Thursday, January 22, 2009

100 things about ME:)

To be honest...I am completely amazed that I came up with 100 things. I'm simply not that original or exciting....but I managed to do it. Unfortunately, it was just a huge waste of 2 hours of my life. I did laugh a ton...and had my mom and Jarom laughing as I reminisced about my childhood. I exclaimed to my dad as I sat here writing "I was so boring....and so so so...."

He quickly jumped in and told me he loved me that way.

So I don't feel all too bad about my list I guess:)

Here goes:

100 things you MAY or MAY NOT know about me
1-I Love to bake...and subsequently eat any and (sometimes ALL) baked goods and/or pastries within reach. I LOVE to eat these things at night....preferrably some time between 11:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m. Perfect snacking time:) HORRIBLE HABIT.

CASE IN POINT: Jarom snuck into the kitchen at about midnight....and snapped this picture of me stuffing my face with a cupcake last Easter. I laugh every time I see it. My hair looks like this every single night by the way. I can't stand it to touch my clips...headband...the works! Oh boy...looking good.


2-Every Christmas Eve growing up... my siblings and I would sleep in the same room. One of these nights we stayed up all night singing songs. PATRIOTIC SONGS. Yep...the star spangled banner, I'm proud to be an American...the works. ha ha.

WHY? I have no clue!

3-I LOVED to act so much older than I was! I would baby-sit my siblings every day so we didn't have to go to this awful babysitters house. I would feed them breakfast...get them ready...comb hair, brush their teeth..the works. I would then send them off to a friends house...cook them home...feed them...clean the house....laundry...etc. I WOULD DO THIS EVERY DAY for an entire summer...and I LOVED it. I loved playing mom....and being organized. I think they ate Ramen every day for three months:)

4-I got a kitten for Christmas one year. A few days later my parents went out on a date and we had a baby-sitter. I didn't want to go to bed...and so she put my kitten in the microwave and threatened to turn it on and kill it. I was traumatized and cried for weeks. Sick huh?

5-I also had a babysitter that told me if I didn't massage her feet...she would spread peanut butter all over the kitchen cabinets and tell my mom I did it. I bawled and bawled. Didn't touch her feet....and hated her to death for the rest of her life. In high-school I saw her obituary in the News and Journal and cried. She was only 24...and worked at the Brigham City Pizza Hut.

(can you see why I am so picky about my child's babysitters?...oh just wait... I have more!!!)

6-I had a babysitter that would layout and tan in her backyard. One day she tried to make me rub oil on her back...and I nearly gagged and threw up. After that I begged my mom to stay home and tend my siblings instead of go there. She let me.

7-I was the most insanely emotional and irrational pregnant woman on earth. I felt like someone had injected a gazillion hormones into my blood stream. I was HUGE....onery....emotional...and would have nervous breakdowns regularly. I was pre-eclamptic (girls will know)...and I specifically remember slapping Jarom acrossed the face numerous times during those 9 months. YES...I am appalled to think about this now...and excited to have another child and show my husband I CAN and WILL be stable next time:) I will.

8-I love to watch discovery health channel. I will choose to watch it over anything else....and I hate stupid shows like the bachelor. I also love A&E and will watch health shows and documentaries for hours. In OMAHA...I would watch "Mystery Diagnosis" every night until 1:00 a.m. Don't laugh...IT HELPED A TON while teaching my anatomy classes.

9-I get super super super embarrassed for people. This is partly the reason I cannot watch the bachelor. I find myself pacing the room feeling so bad for these idiotic women and the ridiculous things they do and say. I also cannot watch plays...talent shows....people sing....and so on...because I want to just die of embarrassment. Nothing is worse than watching someone who thinks they're "talented" be "not so talented".

10-I love lists. My friend Brittany gave me the cutest personalized To-Do list/book for Christmas and.... YES, it is my favorite gift ever. I love to write down my goals for the day...cross them off as I accomplish them and look back at all that I did that day. Fulfilling:)

11-I have the "cannot say no" disease. My friend Teagan in Omaha tried to teach me how to say NO to people...but to no avail. I will usually go completley out of my way...or do things I cannot do/don't have time for/or hate/until they completely overwhelm me......all in order to make someone happy.

I'm a People-Pleaser all the way.

