Sunday, January 25, 2009

....want to see the....


My baby is talking up a storm:)

I have been thinking for weeks: "you should get on here and record a list of all his new words....but it seems like overnight I can't keep track. He went from knowing a handful of words and sayings to repeating EVERYTHING we say.

Oh....the sound of his little voice makes my heart melt. I know I am his mother....but OH....MY....Freaking...Word.

This stage is the funnest yet! This whole learning to "talk" thing makes things such as "teething" and "potty training" SOOOOO worth it!

It's kinda long...but I told you...he knows A TON of words. Also-the end when he says "I'm soaked" is pretty hilarous.

He is getting so smart. He can count and is recognizing colors.

THE absolute best thing he's doing right now is calling me "HONEY" because Jarom does.....and calling his dad "JARE" which is what I call him. It is priceless. I thought your kids didn't start calling you by your first name until the teenage years?!? :)


I am super behind on posting...but I have been teaching myself how to digital scrapbook a little and am soon changing my blog...which is NOT SO EASY for computer idiots like me!

...Posts to come...

Love, KRIS


Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! He is so dang cute and so smart! I think he is a child genious!! I don't have kids and don't really know too much about developmental stages but if you ask me he's stinkin' smart! I think he's probably ready to potty train himself. Wow! I'm seriously amazed! It's pretty funny that he calls you guys "honey" and Jare".:) What a cute kid! I can't wait to hang out with him!

The Wells Family said...

LOL!! I love it! just you another year jax is going to be saying stuff that will be making you eat own your words! and THAT stage is freaking hilarious!

for ex....last night bobby was running into the bathroom, closed the door, and yelled, "i need some peace and quiet in here!". hmm...wonder where he got THAT from. :)

Ericson Fam said...

Oh he is so cute! I love how he says glove. He's getting so big. Bella and Jax need to play.By the way that popsicle looks really good.

Maranda said...

I can't believe how many words he knows. I remember before you guys moved last year his favorite words to say was hat and ball. He's growing up too fast.

Stacy Ellison said...

oh my word! he has grown up so much! he is the same age as avery when you first met her! CRAZY!