Friday, February 13, 2009

...expressing a little love...

In light of the upcoming holiday...I thought I would express a little love to MY BOYS. One in particular who gets a LOT LESS attention on this thing than the other...
Mr. John Jarom Bishop
keeping it simple I will present them in list form:
1-He is hands down the most humble and kind person I know. This is a plus becuase I get to be a "front-row" student 24/7 to "HOW I SHOULD BE"...and I love being married to someone who makes me better.
2-He couldn't care less about what other people think of him, his choices, his actions, his job, etc. He is currently teaching me lessons about this. I am super grateful for his example.
3-His CONTINUAL Long-Term view of life! Examples include: Why we are actually here...why we work so hard...why what people think doesn't matter...etc. You should be present for one of these talks....I am completley amazed that he was born with such insight and the ability to choose one straight course and never waver from it:)
4-His eyes....that are blue most the time...and the most beautiful greenish color other times. His lashes that I would pay for!
5- His Quiet Confidence! This one is big...and precisely why I married him. I love that Jarom NEVER needs to be center of attention...he is NOT loud...he is not immature...he is just himself....and people are drawn to him.
ooooo....I just love that one.
6-He likes to spoon me. and even when he doesn't want to...he will.
7- He's a really involved Father. His number 1 love in life is Jaxson...although I like to think that WE (both me and jax) are equal on his list! He carefully interviewed and selected his job according to how demanding and time-consuming it would be....he prayed about it...and always puts time with his children and wife as a top priority when making decisions.
8-He encourages me to spend time with people who make me happy....who forgive and forget....and who help me be a better me.
9- He is competitive in SPORTS...and SPORTS only. Not in life. I think people sense this about him...and it is one of his TOP qualities in my book.
10-He is the MOST EASY-GOING person on the planet! At first my family was totally CONFUSED because they had never met someone who simply was 1-up for anything....2-never made a fuss....and 3-was completley gracious and giving 24/7. (I think that means that none of us are like that...rude).....But they soon realized how lucky they were to have him become part of our family. Everyone still likes him WAY better than me.
I will stop at 10...and personally tell him the other 90 tomorrow...ON LOVE DAY:)
....but as most of you with a "Spouse" probably could.....I could list for hours....
I think holidays are wonderful.
I need to be reminded to express my LOVE more often......
and V-day came at the most perfect time:)
The love of my Life is taking me to Sunny St. George for LOVE DAY....and we are leaving in a few short hours. YAY! I was pretty excited about my gift to him...but he ALWAYS seems to out-do me. Rude.
See ya next Wednesday!!!
and...have a PERFECT HOLIDAY....
love, kris
oh yah. How could I forget....
I ALSO: couldn't be more in love with my son, my crazy 2 year old, my little cling-on, my constant companion....Jaxson John. Who was named after his Father and I pray daily will look up to his dad and Seek to adopt the above listed 10 qaulities. I will get an "A" in life if I can re-produce something similar to my husband. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!
and I can't wait to spend the weekend with both of you!


Bryce & Brittany said...

Hope you guys haave a fun time in St.George!! Drive safe and don't spend too much money at the outlets.:)

Hickman Family said...

So sweet, it is so important to remember those cute hubbies! Have fun on your trip! That will be fun to get away and enjoy the sun for awhile! Can't wait to see your cute pics from the B-day party!

Maranda said...

How do you come up with these great party ideas. I don't know if Jaxson is getting enough attention though...HA! I love all the pictures of Jaxson. Seriously, they look very professional. I'm sad I'm going to miss out, AGAIN, on his party.

Sounds like fun plans for Valentines Day!