12-I am NOT a morning person. I can be very unpleasant if I wake up before I am ready. I think this stems from waking up every morning of high school at 4:45 a.m. for drill team. oooohhhh...I hated hearing that alarm. My child knows this...and will wake up and talk to himself and keep himself occupied until I come get him. Sometimes he will call out "mom"..."Mom!" but he never pushes the issue or cries. I stay up WAY too I need my sleep! (it's 2:00 a.m. right now) We usually wake up around 10:00 a.m. :)

13-I am terrified of dying. I often wonder how I will die...if it will be quick...will it before about painful? Sounds digustingly morbid...but I seriously worry about this! I worry more that Jarom or Jaxson will get hurt. Having a kid makes you ridiculously vulnerable.

13-I hate books and/or movies about things that could never happen. I am way to practical...and seriously lack imagination. Imagination=wierdos. ha ha.

14-I wanted to be a dentist for years.

15-I have been thrown up on SEVERAL times at work. People are terrified of the Dentist office. I have also seen grown men cry over a needle. Come on.

16-You would not believe the things people tell you while on Nitrous Oxide!!! One time I had to legally report the information that was disclosed to me....the women was consequently jailed for 2 years for running a crack house!

17-One time I watched a rated "R" movie at my friend Cassie's house during a sleepover. "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion". I will never forget!!! I was so sick to my stomache and felt so guilty I had to call my mom in the middle of the night to come and get me. I told her...almost threw up... and then felt MUCH MUCH BETTER!

18-In 7th grade I had a group of friends that would "sluff" during school. They all went to my friend Stefanie's...but I, of course, did not. (My conscience was such a pain sometimes!!!) Anyhow...the school is directly acrossed the street from my parents and my mom saw me sitting by the fence crying. She opened the window and told me to come home. I scream back through sobs "I can't mom. I'm not allowed to leave school property during school hours!". She laughed so hard...then bought me a precious moments statue for being such a wonderful child:) ha ha.

19-I was great at reading and SPELLING when I was younger. I was ALWAYS in the spelling bee and won 4 different times. My mom would take me to lunch and buy me precious moments statues when I won! I collected them...and LOVED winning:) What a nerd....hee hee.

20-If you haven't noticed...I have a seriously sensitive conscience! I'm glad kept me from making mistakes I would have later regretted:) My family calls it the "first child syndrome". Always having to be in control, responsible and nurturing to everyone else.

21-I LOVE to clean and organize. I find it incredibly relaxing....and love to "deep clean" drawers and closets when stressed.

22-I love ice-cream and never get sick of it. My mom is amazed at my ability to eat an entire pint in 2 days by myself.

23-I hate running worse than almost anything. I ran 4 miles today. Nothing short of a miracle in my book. I have to run...because I love to eat.

24-I am terrified of water....and no matter what you say to convince me that a dead body will NOT float up at Lake Powell and get me...I won't believe you. I enjoy water skiing...and can ski forever because I refuse to fall! I hate the fear of sitting in the disgusting water...all alone...waiting for the boat to come back.

25-I am not a risk-taker. I used to be...and somewhere along the lines that part of my personality completly disappeared. I am a "play-it-safe" kind of girl.

26-I am a rule-follower...but I'm betting you guessed that from the previous 25. I hate breaking rules...and will be completley guilt-ridden if I do.

27-I was the youngest person to ever teach at Vatterott College in Omaha. My students ranged from 19-52 years old.

28-One of my students called me a "B*&%" and so I expelled her.... permanently. Sorry! honey! Find a new career...and don't let the door hit you on the way out:) The dean backed me up and the campus police officer escorted her out of the building. I like being in control...just a little:):) She now works at Burger King.

29-I have huddled in a tornado shelter SEVERAL times. I have also witnessed and been in a Tornado. Fun times.

30-I have huge teeth. Jarom makes fun of them when he can't think of any other come backs during arguments. It's quite funny.

31-I can argue and argue and debate a subject for hours...never pausing for something to say. Jarom hates it...and has told me that I would be wonderful at his job because of it. The assistant Dean at Vatterott College (who is 68) told me he's never seen anything like it in all his days. Thank you very much!!!

