Thursday, February 19, 2009

St. George V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N

I decided something.

I LIVE for Vacation-(ing).

Which is kind of ironic...because EVERY VACATION that we (me and my significant other) have ever been on was forced upon me!!! I'm not kidding.

Both Hawaii trips: I bawled and said NO.

San Diego: Stressed for weeks about $$$
All trips....same routine.


It doesn't matter how big....or how small the trip or get-away--- I tend to immediately think of

MILLIONS of reasons why we should NOT go.


I'll explain: being the eldest in my family I tend to be the "organized, reponsible, over-analyze EVERYTHING" type of a gal. It's completely boring...and exhausting. Which is why I married my opposite...this surprisingly solved the problem quite nicely:)


He is a bit more spontaneous and could care less about the moolah! I usually fight him pretty hard...get completely stressed out and make lists in my head of why it's not the "BEST TIME" for us to go! That being said...Jarom always wins, I always go....and I always have the most greatest and memorable time!


I am so glad he makes me...and I'm glad that he pushes me to do it...
because time together with my family and creating lasting
memories for my children is all I want in life:)


I'm warning you....Pictures will follow...and by Pictures I mean approx. 20.

I am a little to lazy to make one of those slideshow thingy's right now...


aaaahhhhh. Nothing like relaxing and watching the "game".

I'll start out by saying: He's getting TOO BIG....TOO FAST!!!

He enjoyed sleeping in King Beds (smack dab in the middle of his mom and dad might I add) for a solid week!


He acts just like his father...and says things to me be honest... I don't really appreciate sometimes:) He has also learned to smack me on the tush as I pass occassionally. We are working on this one. He picks up on everything...and I learned on Wednesday afternoon that he can quote entire sections of "Horton Hears a Who". That movie has been in the car DVD player for almost 2 months...and the poor kid...I never remember to change it!!!


When he started quoting it and saying "BLESS YOU" afer I sneeze (I surely haven't gone as far as teaching manners I knew it wasn't me he learned that from:) I finally put "CARS" in...and plan on buying something of some educational value soon:)


I've introduced you to his "fake smile" before....and here it all it's glory!

This was after we told him we were going "swimming".

Excited: I think so.


It didn't take him long to warm up to the idea (of swimming that is)...and he became a little brave for my liking. Jumping in from the side...almost drowning a few times...etc. I was exhausted and even more scared to raise a" ACTIVE-FEARLESS- MALE" child to adulthood.


Nothing scares him....and although those floaties look like a safety precaution... I ASSURE YOU...they do absolutely nothing. He would sink straight to the bottom if I wasn't there protecting him from HIMSELF:)


mom and jax


The Weather was DIVINE. We spent a lot of time at the Park...and Jaxson was able to get out a lot of energy. It was nice.


swing 2

St. George is always swarming with Helicopters from the local little aiport...and Jaxson LOVED every minute of it. He spent the entire Vacation pointing them out and shouting demands into the sky such as: "COME HERE HELICOPTER!!!"

....watching the 'copters from the slide....


We stayed in a beautiful condo...which gave us the luxury of having a few bedrooms...and family room, fireplace, full-kitchen. It was great to feel "at-home" only in a much Warmer, Fun, No-Work, kind of way:)

We were also able to have BBQ's, Pizza Party's and Watch Movies which was a lot fun.

....Pizza party night.....


...and Swimming again!!!

Only thist time outside the resort...and relaxing in the HOT TUB per Jaxson's request.


I think he heard Jarom say it once...and now it's his new favorite thing! When we got home he immediately told his nanny about the "HOT TUB".

dad and jax



He spent lots of quality time with his Daddy!

Wrestling....getting tickled....laughing....

It was nice. Very nice.



...Another Day at the PARK....


This park was awesome...and much nicer than anything little B.C. has to offer. Bummer...I could see us spending A LOT of time there:) This particular piece of park equipment helped with the "skateboard skills". Jaxson calls it a "surfboard".


Having never seen this thing before...I had to give it a whirl.

....Harder than it looks....

me skateboarding

Jarom spoiled his little guy...and bought him several "baseball-esqe" items.


It was fun to see him get so excited about it. I liked it...because I PLAN to bring it up someday when I have a daughter and I'm purchasing completely unnecessary items....



Jax got a new Jersey, a baseball hat, a Chicago CUBS (my husbands obsession) bat and ball set, and a trip to the park to play Ball with his Dad.


I'm pretty sure it was as close to perfection as it could have been in his little 2 year old brain:) He even got an ice-cream cone to top off the perfect day.

porch swing


I just love love the following 2 pictures...although I think they make him look so much older than he is. It's hard to watch them grow up...BUT so much fun to experience every stage.



We shared a pint of Ben & Jerry's...of course.

Vacation=Ice-cream my book....

ben and jerry's

...and we visited the St. George Temple where my parents were married. They were married on Feb. 17th....26 years ago on Tuesday....:)


I took this picture of it for my mom.

It is such a beautiful temple!


....and Jarom talked to Jax about the Temple...whose house it is....and how special it is...

I sing him "I love to see the temple" almost every day before nap.

I think he knew...exactly what it was.


It was a great day

...and a wonderful end to a perfect little getaway...

temple looking
Thanks again honey....
Where next?


Maranda said...

Looks like you had a blast in St. George! I'm dying for some warmer weather right now. I need to get out and walk...too bad you're not here to get my butt out bed in the morning to go walking. I bet you miss those walks around the Ontario neighborhoods!?!

I love how you went all out for Valentine's Day! Can I be your Valentine next year?HA Joel and I went to dinner and that's about it. We're strapped for cash at the moment. I think it's hilarious that you and Jarom got each other the same cards...What are the odds?

Aaron and Angie said...

That is so great that you take those kinds of trips together. Have I mentioned that you take amazing pictures. Have you considered doing this professionally? You have such a talent for it. I love St. George. When Aaron and I move to Arizona that should be your next stop.

Jamie said...

What a fun little trip! We are thinking about going in April, where did you stay? I haven't been there in awhile! Those pictures are adorable, what a little photographer you are! Will you think about giving digi scrapbooking lessons to me oneday?! You are making some darling things! Jaxson is getting so big! I love all the baseball pics. It's like Jarom's tiny twin!:) (Time for another Kris!;)

Bryce & Brittany said...

Looks like a way fun vacation to sunny St.George! Jaxson looks so cute in his basaball hat playing ball! Bryce and I just got back from our vacation so I'll give you a call tomorrow.:)

Ally said...

Looked so fun! Oh what I would give for warmth. I love the picture of you eating ice cream with Jaxson. Thanks for singing to your little boy. I love it.:)

Marshall and Dana said...

Hey thanks so much for the info I will for sure look tomorrow and hopefully buy! Now Im excited!! I will totally let my sisters and everyone else know so they can order through you too! Thanks again!