Wednesday, May 20, 2009

...Big White Door...

I'm one lucky woman.
I woke up today to this little man....wrapping both arms around my neck and planting one right on my lips, complete with the MMWWAHHH sound and all!
Then he giggled...
and tooted a few times....
....and, of course, laughed hysterically at himself and wanted to call
his dad and tell him ALL ABOUT IT!
I made a goal earlier this week that I would worry and work LESS and play with my baby MORE. Things have gotten a little out of control lately.
Priorities need a little "re-arranging" I'd say. Jarom and I were on a walk the other day and I asked him "why are some people's lifes so peaceful and non-busy, it's not fair?!?" He turned to me and said...."We all choose to make our lives the way they are, honey! YOU choose to be BUSY. You are constantly going...or finding the next project, working to make money, etc."
I got to thinking about this.
My life FEELS SO INSANELY BUSY....but I DO make it that way.
I could stop it at any minute.
I could wipe my plate clean...only leaving Jarom and Jaxson to share my 100% attention.
Now---I don't feel like that is completely necessary...because I enjoy having projects and feeling accomplished, however, I think everybody needs to "Evaluate" their lives on occasion and ask themselves some hard questions! I am NOT doing what I want with Jaxson right now. Simple as that. I COULD have the time...but I don't make it....and that WILL CHANGE.
Hands down....he is the best thing in my why isn't it easier to put him FIRST. Not ignore him or turn on a show while I organize a Modbe function....or plan house finishes...or pick out carpet colors. All things that don't matter in the long-run....compared to my baby that is.
I'm glad to have Jarom.
He ALWAYS puts things into perspective.
white door
I'm glad summer is here....Me and Jax are signed up for MOM AND TOT swimming lessons and I have many plans for our sun-filled afternoons. I'm SO ready for a change....and Jaxson is going to get a WHOLE LOT MORE of my attention:)
We pass this big white door on our walks every morning...and I love it.
Jaxson is so stinking fun right now and I love his cheesy grin.
I am such a Lucky woman.


Carin said...

So cute! I had to laugh, Zenock is wearing that same shirt today, love it!

I am the same way... sometimes it feels easier to just stay busy, esp. during the winter. Summers are so much easier to play and take care of kids. There is so much more to do. I just wish they lasted longer. :)

Bryce & Brittany said...

Those are cool pictures! I showed one of my friends here your blog the other day and said "look what a great photographer she is." It's true! I'm sure you and Jaxson are going to have a fun summer. The next time I see you you'll be sporting hispanic colored skin and your teeth will be blinding compared to your skin.:) You know it's true!

Jamie said...

Cute Pictures Kris, they are such a cute fam. I love that big white door! I love the baseball pictures, Jaxson is too cute, I love that he loves the game so much! Happy (late) bday!

Stacy Ellison said...

so true!

cute pictures! he is ADORABLE!