32-I had a sleep over with my friend Chelsea on the 23rd-24th of December when we were like 12. Everything seemed to go wrong!!! We were jumping on the bed and doing quite impressive flips and deadman's falls...and I, being much much taller than her ,jumped so high I nailed the glass lighting fixture with my head and it shattered. I literally felt like it drilled it's way through my skull...but was more concerned about helping chelsea clean it up. She snuck out and retrieved the vacuum. We tried vacuuming giant chuncks of glass...and it blew up the vacuum. Her entire room filled with smoke I think...and it stunk sooo badly. We referred to it from then on as "The worst Christmas Eve Ever" and called it that for YEARS and YEARS as we grew up together and looked back on it.

33-I was MUCH taller than anybody else in the 4th and 5th grade. We're talking a full head taller!!! I also was the only one with glasses, braces and boobs. I matured about 2 years quicker than anyone else:) It was not fun...or fair.

34-I loved to dance. I danced from 3-18 years old....we're talking hours and hours every day.

35-I've danced in the rain...with my entire dance class of 8 close friends...on Main Street in Brigham City.

36-I have a choking phobia. If anyone chokes around me I will freak. Close my eyes...plug my ears so I can't hear the noise...and I start sweating. I HATE when a child starts coughing and I think it's choking. Jaxson has learned this and will fake cough/choke and then start laughing. That Little shit:) I'm not's serious. It's not just a fear... IT'S A PHOBIA!

37-When I was young....(but old enough to be potty trained for sure) I was at the Boo Fest on Main Street. I was waiting for some friends to shop for POGS at a little store and I had to pee SOOOO bad. The store didn't have a restroom. I waited and waited until....I couldn't wait anymore. I remember freaking out and quickly sitting down on the sidewalk. A few minutes later a little stream came out from under my costume. AAAAGGGGHHHH. It was awful. I peed on the friggin sidewalk! Luckily my parents owned Christensen's clothing store and so I ran a few stores down...and within 5 minutes was changed into new panties and a new outfit! Crisis averted:)

38-I would fight like crazy with my brother Ryan when I was younger. I would claw. He has scratch marks and scars on his face still too this day.

39-One time I went to Lagoon with my friend Chelsea. I loved this ride that went around and around and around in circles. I kept forcing her to ride it with me against her will. We had a sleep over that night. All I remember is waking up... completely naked in the tub...with her mother washing my hair. She puked all over me!!! I will never forget that:)

40-I live DIRECTLY behind the hospital...and thus the LIFE FLIGHT helicopter landing pad. Well...this cement pad worked great for me to PERFECT my roller blading techniques. Me and my friends would pretend to be figure skaters and we would skate and skate...while the helicopter hovered overhead. I feel terrible now....but had no clue at the time that somebody was literally dying in there just waiting for us to move!

41-I have never broken a bone.

42-I did not feel one contraction while having Jaxson. H-E-A-V-E-N.

43-I sometimes fear having all boys like my friend Jodi. She has 5 boys....and I remember her crying so hard on the last one she wouldn't talk to anybody or answer the phone for days.

44-When I was 15 I was staying at my grandma's. She wanted to take us swimming but I didn't bring my suit. She borrowed a bikini from the neighbor...that was a little too big!!! I went off the high dive and felt the bottom go "swoosh" down past my ankles and off they went. I had no clue what to do. I swam to the side but didn't get out, of course. The lifegaurd kept shouting at me to exit....and I pretended I couldn't hear him.

45-I hate swimming...which stems from my fear of water. I loved swimming lessons when I was little....and always passed with flying colors. UNTIL...the day they threw a brick in the deep end and told me to go and get it. Are you kidding? I quit right there on the spot...and still too this day cannot dive or swim in deep water. It freaks me out.

46-One time I was in a fight with my mom. We were yelling and I was walking down the hall behind her. She put her hand in the air and I walked right into her wedding ring. The diamond popped like 10 blood vessels in my eye. It didn't hurt at all...but it looked awful. Just like I had been beatin! I told my mom that I was going to tell everyone she backhanded me:) She started crying...and I felt so awful.

47-I still remember every detail about the last time I saw my grandmother. I was leaving her house and like normal...gave her a hug and skipped out the door. Something immediately told me that THAT was the last time I'd see her. I ran back to the house crying...and my parents were confused. I stared at her for 5 minutes and memorized her face....her nightgown...she was eating a bowl of apple cinnamon cheerios. I remember everything about it! She died three weeks later. I loved her to pieces.

