Friday, April 24, 2009

...Oldies but Goodies...

Last night my mother waltzed into my room.
"What are you doing?" she asked.
"Looking at pictures of Jaxson when he was my baby...and my life was GOOD!" I replied
She laughed...but I know she was silently agreeing.
Life has been a tad bit stressful for me the last few weeks.
I have, OF COURSE, participated in a few activities that make it worse. Why do women do that???
We wait until we are in the middle of a complete and utter breakdown to think: "I know! I will......(Examples may include: watch the "Notebook" or my Wedding Video or worse-----SIFT through pictures of my baby at 1-2 months old.)
Do you do that? I do....and I bawl the whole time.
There is something to be said about a good cry now and again. feels so good:)
Life was more simple then. It seems.
Plus...I would give a million bucks to have Jaxson be that small...and my boobs be that huge:)
Reminiscing is part of life I guess. We love to sit around the computer (me, Jarom and Jax) and watch little video clips: Jaxson's first time crawling, tubing at Lake Powell, our trips to Hawaii!
It's always fun to look back....but oh how emotional I can get.
I'm having a hard time with Jaxson growing up. It may be the other stresses in my life that are contributing...but I find myself bouncing between "wanting to press fast forward to about 2 years from now" and "wanting to press REWIND to 2 years back".
In the same moment...I'm reminding myself that I LOVE so much about "right now" and don't want it to change:)
If that doesn't make your heart melt...You're nuts.
I love that picture to death.
This particular picture makes me think several things: 1-I NEED to have another child and Nurse them so I can fill out my swimming suit properly:), 2-My child was so small, simply adorable and I hate that he's huge now.
Oh yes...this picture. THIS was the first day that my wedding ring fit me again after delivery:) Jaxson was 3 months old. I am not kidding. I was a fatty.
I will forever remember this day. Look closely...It is on my finger! I actually had resolved to just get the thing re-sized to fit my new "fat" self....but went on. Miracle.
We went to dinner to celebrate. ha ha.
jax and jar
...Yep....I wake up to that. Only now my child's foot is usually wedged in my neck...and he's much bigger. I still love it just as much:)
This picture is so hilarious. Mainly because I remember thinking how "Skinny" I was at this point. I even showed Jarom my belly before I got in the shower...and said
"YYYYEEESS...I'm getting skinny honey...Thank goodness."
Check out that gut. Looks like I had another 7-pounder hiding in there.
Again: I swear it was water doctor wasn't so sure.
I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane. It's so fun to look back and wonder what in the crap my hair was doing?... Or how much in-need of a new pair of pants I was!...or how peaceful, wonderful and special becoming a mom for the first time was to me.
Something new things are ocurring at our house...

(I will stick to the few that include Jaxson...since the others have the potential to possbily bore you to tears)

A new opinionated, fiesty, sneaky and sassy little creature has emerged from what was once sweet, obedient and charming little boy.

It's it's own "I'm his mother and have to think so" kind of a way...but very very interesting at the same time. Does your child do anything that makes you think "where in world did you learn that?" or "how on earth did you just come up with that?" Or possibly "Where in HECK did you come from child!" Well Jaxson is VERY guilty of making me think this the last few weeks. Even my dad turned to me as he laughed til tears flowed last evening and said "THAT KID HAS CHANGED IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS...and you TOTALLY DESERVE IT!"

???? Why...Dad...I'm sure I have no idea what you mean ????

A plethora of detailed examples will follow:


Whenever Jaxson "SENSES" that he might be soon having to do something he doesn't want to do (the main culprits being...going to nursery, getting his bum changed, going to bed, eating a meal consisting of something other than candy) he will look at me and exclaim.....

"But mom...I'll CRY!"

or something in it's variation....


"NO MOM...BE NICE! Or---I'll CRY!"

I guess he figures that it's fair warning for whatever magnitude

of a fit he decides to throw aftward.



On sunday I'm walking him to nursery.

Me: "do you want to go play with the toys...and have snacks?"

Jaxson: "I'll CRY mom...I WILL."

When he wakes up and has to eat breakfast instead of red vines like his mother does:)

Me: "you must have some yogurt, or cereal, or something first"

Jaxson: "BUT mom...I'LL CRY!"


When he's pooped and has to stop playing to get his diaper changed.

Me: "come over here and get your bottom changed."

Jaxson: "But mom...I'LL CRY!?!"


...He says it almost phrased like a question instead of a fact! That's my favorite part. Like he's threatening me....suggesting I change my request as to avoid what tantrum he could possibly muster up.

Again...I love a challenge...

Child, bring it on.

He is such a little turd.
But....oh so entertaining.

A few of my other favorites include:

"YOU DO NOT spank my butt!"----Priceless



"More Chocolate NOW, Please!"

"Watch THIS mom..."----Showing-off

"I dunked it...good job Jaxsy!"-----conceded little thing

(He loves to praise himself these days)

"Turn up the MUUUSIC!"------that would be me coming out in him

"I am a big boy...No NAP MOM"-----sassy little squirt

"DO NOT GET ME MOM"----as a threat

(usually when I am chasing him around the yard/store trying to go inside or leave)

"I put my monkey in time out Mom..Don't worry"

"Come on guys!"----acting so annoyed

(to both me and his Father when he wants to go somewhere...probably one of my absolute favorites:)

"This is MY DAD...not yours Mom!"----possesive little stink

(as he hugs Jarom and makes sure I keep my hands off of him)

"See you guys later!"

