Wednesday, April 15, 2009

...burger please....

The weather sucks. I completely hate that word (and it's total un-lady-like-ness)....but it was the only way to truly sum up the situation. Situation being: I am stuck inside with an anxious 2 year old who doesn't understand why-----
yesterday we LIVED outside...and today we'd DIE outside!


Tough thing to explain to a child.....who has a death grip on the front door knob and is screaming "SCOOTER!!!!" so loud a purple vein in his forehead looks as though it might burst.


YESTERDAY was Sunny!
Yesterday WE....

greeted dad in the driveway after work...and made him participate in all of our outdoor activities:) We played basketball...learned to dribble...ate a happy meal at the park with nanny Bishop (where he specifically requested a "BURGER PLEASE" opposed to his usual chicken nuggets)...Jumped on the tramp...perfected riding the scooter...threw around the frisbee...and relished in the sunlight:)
I feel I must add (to justify my posts title): EVERY SINGLE TIME I get Jaxson a kids meal...I order chicken nuggets. No matter what. He never eats them...but I chalk it up as a picky eater...and usually take it upon myself to finish them off for him:) Today he clearly said "BURGER PLEASE" and I couldn't believe my ears! He knew he had options? How could this be? He is a genius...and has disgusting taste like his father!!! I hesitantly ordered a kids meal...WITH A BURGER...ketchup only, exactly like his Father. I literally couldn't believe it...mostly because the thought of eating beef makes my skin crawl and my gag reflex kicks into high gear....but I forgot one simple fact. The kid IS HALF JAROM...who ONLY EATS BEEF! That kid downed the entire less than 10 bites while I watched in horror/shock.
I've CLONED him.
(Jarom, that is)
moving on
...Welcome home daddy...
kiss dad
Daddy had dribbling lessons with Jaxson...again.
My child has no chance.
His Father will die of disappointment if he doesn't share the same obsession with ESPN...and all sport related behavior. I am so sick of Fantasy Basketball I could vomit, by the way.
He's so proud when Jaxson takes his "advice".
...and I have to admit...the kid is GOOD:)
He copies EVERYTHING...and is getting better.
It's amazing that a 2 year old can learn these things!
dribble 2
ha ha ha.
This picture makes me laugh...but I am serious...look at that form!
I participated in Junior Jazz, believe it or I'm not completely clueless! I happen to know a thing or two about basketball, regardless of what my husband thinks...and I KNOW that the "DUCK BILL" with his hand would have earned me a candy bar. Hot Dog!!!
(IF...I could have ever pulled it off successfully, that is)
I was 8 years old...Jaxson is 2.
Holy Crap....Maybe my dream of him being magically drafted by the NBA...making millions and supporting me for the rest of my life will come true!!!
Ok...Ok...I won't get ahead of myself:)
he he.
We figured we were SAFE to put up the is afterall, mid-April...and Jaxson loved it for ONE afternoon. Currently it has 2 inches of snow resting on top.


Yes...all you out-of-state heard me correctly.

(Mainly the one resting beside her pool in Vegas.)


Today we watched it SNOW.
Yep. Snow.


And...totally unfair for a stay at home mother.


I did get a wonderful day of cleaning in...I like to clean.
I know. Strange...isn't it?

But.... I do.


I guess a more accurate description of our day would be something like---

Jaxson watched mommy slowly scrub each and every cabinet in nanny's kitchen with murphy's oil wood soap...and scrape remnants of food splatter from each of them with a butter knife....UNTIL THEY SHINED:) felt so good!!!! Oh, how I love to clean. It makes my heart happy. Not the process...but the feeling I have now as everything smells delicious. Love that WAYYYYY more than I should.


Which brings me back to neglecting my child. He followed me around for 4 hours while I scrubbed showers....and screamed for him NOT to drop my blackberry (he was pretending to talk to his daddy on the phone) in the mop bucket filled with lemon pinesol.


I'm happy to report (and a tad embarrassed) that he finally got dressed and his poopy butt changed around noon for the first time today...yikes.


Today was uneventful...but very productive I must say.


On a more humerous note:

I'm sitting here watching the news and a Large Black Man with a Beard is wanted for a DUI and is considered dangerous to the community. His name is John Bishop.

Oh...My...Gosh. Why do I think this is so funny?

My husband happens to be named John Bishop...he's far from dangerous...usually more Scared of me than Scary himself...and defends DUI recipients for a living.

ooohhh.....I just had a good laugh.


Pam said...

Ok, I am laughing so hard right now, because I was watching the news today, and saw the name John Bishop come up on the screen, and I immediately thought of Jarom. Not that he would be a criminal or anything:) And, my girls love the trampoline, that would be a great entertainer! Jaxson is going to be pro basketball player...adorable!

Bryce & Brittany said...

The weather here in Lovelock sucks as well!! Monday was beautiful and I had to sleep all day preparing for my night shift then Tuesday and today I've had the days off and it's horribly cold and ugly outside! So unfair!

Simkins said...

Seriously Jaxson amazes me the way he can throw, dribble, hit, and "play ball". I'm still sad I missed out on tuesday so lets do something next week. Let us know about saturday if you guys still want to hang out! I'm so glad you stopped by the other night and hope you'll do it more often!

US! said...

Kristen, Jaxson is such a cutie! I love reading your blog.. you have such a fun way of stating things! It looks like you're having the time of your life with your cute little family. Good for you! Before we know it, this crappy snow will be gone and we'll be roasting in the wonderful summer sun!

Hickman Family said...

Your pics all look so awesome...and I was telling Karen that you should write books. You are so so funny!!! I love it, it keeps me entertained, glad you let the poor kid out before the vein exploded!! You kill me....he is so adorable!!

Jamie said...

You make me laugh! You are very entertaining! I love that Jaxson is so sporty. It's adorable! Thanks for your cute comment... I would love to get together anytime (if you dare!);)

BRITT said...

He is seriously the cutest little boy. And so spoiled you are such a good mom and you do the cutest things with him. I love the pictures ofhim dribbling with his dad SO CUTE. I am excited to have a boy! You will have to tell me where you get all of his cute clothes.

allegra said...

cute boy!!! he DOES have great form! check him out:)

Tai and Joe said...

Look at that little athlete already. He really does have perfect form. I agree with you 100% this weather blows. Thank goodness for nice weather next week I am so excited. And did you ever find and watch bands? My friend made me the cutest one. I can send you a picture if you want.