48-I can smell anything....ANYTHING. Often times.... before it has even happened...according to Jarom. He jokes that I can smell if someone's even "THINKING ABOUT FARTING". This talent amazes Jarom. When I was pregnant and my senses were even more hyper-sensitiveJarom would eat popcorn and sprinkle this digusting nacho cheese powder on it. It was horrible. I begged him not too. I actually had to ban it from the house for the remainder of the pregnancy. I went to work that evening...and Jarom being sneaky decided to eat some. He ate the entire bowl...cleaned and scrubbed the bowl....wiped down the kitchen....everything. I walked in the door from work....and immediately threw up. I started screaming..."you ate it didn't you!?!" He was in complete shock. He had cleaned up all traces...but it doesn't matter. I can Smell ANYTHING.

49. My dad asked me out on dates REGULARLY when I was little. My favorite was when he took me out of school (3rd grade), bought me a dozen pink roses and took me to Dixie Grill for lunch. Classy....all the way!

50. I was student body president of LakeView Elementary school in the 5th grade. I won the office by performing a "Rap"while wearing black overalls. No kidding. I can't stop laughing thinking about it.

51. This "president" position also entitled me to read the lunch menu over the intercome to the ENTIRE SCHOOL every morning. Life was good. I felt like I was on top of the world:) Ha.

52. In high school my Drill Team had to perform for a wrestling tournament halftime. As part of the dance I had to do a headstand....and my forearms had to rest on the mat. It gave me ringworm!!! I am NOT kidding. I got ringworm on my arms. Wrestling is the sickest thing ever.

53. I have been stalked by several freaks! Serious stalkers...and I am not kidding. It got pretty dangerous at times. One time when I was a Junior in High School a meth addict stalker broke into my house in the middle of the night and knelt by the side of my bed. I awoke to him stroking my arm and rubbing my hair. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. My brother Ryan slept with me for 6 months after that. Oh---and I punched and kicked him 100 times and chased him up the stairs. He went out the garage...and I flew up the stairs to my parents room.

54. I didn't peirce my ears until I was 22 years old. It was NOT Dad thought it was ridiculous and unnecessary. He would say "you look beautiful without them!" and the typical "if god wanted holes in your ears he would have put them there." I obeyed his every word...UNTIL I moved to Omaha (a safe 1500 miles away) and then Jarom took me to the mall and held my hand while I pierced them. My one and only rebellious moment in life:) I was scared for 5 months straight....because that was the next time I would see my dad and I wore my hair down the entire week. He never even noticed...but my sister told on me. I had been a married woman for 3 years!!!!

55. I have been in 6 car accidents. ALL of which involved me and a parked vehicle or non-moving object. This pissed my dad off sooo badly.

56. I dislocated my knee dancing in High School. My coach was going to call an ambulance and the thought of having someone pop my leg back into place made me hysterical. I started bawling and hurried and did it myself....before anyone could get there! I still cannot have anyone touch my knee...or I will freak out.

57. I loved to play softball....or slow pitch when I was younger. I always wished I would have become really good and played in high school.

58. When I was 6 months old my dad was tending me. He left me on the couch by myself and I flipped off and landed in his chip dip bowl and had to get stitches on my chin.

59. When I was in the 5th grade I was totally and undeniably in love with Jason Peterson. We were "going out" I think the feeling was mutual :) We would hold hands and rollerblade around LakeView Elementary School. One time he told me he loved me SOOO much that he would jump in front of a bullet for me. I remember thinking. "wow....really???" ha ha ha.

60. Mine and Jarom's first kiss was in Tara VanDusen's basement. I cried and got mad at him because I had a "boyfriend" at the time. I secretly loved it....but due to my nature...was incredibly guilt-ridden:)

61. Jarom and I had a Chemistry class at USU together at 7:00 a.m. when we first started dating. We would ALWAYS go...even though it was early and completely miserable... so we could see each other of course. I would get so distracted staring at the freckles around his eyes....yummy. I got a C, ouch. I wouldn't let myself get lower than an we took it over. We got married and took it again TOGETHER at 7:00 a.m. Didn't work. This time we would wake up....roll over and think about going...then cuddle up and/or makeout. We got A's this time around though. We only went to class on the 4 test days:)

62. Me and Jarom have an identical sense of humor.

63. I am sassy. VERY sassy. Jarom sometimes calls it "Saucy" and claims that although I am totally rude sometimes.... he loves it.