(everytime he leaves the room...or we do)

"Mom...Hold you?"

(means: pick me up!)


I wish I had room (and/or time) to document them all....for I know this time will pass so quickly and I will miss his playful yet sassy innocence:)

He has also started being SNEAKY.

I hate this....and at the very same moment can't help but laugh at how creative he can get. I guess all those extra folic acid pills and vitamins paid off. He's got a brain...and it works well I must say:) My grandparents (jaxson's great-grandpa) is constantly telling me that when he sits and observes Jaxson he can almost see his little brain a workin'...calculating his next move...thinking critically about a different way to do something...or how to get what he wants! This could be both good and bad for me:)
He HIDES EVERYTHING behind his back. If he is walking by you sideways and won't turn his back to you...and happens to have his little hand held behind his better believe he has a handful of chewing gum. Any flavor...he doesn't mind. When you ask him what he is holding he will smile and shout "GUM...and I got it from MOMMY'S PURSE!" or one of the many places that he has found it. Little stink.

The other night he was climbing to a pack of gum up on the counter....and

I clearly told him: "No more tonight buddy!"

He looked at me and said: "Ok mom...Just one!"

....and then I said..."NO honey....NONE!"

....he totally understood then repeated, "Ok mom...thanks...Just one ok!"

and shoved one his mouth.

I was stunned. I have no control this week.

He also loves soda and will slowly approach any table with an open can... exclaiming the entire time he's walking in that direction..."I will not drink that pop mom...I won't touch it...I pwwoomise!" Then he gets to the table and swipes it up really fast and swigs as much as he can before I can get to him.

Then the little turd laughs.

Today he climbed up onto a chair...then the counter and opened the cupboard with his sippies. He found a Diet Coke Can (half empty) and carefully poured the rest into a sippy and put the lid on.! A moment later I asked what on earth he was drinking and he clearly stated "COKE MOM".


The problem: everyone in my house...including my husband thinks it is hilarious and adorable.

My child has no chance.

I must fix this...FAST.


The Wells Family said...

oh deary....i laughed so hard!! it is only going to get worse. seriously...i have learned in the short month of bobby being three that it is the absolute worst stage. more tandrums, fits, phrases, and actions than i ever care to think about. but still cute. wait until potty training is a chore. ugh. when your kid tells you..."not today, maybe tomorrow. i need my diaper." and i love how jax says, 'but i will cry"...bobby always says, "that makes me so sad (with a quivering lip). but...i am smiling too because i am glad someone has the same problem as me. i hope both our boys grow up realizing that chips, candy, and pop are really not a major food group. :) you make me laugh.

ps...i can't wait to have this baby and start nursing...i need something to get this huge behind to leave. it literally appeared over night. ugh.

heddomarie said...

lol too funny! Kenny is starting to act the same way. Maybe they are learning it in the nursery hehe. You've been busy but just wanted to tell ya(looking at the last few previous posts) your photos are lookin good!

Erin said...

Welcome to the two year old! Claire is in the exact same stage of life but has already been there for a while. The day before we left on our cruise I was upstairs packing and I heard her push the chair over to the counter (she does this all the time) she climbed up into the cupboard, broke open the safety locks, pulled out our honey jar and then went into the living room with a bowl and started pouring the honey into the bowl which got EVERYWHERE. I had to hard core scrub my floors. She walked up the stairs with honey dripping down her arms and legs and left a honey trail on every single stair, the railing, the bathroom door, and finished by placing her honey filled hands all over our sheets on our bed!!! Her hands looked like webbed duck feet with honey stringing from one finger to the next. She does things like this ALL THE TIME!

I LOVE that Jaxson threatens you with CRYING! Claire just started stomping her feet at everything so I'll say "Do you want a sandwich Claire" she will respond by putting her hands on her hips, lifting her knee up to her chest and then stomping on the ground yelling "NO MOMMEEEE" She does it with everything. Two year olds have MAJOR attitudes which I absolutely love and absolutely hate at the same time.

Cute Cute kids!! Are you guys building a house right now? or planning on moving? You keep mentioning things being crazy and I was just wondering if you guys were working on building a house already.

Erin P.

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh that little stinker!! I can totally see him doing and saying those things! Hey, I got your call today! I was sleeping cause I worked last night but I'm super busy right parents are coming tomorrow and I've got about 8 hours to clean the house and prepare for their arrival (since they just told me Tuesday that they're coming)!:) I'm super excited but have to have the house just right when my mom shows up.:)

Maranda said...

Oh my heck....Such a little stinker! I love it. I think I would have a hard time stopping him from doing those things and then trying not to laugh in the process. He's just too cute!

I can't believe how big he's gotten. I can't even believe how fast Kamryn has grown in the last few months. The newborn stage is so short it's almost like you just skip it!

Anyway, we'll be coming back to Utah for the summer. It would be fun to get together! I did get a new camera. It's a Cannon Rebel XS. I really like it. I just need to learn how to use it now! Maybe you could give me a few tips!