Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom Day

Sounds about right doesn't it?

A WHOLE DAY to celebrate our mom's...and all that mothers do!

(Of course this holiday became much more exciting in 2007...when I became a Mother..he he.)

I think it should be a quarterly holiday.

Definitely something we should stop and think about AND--- of course--- CELBRATE at least once every 3 months (preferrably with cheesecake, gifts and flowers)


I must add that TODAY is my ONE YEAR mark of living back in good old Utah:) Holy crap...that flew by!!! It's hard to believe. Last Mother's Day I spent a good 14 hours driving...pulling all of my belongings in a PENSKE truck behind me...headed for a new journey and adventure:)


My First Mother's Day as a mom, I remember very clearly.
Jarom made me the most beautiful DVD as a surprise.

I bawled like a baby for hours.

It started with pictures of me only 5-6 weeks pregnant at Lake Powell....and walked me through my pregnancy with pictures and video clips all put perfectly to some of my favorite songs. It was the perfect "reflection" of our last few months with just the two of us:)


It continued with the birth of our baby boy...and clips of us in the hospital admiring every last inch of him:)...ending with our first special few weeks at home together as a family.

It took me through the ENTIRE journey of becoming a Mother....literally from Day One...and I'll never forget it. I wish I could make a new one each year and add onto it...reminding myself of all the special moments and everyday memories of being a mommy that are easily overlooked.


Today I awoke to Jaxson shouting "Happy Birthday Mama".

Close sweetheart....but not quite.

I love being a mom.

Jaxson loves when I sing to him. He grabs his favorite yellow blanky and climbs on my lap begging for a "song" multiple times a day. He loves me. When he gets hurt...NOBODY can kiss his ouchie's better BUT ME:) Every woman should have a they can know such pure, unconditional love.

If his dad tries TO KISS IT BETTER (although he adores his dad) he gets so mad and screams in pain til' my lips touch it and's magically healed:) This works on even the worst of injuries I've learned. THAT is the best part of being a mother....KNOWING that no matter how bad it is....just being present or holding him is ENOUGH.


Today we had cuddle time...and sang songs. I love how he grabs my cheeks, pinches them together, grits his teeth and kisses me over and over. He learned that from me I'm sure:)

His favorite songs this week: "No more Monkey's Jumping on the bed"

and "Take me out to the ball game"!
song time

My boys then showered me with gifts and the cutest card ever that is OH-SO-TRUE!




I topped it off with two cookies, a piece of banana cake, a bowl of strawberry shortcake and a handful of starburst jelly beans.

(Yes I am still eating these...and have a special cupboard that has at least a 2 MONTHS supply:)

...and a love letter/card from my hubby that made me feel super special and lucky to be married to him...

What a wonderful day.

Yep...I definitely stick to my idea of doing it every few months:)


Allyson said...

Happy Mother's Day!:)(and I'm still really baby hungry...just have to work for a little while longer.:)

Marshall and Dana said...

Happy 1 year PENSKE moving anniversary! We will always have that same day to remember!!! Oh the good ol' Omaha days! We miss them!