64. I use cuss words as terms of endearment. I learned this from my Grandma Judy...who I happen to think is wonderful! Examples include "oh--get over here and give me a hug you cute little shit!' (all said while gritting my teeth tightly together and trying not to kiss him to death).

65. Salad (with ranch) is and always has been my favorite food. Well...since I was about 8 years old.

66. My favorite colors are red and black. 90% of my wardrobe consist of these two colors only. Boring.

67. Once I went to raging waters with Laci, Chelsea and Brandi. Chelsea and Brandi went off to go on a ride....and Laci and I decided to help ourself to Chelsea's tanning lotion "Maui babe" which she got in hawaii. She specifically told us NOT to use it....but we did. I felt bad...especially because when she got back and she asked if we had used it...I replied "Don't worry...we didn't use your precious Maui Babe!" Well....she and Brandi watched us cover our bodies head to toe with it from the wave pool. She knew I had. Whoops. I did feel so bad.I think we were only in the 9th grade.

68. I love fresh peaches.

69. I get seriously car sick.

70. I hate animals. I sometimes think baby animals are cute....but I ALWAYS hate the smell. I no matter what always hate adult animals. I highly doubt my kids will ever own a pet. Other than maybe a fish.

71. It wasn't always that way I assure you. I had 6 different kittens when I was younger. All at different times:) I like to believe I "LOVED THEM TO DEATH". Literally. I would bathe them every night and shampoo their fur with purt plus shampoo. I would then hold it still with my mom's rubber gloves to prevent getting clawed to death and would blow dry it on high heat to make its coat fluffy and soft. It killed all of them within weeks. My mom couldn't figure out why they would always die.

72. I love to decorate.

73. Jarom and I took a trip to San Diego when we first got married and I purchased several treats for the drive. I got myself and entire package of double stuffed oreos. One of my favorite things ever. I ate the entire thing in 3 hours....and spent the rest of the drive sicker than a dog. We had to stop at every town so I could go to the bathroom:) ha ha ha. Good times.

74. I'm a pusher. I push myself...and I push Jarom probably way too much. I am always saying "what is your plan for today?" "what are you going to accomplish today?" I should really just back off!!!!...but I love to stay busy and feel successful at the end of a day. I HATE TAKING NAPS....waste of time. Except on Sundays....complete necessity.

75. When I was pregnant I was obsessed with becoming educated on EVERYTHING there was to know about babies. I read and read books. I watched movies....and googled things all day long! I read for weeks on the best kind of "bottles and nipple shapes" to prevent gassy tummies. This drove my doctor nuts...because I really knew everything! Even during my delivery he exclaimed, " know too much for your own good". According to my mom...sometimes it's just easier "NOT KNOWING" what's going on.

76. I hate when people burp or fart. Burping is especially disgusting and I get PISSED off when Jarom does it around me.

77. I HATE when people gulp. I cannot stand hearing someone drink....and hearing every...single...swallow. It makes me instantly crazy.

78. I love Jarom to death....but instantly become irrate when he sneezes. His sneezes are the only thing can make me hate him. Sometimes certain things just "bug" and your not sure why. This is it for me....BIG TIME.

79. When I was little my best friend was Stefanie Sperry. I remember going through a phase where we were obsessed with playing the game "Speed" with face cards. We would play for 6-8 hours a days...only stopping for lunch. We were around 8 years old I think.

80. I am completely in love with "The Office" and own all seasons. I can watch and re-watch and still think they are genius...every...time.

81. I love Kate Hudson...and would look just like her if at all possible.

82. I hate hate hate mushrooms....watermelon...olives....and tomatoes.

83. I cannot eat watermelon because of the smell. I think it stinks. Wierd...I know.

84. I always knew my first child would be a son....and I have a strong feeling my second will as well:)

85. I am asked regularly to clarify what "ethinicity or race" I am. This confuses me to no end....but I obvisously do not look caucasion to the majority of people! One time at work we were updating our records and a PR Rep. was there. It came time for my interview and she was asking the questions......your age? male or female? and then she came to the "ethinicity" question. She looked at her paper and then at me...then at her paper...and again at me. She said in a whisper "what are you????" WHATTTT????? I don't get it.

