Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday P-A-R-T-Y

Jaxson's Birthday Party was awesome:)

I would dare say that it was as HEAVENLY for ME as it was for HIM!!!

He's not officially 2 til' Saturday...but we had a blast kicking off his Birthday Week with over 40 family and friends:) WOW. I was so grateful and shocked at how many people love my little guy! I kept looking around and saying to my grandma (can you believe all these people LOVE him???)

It was a "CONTRUCTION" PARTY and I think it was enjoyed by all:) Jaxson sure LOVED it....that is FOR SURE.

Tools, tool belts, tractors, hard hats, dump trucks, cones, caution tape, road house looked like a "WORK ZONE" and Jarom (might) have laughed at me a little.

We had lunch...a yummy barbeque with hot dogs, pasta salad, fresh fruit kabobs, nachos, DIRT CUPS, slush and tons of delicious food!

It was so much fun...and was definitely a great way to celebrate my Jaxson John... and the day HE entered my life and changed me for the better:)

Enjoy Jax's Party:)

(front door)

front door



...The food Table...

We had a Re-Fuel area....full of wonderful and yummy things to fill your "engines" :)

hee hee

refuel sign


The Dirt Cups were a hit...with both the kids and adults!!!

They fit my theme quite dirt cups it was:)

dirt cups


The kids had a good time.

kids table

Last year I had all his guests sign a baseball for him to keep as a special memory! This year it was a bright yellow HARD HAT. Something special to remember the day!

He felt pretty neat wearing it around the rest of the night.

sign hardhat


signed hardhat


hardhat table

pointing to hat

I can't believe I have a Birthday Boy:)
It seems like yesterday I was planning his 1st B-day party and my baby was turning he's 2! I can't say I'm ready for it....but there's not much I can do:)


---THE CAKE---

My goal was a Dump Truck Cake. The dump truck I purchased was huge...therefore, it took my sister and I a few hours to construct and finally FILL it completely:)

cake table


It was REALLY good...can I say that???


It wasn't hard to make something look like a pile of dirt....but man was it wonderful tastin:)

Anything that consists of: One Layer of Chocolate Cake, One Layer of Chocolate Fudge Frosting, One Layer of Chocolate Cake, One Layer of Chocolate Fudge Frosting, One Layer of Crumpled Fudge Brownies, One Pacakge Crushed Oreos, Sprinkled with Brown Sugar and topped with gummy worms!


I am totally Serious. We are still picking at it days later...YUM.

dump truck cake


"Happy Birthday to you"

and waiting to blow out the candles:)

lit candles

Jaxson grinned the whole time we were singing to him...and of course helped himself to a gummy worm while he listened. I also created a little (green frosting grass, oreos, brown sugar and gummy worm) WORK SITE to have the dump truck climbing on top of!

It turned out pretty fun.

gummy worms

We topped it off by CONSTRUCTING our own Ice-Cream Sundae's.

Clever, clever I tell ya! Ha ha.

(yes I made all of these signs by hand..don't make fun)



ice cream table signs

I also found the cutest tools and tool belts at Target. You can't beat the dollar spot...I love it! I also found the cutest little orange aprons at Home Depot.

Jaxson LOVED wearing his whole get-up.

apron display

Jaxson also helped me put together darling little goodie bags for his friends. They were filled with bubbles, candy and thanked everyone for coming!


"Thanks for coming...we had Truck-Loads of fun!"

goodie bags






unwrapped presents


After Cake and Ice-Cream we opened gifts! He was spoiled and was on cloud 9 for the entire day. He took a 3 hour nap and was exhausted for the 2 days following! He had a blast...and keeps talking about his "PARTY" and "BALLOONS". I was overwhelmed with how kind people were. Thanks to all those who came and brought him such nice gifts. He was super excited...and we have been busy (jarom has been busy) putting them all together.

I am so glad he felt special....and knows that I did it all for him.

(little people airplane...LOVES LOVES LOVES airplanes right now)

opening present

...His new Bike...

opening bike


riding bike

He thinks it's a four-wheeler....which is kind of cute.


...Construction Set from Uncle Zenock...

construction kit

Guitar from Aunt Brittany and Uncle Bryce


FISH TANK and 2 NEMO FISH from Aunt Kayla:)

He is in LOVE.
fish tank

...a dump truck and backhoe...


