Monday, February 9, 2009

..It's ALMOST his B-day...

Time flies!
My little boy is almost 2 years old...and like most mothers...I am completley distraut about it. and emotional. and confused. and....I could go on for hours:)
Although...I must mention that I love this stage in it's entirety:) Everything about it is simply adorable and entertaining.
In just a few short weeks it will be official. We will be celebrating 1 week early, on Saturday Feb. 28th. (His ACTUAL B-day is on March 7 and (was) and IS one of the Best Days of My Life!!!
I cherish being a Mother...and being the mother of Jaxson John is especially rewarding. He's everything to me...and I Love him to pieces.
I said to Jarom the other day..."Do you think we should have a baby?"...he looked at me strange and quickly replied..."uh...I thought we just did?"
MEN. (although I totally feel the same:)
Anyhow---The party planning has been in full-swing at our house. I have the absolute best time thinking of things that will "MAKE HIS DAY MEMORABLE". He is REALLY into Tractors and Building blocks right now...SO...
Construction Party it is!!!
(this is the invitation...and I love how it turned out. The dump stuck and stop sign pop-off the paper and it's really bright and fun)
blog invite pic

I also include an "announcement" for all those family members that request pictures and can't make it to the party! It was a blast to make...and I scored when I found the most perfect blue/yellow old fashioned Tractor.

blog announcement pic

NOTE:...MANY MANY pictures will follow

BELOW are his 2 Year Pictures...

and because I am his mother... I love ALL of them and simply cannot choose:)

big yellow tire

at 2 years old...he's too busy to give me a smile or a even to hold still, so this picture was complete LUCK!


Whenever I ask Jaxson to help with something I praise him by saying "Good job! You are such a Big Boy". He has now adopted this phrase and knows EXACTLY what things are for "big boys" rather than "little boys". When we came upon this most PERFECT old tractor...he gasped (my favorite thing he does right now) and scream "MOM, it's a BIG BOY tractor!"


He LOVED driving it.

driving 2


full tractor looking

Check out this tractor. I got soooooooo lucky. Their were several to choose from...

but It was instant LOVE when I saw this old fashioned FORD.


This picture pretty much sums up my little boy right now! Giggly...squishy..and completely sweet right now. OOOO---I just maul the crap out of him daily.


I will hate hate hate when he outgrows the stage in which it is "EXCITING" for his mother to smother him in kisses!

....and we can't even talk about the day he might like a girl better than me. Those of you with a "SON" will understand what I mean. They hold such a special place in your heart...and I'm wrapped around his finger...for...sure.


Yes...this one will be HUGE and above his bed....

and if I can talk Jarom into it...maybe one in my room as well. hee hee


Dirt. Rocks.Throwing them at me.Giggling about it.

All of this ALSO defines my little guy right now.

Love this picture:)

rocks 2


scrunched nose smile

I have been told my MANY people he gets this "scrunched nose smile" from me.

Great. I'm glad I could pass something on. Just wish it wasn't so odd looking:)

sittin on tractor

throwing rock

Puttin' the FORD into gear....

He was like a kid at Disneyland.

I can still hear him "aagghhh! Big Boy Tractor..Big Boy Tractor!"

tractor behind


tractor front

I was trying something new on this one...and kinda liked the effect. The nose (or front end) of this tractor was several feet long....kinda fun.

tractor front 2


turn around smile

This was my mom's favorite. and Jarom's too I think.


Peaking over his shoulder. Wierd little smirk. Priceless.


Jax, I hope your B-day turns out wonderful...and shows you JUST how much we love you and how grateful we are that you joined OUR family!


and...yes, I have already scrapbooked them:)

It was too much fun to wait.

Plus...I can't sit still and always have to be I work on pages during movies. Me and Jarom watched 3 this weekend. Therefore...LOTS OF PAGES. Yay....

Check them out HERE:

Page 1 of layout

construction side 2

page 2 of layout

Construction side 1

page 1 of layout

b-day pics side 1

page 2 of layout

b-day pic side 2 watching for your invites...
Oh Mandi...How I wish you could come:)


Bryce & Brittany said...

So cute!! I can't wait to get my invitation in the mail!! You're such a good photographer!! When I have kids I'm going to hire you to take their pictures.:) The invitations turned out really well! I've been looking at your scrapbook blog. The pages are turning out really well!!

Brownies said...


Tara said...

My friend just did the same kind of party for her two year old. It was darling. She just put pictures up. Check it out. It is the Dusty and Sommer link on my blog. You are one good momma!

Our Family of Four said...

K i just tried to leave a comment and it gave me an error, so I apologize if you get two. This is Nicole, Tegan's friend! I was just wondering how you get your pictures so big on your blog. I have been wanting to do that with my sneak peek photography blog! Your digital scrapbooking pages are totally cute and the pics of your little guy are darling!! You do a great job!

Hickman Family said...

Kristin you are the cutest! Love all the pictures-and know what you is so hard to choose. I hope he has a great sounds like the party is going to be a lot of fun. You are too much fun!

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

So cute!!! I love throwing theme parties. You probable already have your cake all figured out. But I saw the cutest "construction themed" cake. It was super easy and even cuter than any of the fancy fondant ones that I had seen. Elizabeth Hasselbeck (sp?) made it for her one year olds birthday. She made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and crumbled the heck out of it onto a big tinfoiled preboard (so it looked like a huge pile of construction dirt. She then took toy trucks and front end loaders and placed them on top and around the board. It was one of the cutest cake ideas that I'd seen and totally simple. They showed it on The View about half way through November. You could probable find it on the internet. Just a thought. It gave Brighten a "Fancy Nancy Party" for her birthday. Have a blast planning!!!

Pam said...

How cute kristin!! Love the invites..good job:)

Marshall and Dana said...

So Cute! He is such a cute little boy! I wish I was as talented as you! Will you please scrapbook for me and I will pay you???!!! I'm serious!

Savanna said...

You are such a cute Mom. You are so talented. I love the pictures you took of Jaxon and the invites are darling. I still have fun stalking your blog. Hope that's okay. :)

Marshall and Dana said...

We are doing good. I can't believe that it has almost been a year, either! It is so crazy how fast it has gone. We were thinking of going back to Omaha this spring for a dental thing but I don't think we are anymore:(
How is Utah?? Any plans for baby # 2? You know when you start mentioning it out loud, it's going to happen soon!;) We are hoping for a boy next. I'm kinda getting tired of all the little girl attitude and sassiness that I've been getting from both of mine!;) I hear boys are a little more laid back, at least I'm hoping they are!
Do you have any idea when modbe is going to get their new swim wear in?? I want to get a new suit for this summer!

The McClellan Family said...

You are getting so good with the camera/photoshop. I wish you were still here so you could take pictures of Kate (and our baby on the way) Yes I am almost in my 8th week. I can never wait to tell people. Anyways I hope things are going well. I am sure the party will be amazing just like last years B-day bash. My email is