86. I have huge lips. They are extremely big and/or swollen when I wake up in the morning. My dad has a nickname for them....but I don't think I should share publicly:)

87. I get cold sores like crazy!!! If I am stressed....cold sore. Too much sun...cold sore. Not enough sleep...cold sore. Look at someone with a cold sore....I get a cold sore, I swear. It's not fair....they are SO painful.

88. I love massages...but always feel guilty spending money on them.

89. I buy 99% of my Christmas and birthday presents from Jarom....wrap them and give them to give to me:) I always love everything....and it helps him out! Total Win-Win.

90. I entered a pie eating contest when I was 12 at the park on the 4th of July. I a landslide. My dad later told me that he was "extremely worried" about my weight for a while there. hee hee.

91. When I was in college I worked at Aspen Dental. All day while working on patients we would listen to Q92. I started hearing advertisements for a Huge Bridal Show...the ads went on for months. They would be giving away a 25,000 dollar wedding prize...blah, blah. The catch: You had to be engaged...with ring on finger....and a date set. I immediately had a feeling that I should go....that I MUST BE THERE:) I, of course, had to get the ball rolling with I convinced him that I KNEW in my heart I was going to win! He took the hint....proposed on Sept. 8th....we set the date of Dec. 12...and I went to the Bridal Extravaganza (name of the show) on Sept. 10th and I won!!! It was definitely a day to remember.

Our Wedding was the most beautiful thing ever. I was on cloud 9 :)

92- I like to believe I am a fairly optimistic person:) Jarom...stop laughing.

93. I loved to go fishing with my dad when I was little. I actually was pretty good (or successful/Lucky)....and I would thoroughly enjoy ripping the worms in half and wrapping them around the hook. Sick...and...Wrong.

94. I pick at the skin on my top lip when I'm concentrating/nervous/anxious, etc. This didn't start until college....but my mom and Jarom always tell me when I'm doing it. I don't even realize it!

95. My second date with Jarom was a movie: Mr. Deeds. We both laughed so hard we couldn't breathe. When he dropped me off that night.....I knew I'd marry him. I still remember what he was wearing...and every little detail about the evening. I remember starting to cry on my front porch. I was so pathetic (hee hee)....but I specifically recall "KNOWING" at that moment.

96. Every...single...time I went out with Jarom he was chewing Spearmint flavored gum...and wearing Natural Ice chapstick. So...So...Delicous. He still wears that chapstick to this day...and the smell of it brings back SOOO many memories.

97. When I was 6 or 7 my parents took me and my brother to Disneyland...without the other two siblings. YAY. I remember it pouring rain one of the days...and my dad bought me a minnie mouse poncho and mickey umbrella. I remember thinking, "This is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" If only life were that simple again:)

98. When I was 10 my Grandpa offered me $100.00 dollars if I would stop popping my knuckles. The deal was for every time my mom or dad caught me doing it...I would owe him back $1.00. It was easy...I quit for a month...blew the money on toys...and starting popping them again.

99. I even taught my siblings how to pop their fingers and toes...and would beg them to let me do it for them. That is so disgusting! I still pop mine 10 times a day without even realizing it.

100. When I was in the 8th grade....Junior High Days...two girls got into a fight. Oh boy. It was dramatic! These two girls were pretty much the opposite of me....NON-rule follower types you could say:) hee hee. They may or may not have also been addicted to drugs...but that is a different story. This fight was hands down the most graphic thing I had every seen up until that point in my little 14-15 years of life. One of them....her name was Tara I think....was on top of a girl holding her by the hair and slamming her head over and over into the cement. Blood was everywhere. I was shaking....and instinctively scream "STOP IT...your hurting her!" at the top of my lungs. My shouting was overheard by a teacher...and the fight was stopped. The problem: for weeks kids asked who "that stupid girl was that yelled STOP" and I continued to be as clueless as they were:) aaaaggghhh. I am now (approximately 10 years later) comfortable to finally admit...IT WAS ME!!! ha ha. I thought you were stupid and immature....and I am happy it stopped while the girl only needed 23 stitches to fix her face instead of 230.

