Sunday, April 12, 2009

---Easter Sunday---

There will be a gazillion pictures....
Easter is...afterall...MY FAVORITE holiday and we have been crazy busy! Better that than lonely and bored...but still, I could sleep for a week right about now:) I feel like my blood is filled with Reese's Eggs and mini cadbury's. I'll start by reminding you that this was our first Easter in UTAH in over 3 years. We thoroughly enjoyed the last few years in Omaha...coloring eggs, barbeque's with friends...those were such good times!!!........
HOWEVER-nothing beats family and getting back to "Tradition.
First things first.....
I got a few hilarious pictures of Jaxson in his "EASTER SUIT".
(Keep in mind that my 2 year old does not cooperate and I had approx. 15 minutes of him being CLEAN!)
I can't express how unbelievably fun BOYS are. The little vests, ties,'s a whole new world for us "moms (girls)" who.... up until having a SON... NEVER even glanced at argyle socks let alone purchased them! I am having the funnest time with him...and think he looks so hilarious, darling, and down right chubby in these pictures. I narrowed it to about 10. ha ha...
(come on...I'm his mother, how am I supposed to choose?)
This was my mom's favorite....
yellow bg
...he has such a little attitude...
He was NOT excited for pictures. I usually have a maximum of 10 minutes to snap a few...that is, before he melts down completely....
He was more into "pretending to squash bugs".
folded arms
brick wall 2
I loved this blue door.
blue wall copy
...he was a little concerned about the stink bug Jarom had just squashed...
His eyebrows are worried. :):)
close up
I look EXACTLY like this when I laugh.
Unfortunately. ha ha.
He is such a crack up.
blue door
We started the weekend by heading to Provo.
Aunt Kayla's is always a fun little getaway with too much attention and spoiling. Between...Me (the mom), Kayla (the aunt), Jeri (grandma #1), and Natalie (grandma #2) he got plenty of Easter Candy and one to many Baskets!!!
We did some shopping, colored eggs, an egg hunt, and the Easter bunny even found us that far from home! Jaxson gets so excited for holidays and his reactions are priceless. He is well aware of the Easter bunny...who he is...and exactly what he brings him!
Chocolate and bubbles: a little boy's dream!
I love his excitement...and his grin.
It melts me.
His hands were blue for 2 days.
coloring eggs
This was his masterpiece.
blue egg
Mommy and Daddy's Gift: A Table and 4 chairs.
He loves it.
He has already insisted on eating lunch at it, coloring, playing with playdoh...the works!
Something about having furniture proportionate to YOUR SIZE.....
it just makes you happier:)
table with chairs
Yes...I put his name with Vinyl on the back of all four chairs. Jarom thought about asking why....then he refrained. He knows me too well. No--we do not have other children who will confuse the table as their own...Nor--am I afraid that some neighbor kid will try and walk away with it...
I just thought it was cute...and personalized.
So I did it.
Laugh all you want Honey.
red chair
...With all sorts of fun summer goodies....
The egg hunt was was right up his alley....
I hid an entire pack of 48 eggs for this little only-child to hunt for.
I'm sure glad it didn't get old for him...I was starting to regret buying the ecomony-sized bag of eggs about 15 minutes into it:)
Ha ha.
egg hunt
egg hunt 2
green egg
Bubbles seem to never get old for the kid. He danced around in them for as long as we could stand the cold....I mean, for as long as Jarom could stand the cold. he he. We pretended it was warm...because is FREAKING APRIL...but it just wasn't.
baseball basket
The boys crashed Mid-Saturday afternoon and napped at Aunt Lisa's Barbeque...while I ate my second helping of lunch:)
Surprise, surprise.
My mom surprised us with baskets.
They were so cute...and were filled with everything we needed for a picnic together. Subway gift cards, cookies, chips, NEW CLOTHES to wear (he he), was DARLING.
me and jarom
basket from mom
Jaxson then got an Easter basket from Nanny Numero Uno....
Clothes, candy galore, coloring/activity books, bouncy balls...he was loving it.
I so much appreciate how much they love him and how they (both of his nanny's) make each holiday so much fun for him. He always feels special and loved. I love that.
nanny's gift
LOVE doesn't quite describe his attachment to his aunt "Ki-Ki". We moved back from out-of-state at just the right time...because he immediately started getting to know everybody and was finally old enough to remember them and build relationships. I really feel so lucky for that.
It was a wonderful few days...and a much needed break. I love my sister...and I love how much she adores my child. I'm pretty sure I'll love and spoil her little future kiddos too. For now...I'm nice to her dog:) That counts right???
The fun continued today when my mom made a huge delicious Turkey dinner and I didn't do a thing! I will hate moving for mainly that reason:) We also put up the tramp and jumped...just Me, Jarom and Jaxson. Loved it.
We then headed to NANNY NUMERO DOS...for you guessed it...more candy!
Jaxson got yet another basket....a cute stuffed bunny...and the most precious books.
"I am a child of God" and "My Very First story of the Very First Easter".
Such beautiful books with gorgeous pictures.
He loves them...and we've read them each approx. 5-6 times in the last hour.
We then changed the tradition of rolling colored eggs down the using them for batting practice! That's what you get when you marry into a family that is OBSESSED with baseball...then co-create a human that is magically even MORE OBSESSED with baseball than his Father.
Nanny and Papa Bishop's yard is C-O-V-E-R-E-D with shattered boiled eggs!
Even I managed to nail a few "out of the park"
I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Easter Weekend.
I love the meaning of Easter
I love holidays
I love reasons to spend time with family!
I love the Gospel


Marshall and Dana said...

Loved the pics of your little man in a suit! He is darling! Someday I hope to be able to shop for loafers and argile that aren't manly sized!

Emmett and Ashlee said...

Adorable suit and little man. Looks like he made a haul. Very cute pictures.

Allyson said...

Umm...will you be MY Easter bunny?:) Darling pics! Can't believe how big Mr. Jaxson is getting! Holy cow!

Pam said...

What a loveable child he is! You know I love him. Great job on the pictures. He looks perfect in his suit:)

Brownies said...

love the pictures, once a gain a very successfully holiday, I love easter too.

Jessica Anderson Photography said...

Hey there :)

Your little guy is so cute!

~Jessica (May) Anderson

Maranda said...

Jaxson looks so handsome in his little vest and tie! His faces crack me up. It looks like it was a fun Easter!