Sunday, March 8, 2009


Spring is not quite here, unfortunately....and it is FREEZING outside most of the time....but when the sun is shining we can't help but get out:) Several times this week we've packed the stroller and headed straight for the park... regardless of temperature:) After 2 trips down the slide...and a few kicks of the soccer ball we are running for home....completely frozen.. BUT it is oh-so-worth it to see the grin on his face:)


Jaxson officially turned 2 yesterday...and we enjoyed spending the day together as a family. We went to lunch...shopped a bit...looked for a "big boy bed" and bought him an absolutely enormous airplane kite and ice-cream cone:) He is in love with airplanes right I knew it would a hit the moment I saw it. I was so so so right. We just came inside from flying it.... while he scream with joy, cheered, chased it and pointed to the sky gasping.
Oh, to be 2 again.
We didn't get home til' after dark last he wasn't too happy that he had to wait until morning to fly it. He did, however, enjoy helping his dad put it together:)

putting together kite

You know how everything at Costco is gigantic?!?

I mean everything...from the bags of frozen chicken, to the rolls of TP, to the boxes of laundry soap!?! That's where I found this kite! This kite is seriously enormous....which usually means expensive.....but NOPE.


Your looking at 12.99 baby. I was excited.


together kite

It was so much more fun than I thought....and it felt great to get outside with my boys.

Jaxson got a little OVER-EXCITED and kept running around in circles and straight into the road. I tried to teach him about running directly in to the street and about holding my hand, etc. He looked up at me (as if he totally COULD NOT HELP HIMSELF from doing it and flashed the look of complete annoyance with me...the overbearing parent) and said,

"I so sorry mom. I be a good boy -k-!"

I laughed. I couldn't argue with that:)


I also learned something today!

That is: I have ZERO ability to fly a darn kite.

A kite designed for an 8 year old to make matters worse. It was sad. Jarom put so much effort into getting it up and going for me...I would grab the handle and 2 minutes later...down she'd come. I plan to get better....and I'm pretty sure Jaxson will make sure I get LOTS of practice in the SPRING weeks to come:)

(look at my look of total concentration:) he he.

mom and jax

kite flying

oh yah...earlier in the week we enjoyed the bubble BBQ. Tell me you've seen this toy???

I must looks completely stupid...but those always turn out to be the funnest ones!!!

ALWAYS, hands down.


It can get Jaxson gut-laughing so hard...I just love it. It makes millions of bubbles...and the best part is that I can sit back, relax and watch...instead of be the one blowing them for hours! He and Owen had the best time playing with it Friday. One of his b-day gifts that made it to the favorite 5 for sure:)


Great idea for Easter gifts people...your kids would love it.

bubble grill


We tested out the scooter...he's a pretty coordinated little stinker...I have to give it to him. He get's that from his dad. He's always been pretty athletic...and quick to pick up on things. The other day we were kicking around a soccer ball...and I taught him how to drop kick it. He does it all the time now...and rarely misses. I was like "WHAT???"


I hear that he gets his "facial expressions" from me.

Jarom says I have been known to make this one when really excited.

Jaxson was excited this day. Oh dear.


The tail-end of blowing me a kiss:)


He has learned to press my buttons you could say...because all he has to do is say "peese mama"...blow me a kiss...or say "sowwy mama" and he get's whatever it is that he's begging for at the moment. Since he started calling me "mama" instead of mom....I am a sucker for him. It's just too darn cute. I love to hear it more than anything.


...cruisin up and down the street....
He got a peddle bike for his B-day...but he still prefers things with "MOTORS".

Therefore, he is still sporting the four-wheeler.

My dad says I'm in trouble one day. We'll see. He's probably right.

four wheeler

That sums up our week.

Jarom just woke up from his Sunday Nap...(the lazy butt)...and so we're headed to the park for more sunshine. I sure hope the weather cooperates next week...I am most definitely ready for

*** SPRING ***

Have a wonderful week

love, me


Brownies said...

love it

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh I am so so ready for spring! Everytime I look outside and think "it looks warm, maybe I'll go for a jog", I step out just to make sure and with much's still cold!!! Yuck!! Looks like you guys have gotten a good start at enjoying outside time. I don't think I've ever flown a kite and I imagine I'd be as good as you are.:) I serisously miss that little stinker! He is so dang are a very lucky mommy!

The Christensens said...

Gunner loves bubbles, I think I might just have to invest in one of those... Is it a walmart special ???

Tegan said...

Hey you! I am doing really good. Looks like your having tons of fun being back in Utah! Yes, our puppy is like another child but she's so so sweet and we love her so much. I love seeing all your fun pics. I need to take more, I never remember to take any when we do things. Did I tell you I am working in another dental office? It's been so great to get back to work. I have been there now for a year and love it. I work with like 20 girls. It's a HUGE office and we all have so much fun together. Im not assisting though I am doing front desk stuff and love it so much more. I can't believe your little guys is 2.....they grow up so so fast. Next time I am in town I'll let you know I would love to see you!

Anonymous said...

Who did your veneers? I'm looking for a good dentist and yours look pretty good!