(I remembered this because yesterday I randomly saw one of these girls in the B.C. Walmart...and started laughing...then proceeded to tell Jarom the entire story:)


PHEW....I cannot believe I just did that!!! It took forever. I will LOVE having these funny and classic memories recorded in my BlOG BOOK look back on and laugh at someday.



The Wells Family said...

that was really funny! i found so many things that were similar to me that it put a smile on my face (phobias, water, organizing, overdramatic...) seriously funny. i was also laughing at some of the things that reminded me of pam...she "swears" for terms of endearment and popping knuckes! Ugh I hated it! still do. she begs to pop here "favorite knuckle" on everybody and he and jake pop each other toes and fingers. ugh. disgusting.

The Christensens said...

SO cute!!! YOu seriously have the funnest posts:)And you made me feel better about my self, I am not so paranoid after all, I also am scarred of death and water ( absolutly hate water and no matter what can not be talked into getting in it), and am also one of those people who cannot say no (my husband hates this)!! But I loved it and am WAY impressed you made it to 100!!!

Suzanne said...

I was totally laughing the whole time i was reading that! i'm siting here at work and laughing out loud and people are looking at me like im crazy! i miss you girl!!!

Court and Jill said...

Kristin, I love these lists!!! I have read several and blogged one of my own because I think they are hilarious! Okay #48 is my all time favorite though...HILARIOUS!!!!! I am still giggling!!!

Erin said...

That was very entertaining to read! And just for the record I was the tallest girl in our grade school with the biggest boobs!! So at least you were in second place on that one. It made me laugh to read about your rap skit thing that you did because I totally remember that and am tramatized whenever I think about that day and my own skit I did of singing "I swear" to the whole school. I was shaking so hard I ripped my paper that I was holding in my hands to tell me the words to the song I was singing.

Good Times!! And reading all of this reminded me of when me, you, stephanie, and melanee would practice slow dancing in your room that was across the hall from your parents and I remember your mom walking in and taking a picture of us and thinking we were such great dancers!! Do you remember that? Little girls are so weird! I'm excited to see Claire do funny things like that with her friends when she is older.

Erin P.

Bryce & Brittany said...

Wow!! That was a really long read but extremely funny!! I have heard most of those stories before but they still made me laugh...again. By the way....people who have an imagination are not weirdos!!...just thought I'd clear that up!!:) I think it's pretty funny that one of your best days is at Disney Land when your dad bought you a minnie poncho and mickey umbrella.:) And that last story is pretty disturbing but I'm proud of you for yelling stop and even more proud that you can now admit that it was you!:) Gosh....your so funny! And...we have been playing phone tag for the past few days so call me again when you get a chance.

tai and joe said...

Your are hilarious. My dad was so the same ay. He told me that I could not get my ears pierced ever. that if God wanted me to have them I would have been born that way. Too funny. I did when I was a junior and he saw them and said " you pierced you ears and left it at that"
I also am the same way with the conscience. I feel guilty about everything. I have too done the samething with a rated R movie I did the samething to my mom. I got made fun of for years but who cares.

Andrea & Matthew said...

hahaha!! I loved that!!! I'm just wondering, how DID you get out of the pool after you bikini bottoms came off???

Pam said...

Kristin, I have never laughed so hard! Those were the most hilarious memories. Glad you shared sure brightened up my day!

Carin said...

You are hilarious! What a fun post. Great memories too! My dad was the same about piercing my ears. I did it in college and my roommate went with me and held my hand. I was terrified to go home and tried to hide it. When my Dad saw them, he said, "You don't love me anymore." I seriously thought he meant it. I still won't wear my big earrings when he is around. :) haha.

B Family said...

Oh my gosh. That was hysterical. I loved #47 because I too chronically feel like I have to squeeze the life out of every day and accomplish 400 things or I will most likely die and not be able to function the next.:) And by the way, that picture of you eating the midnight snack is gorgeous. And I would most likely kill to look like that at you go girl.:)

Marshall and Dana said...

Loved reading this! I have a lot in common with you! Non risk taker, and hating my husbands sneezing for no real reason etc...! YOu have a very good memory.