE gave him a high five he stared at his hand for 5 minutes afterward:)

You should have seen it.

fake smile

He had a hard time "pausing" from the game to smile.

Therefore the best I could get was this fake one!

Too funny.

I WILL be scrapbooking this tonight. So cute...and SO fitting of my little baseball fan!


Off to watch home videos with my family. We are laughing so hard it's unreal. I am currently watching my 4th B-day when I learned to ride a bike...(I'm kind of pissed off at my MOM because I totally have a mullet. How rude:)


The Wells Family said...

i love it! so freaking adorable. :) when we both get girls...our hubbies better not complain when we have to buy our little girlies ten different pair of white shoes. :) we have this same sport problem at our house...except with golf. it is insane...all weekend dedicated to golf. the boys head out with their golf bags and clubs...which actually is nice to get my own time. :) and i think we will spending vaca's at golfing resorts...while you are traveling for the cubs. :) jax is so adorable! pam just adores him.

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh my!! Jaxson was literally in heaven wasn't he?? He has the biggest smile on his face! And I love the picture of him stretching his arm out for the ball....too cute! What a fun night for the Bishops!:)

Carin said...

Too cute! Jaxson has such a fun personality. :) I saw that Wrigley field picture at Target, thought of "The Bishops" and was going to e-mail you about it. So glad you found it!

Maranda said...

I love baseball games. Looks like Jaxson had a blast! Happy Birthday by the way. You are officially on the down slope of your twenties...SUCK!

Johnny Lindsay Reese said...

Little Jax is SO adorable! Happy late birthday too :) That is exciting to be getting a new house, I can definitely hook you up with some delicious scentsy's when you're ready!