...Radio Flyer Scooter from nanny...


...a FEW soccer balls....

He LOVES LOVES balls:)

soccer ball

...a huge playdoh set....

that we HAD TO play with because he was SO excited


We then let him release each and every one of his 30 balloons into the sky.

It took 20 minutes for him to release them ONE by ONE....but I think (actually--I KNOW) that was his favorite part of the day!

balloon release

It was a success:)

This below picture is what you call the AFTERMATH

He looks like a complete orphan and has chocolate cake and possibly a bit of leftover dirtcup on his face. He had a my mission was accomplished.

It was also a great day for ME and JAROM.


We were so appreciative to everyone for coming...and for helping us celebrate! We are so grateful that Jax is such a loved little guy....and that we have so much love and support that surrounds us. Over 40 people came by to see us and



I am looking forward to this year with a 2 year old!!!

I am trying to get over the "EMOTION" and embrace that I have a 2 year old:) I am looking forward to what this year brings us...potty training, talking, independence...the works!


Thanks again to all those who came.

I hope next years B-day doesn't come as quickly as this one did...I'm tired:)


The Christensens said...

SO SO So Cute!!! You are so creative, and such a good mom:)

allegra said...

whoa nellie kristin! this party is SO SO CUTE! happy bday sweet Jax! loved every single picture. he's going to look back on those pics and think his mom is 'da bomb. and you are...k, i love the picture of him on the fireplace with all his birthday loot sitting below. that made me giggle.

allegra said...

oh yeah, and i meant to say.

so we were at the boston children's museum again this morning, and they have an entire room filled with all things" construction." oh man, Jax would be in heaven! there are bob cat trucks, the hats, the tools, the big tunnels and everything you could imagine.

start booking a trip to boston...just for that! he would love it

Marshall and Dana said...

WOW!! Can you come in Sept. and be my girls party planner??? YOu did such an awesome job! I hope I have a boy next so I can steal all your fun ideas! Better yet, save all your stuff and you can just bring it down to AZ and help me throw a party! Loved it!! I can't wait for you to have a girl so I can see all your fun girl ideas! I bet Jaxson had a blast! You are one amazing woman!

Bryce & Brittany said...

What a P-A-R-T-Y!!!! You did an amazing job with everything, you're so dang creative!!! I knew I couldn't miss it and I'm so glad I was there to enjoy the festivities!! Thank you so much for letting me stay and hang out for a couple days. Tell your mom and dad thank you! They're great! I had a fun time!

Carin said...

How FUN! What a cute party. You are so creative. Happy Birthday to Jaxson! Can you believe it went by that fast!?

The Christensens said...

OH.... you are way WAY to nice!!! All my friends are like 100 pounds and I am the fat friend, and that keeps me really really motivated LOL!!! But really, I work my butt off, I workou abou 2 1/2 hours a day, but I feel like it gets me no where.... You looks so good though, you have to have secrets of your own to staying skinny!!!!

Jessica Davis said...

Very cute and super creative! You put so much time and effort into making the day special and memorable for Jaxson. Are you sure your not Super Mom? Clint and I went private with our blog recently. So if you would like an invite email me your email address to

Alejandra said...

Everything looks great! Would you mind sharing how you did the dirt cups? Thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting such great ideas! Please tell me how you made your construction signs. I am trying to create them at home on my computer. Did you print them at home or have them printed somewhere? How did you mount them? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Melissa Murphy said...

Where did you find the Please stop and sign my hardhat sign?

Monica Andres said...

Hi Kristin!

I was navigating Pinterest and came across your son's construction party and I loved it! So cool!!! I am about to give birth to my second child and would like to use some of your ideas, if that is ok with you. I would really appreciate if you could tell me the font you used for your signs specially the STOP and sundaes.
I will appreciate your help!
Thank you!

Tug Record said...

This party was so creative and fun! Congratulations on its' success. I fell in love with one of the fonts you used and was wondering if you remembered the name of it? You used it on the 'Refuel Here' and 'Sundaes under construction'. It will be perfect for the projects I'm creating for my granddaughters butterfly party. I searched a few font sites, but had no luck finding it. Thank you for sharing this adorable party.