Monday, April 20, 2009

...48 hours prior...

Approximately 48 hours before my CHILD gave me a good sized kick and broke my water...(thus making his entrance into the world a month early)...I ate my last REAL MEAL. Call it mother's intuition...but I knew he was coming. I knew that although I had a month to go...this little guy was on his way:)...and I better be taking advantage of my last few minutes of binging possiblities!!!


Therefore, you can understand the urgency when on Sunday evening I opened the freezer and panicked...realizing we were out of Rhodes Frozen Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting. It could not be possible?!? (mainly because I MADE SURE that we had a supply at all times)

I did it.

I broke the Sabbath. Terrible, huh?

...I grabbed the keys... ran to the car and told Jarom..."This may be the LAST night in years I can eat an entire pan of Cinnamon Rolls (with cream cheese frosting) and have a reasonable excuse. We MUST GO to Walmart honey, right now." He came along...helped me cook them...and watched as I devoured 5 of the 6 rolls in under 30 mintues...washed down with just as many glasses of chocolate milk. This was just the last of what had become a weekly ritual at my house. Oh---it was so fun, and felt/tasted so good:)

Don't worry...I kindly offered Jarom the 6th one.

My doctor was never very happy with me. I gained WAY too much weight during my pregnancy...and was usually able to gain several pounds a week:) Go me. I still highly disagree that it was totally a product of what I ate...and more my horrible gentic ability to retain un-human amounts of water...but he wasn't too sure:) Maybe he was right...sigh. I managed to gain the equivalant of a 4th grader...instead of a newborn. Bummer. Come to think of it...I should receive some kind of record or award...instead of criticism and a pamphlet about the "DIEBETIC DIET". Ha. Which by the way, he insisted I go on even though I was far from diebetic. I loved my doctor.... but his wife gained 4 pounds during her pregnancy COME ON!?!...
Heck---I could accomplish that in one good trip to "OLD CHICAGO PIZZA".
The moment Jaxson kicked me...I knew the fun was over. It was like a switch in my brain. I was able to make the choice right un-do (by some miracle) what I had done to myself.

Only the stretch marks remained left behind...double bummer:) My first meal after Jaxson: 1 turkey sandwhich on wheat...lots of lettuce, ice-water and a bowl of pears. BBBLLLAHHH.

Ugh. aaaagggghhh. Let the torture begin!

And so it was....... until I somewhat resembled my pre-baby self.


No more cinnamon rolls (with cream cheese frosting)....and NEVER under any circumstance was there Chocolate Milk...although I love it more than life itself:)

Last May when I moved home.

What I'm getting at is....

I am an "all or nothing" kind of a gal.

It' kind of a pain......BUT it's True.

Not just in Dieting and exercising...but in everything I'm finding out....


I have acted as though I was "pregnant" for the last year, you could say....rarely exercising and eating lots! Oh--- have I eaten:) My mom is a wonderful cook...and I have enjoyed so much living at home and never worrying:) Yummy restaurants...perfect sunday dinners of roast beef and mashed potatoes and vacations with lost of desserts. I have binged like nobody's business this winter....and have managed to contribute quite a bit to my mid-section. 2 whole sizes to be exact. I realized we had a problem in December. Jarom surprised me by taking me to Hawaii for my 5th Anniversary. Only problem: I hadn't worn summer clothes for 4 months...and wasn't quite sure I was the same woman (if you know what I mean). My summer clothes didn't want to go on. Sad Sad.


I vowed to turn this bus around...and work on it (after our 3rd trip to the Cheesecake Factory on Waikii, of course). I came sucked into Valentine's Day (heart shaped reeses are evil)...then Easter. Mini-Cadbury eggs are so good it's wrong...(and egg shaped reeses are evil:)


I am desparate for some kind of motivation.

Swim suit season, which is quickly approaching, should be enough....but it's just not working.


Anyhow...all this rambling is leading to one point.

I realized the solution....

It's time to gain another 4th grader (or newborn this time would be nice).

I NEED ANOTHER BABY as cute as my first one....preferrably:):)

(also known as an excuse to eat my little heart out for 10 whole months)

Sounds fun, doesn't it?


I think I'll ask Jarom when he gets home from work.


Check out pictures of us mastering the Letter "C"

Colored with Crayons



Made Cupcakes...and ate some:)







Played with Contruction Paper...

construction paper

made a Clown....


learned about Circles...

and strung a fruit loop necklace:)


It was a great afternoon!


Have a good weekend:)

----- mom just brought home an entire pan of cinnamon rolls.

From Old Grist Mill....

2 words.



Erin said...

You sound like you definitely need to have another kid soon!! I am complete opposite from you with kids. When I'm pregnant I eat and eat and eat and I gained 19 pounds with Caleb and 11 total with Claire. BUT....I haven't lost ANY of the weight from either one of them and eat way less than I did while pregnant and gain weight like crazy. I always say john could eat an elephant and gain an ounce, I could eat an ounce and gain an elephant!! ANNOYING!

Cute Pictures, and good job teaching Jaxson his letters! Cute MOM!!

Erin P

Maranda said...

I totally think you need to have another child. You are such a good mom and Jaxson would love to have a little playmate! Heck, you can afford to binge and gain 60 lbs cause you seem to have lost it overnight. Goodluck with the baby making.....Let me know how it goes! Ha

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh boy! That's one of those posts where I can just feel the "sassy" coming through the computer and I LOVE IT!! You're hilarious!! How did the talk with Jarom go about baby #2??:) I guess I'm going to have to get pregnant to help justify the disgustingness of my stomach right at this very moment. I made yummy Homemade Oreo cookies (from the recipes of Kristin Bishop) and ate about 4 or 5 of them....which is really 8 or 10 because there's one cookie on each side of a spread of cream cheese frosting. YUMMY!!!! I'm an all or nothing gal too. . . .what can I say? Oh and Jaxson is going to be able to read before he even goes to preschool!!:)

US! said...

Kristin, I hope you don't mind me commenting on EVERY post you post! I just want you to know that you totally make my day! Thanks for being so dang cute!

Ellie said...

You are so funny! I am so impressed with your eating abilites and still be so very skinny! When I moved home I gained 20 I know about making up for being gone and moms cooking. Thanks goodnees..I have adjusted and reverted back to my old self. But good luck on the next 9 month "diet"!

Brownies said...

I thought for sure at the end you were going to announce you were pregnant, oh gosh. So love it once again, I hope things are going good for you ----we need to chat.

Aaron and Angie said...

Good story Kristin. You will have to let us all know what Jarom decides. I love those Rhoades Cinnamon rolls too. I can eat five of those without being pregnant and having an excuse.

Allyson said...

LOL--I agree. I feel that it is time for baby number 2.:) ( not my decision.) And just for the record, I saw you in that swimsuit and you didn't gain a pound. I mean really...

Simkins said...

Hahaha you crack me up! Your post was so entertaining and i completely agree that another baby should be on the way! I hope your talk with Jarom was successful! Owen is looking forward to thursday! Talk to you soon.

Mauressa said...

Kristin, you are so hilarious! It's been so fun catching up a bit on your blog. It's been so hard to keep up with my own, let alone keep up with friends, so this Sunday I decided to sit in bed (let Beau get the kids breakfast) and catch up with old friends. We'll all have to get together this summer. I'll be at my parents for June and July while Beau does an internship in Carlsbad, CA. (and hey, I agree with you... you'll love to have another newborn to cuddle... it's so fun!)