Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...ToDaY WaS....

Today was good.

We had cheerios for breakfast.

Jaxson loves cheerios! He even insists on eating them with a big boy spoon:)

breakfast 560

cheerios 560

milk 560

...and drinking the milk....straight from the bowl....

YEP...He takes after his mama!


Then it was Bath Time....

water 560
Jaxson loves bathtime more than life.

Yes. I let him splash. and splash. and splash.

And often times it takes me FOREVER to clean up after....but it's worth it.

drowning 560

I'm not sure why he likes it so much...BUT.....

1-getting a bucket of water

2-filling it to the brim

3-pouring it over his head

4-struggling for air for approx. 2 minutes

5-laughing his head off

6- then Repeat.

Would be our NEW favorite game!

Today we went against everything the Dr. says (excema & dry skin...water not good for it...yada yada...) and played in the TUB for a solid hour!!!

Livin' on the edge I tell ya.

one duckie with clipping mask

Oh..and it would take hours to explain his OBSESSION with rubber ducks.

He is crazy about them.

Every time we're at Walmart he cries and points to the isle which "houses the ducks" and begs for one.

Each time we go we add one to our Collection!

We have a few for him to sleep with, a few for the tub, a few in each toy box...

I think we're set on ducks for a while...but they always work to cheer him up!

Duckies in a row

I totally spelled "your" wrong on this picture...So ignore it..."I meant you're"


I am too lazy to fix it.

tub 560
tube time 560

We then had READING time!

Jaxson is really into books/reading right now. Which is a good thing I guess. He turns the pages and makes up his own story in jibberish/English. He begs for stories all throughout the day. I'm sooo glad we live with grandpa and grandma right now because they take turns with me so I can have a break from hearing "book...book..book...peeeese!"

I order these darling pop-up books from "BOOKS ARE FUN".

reading 560

He also earns these "Dum-Dums" throughout the day (if/when) he is obedient. I have a big jar of them and he knows EXACTLY what cupboard their in.


books 560

blue tongue 560

He thought his blue tongue was pretty great!

Kids get a kick out of the simplest things!

I love him.

I love being a mom.

I love his sense of humor.

I love that he sleeps in til' 10:00 a.m. every morning so I can stay up until 3:00 a.m. and fix my blog...and then, of course, get the luxury of sleeping in:)



We went to Kayla's last weekend to visit.

Kayla has a pet fish.

Jaxson loves it!

Aunt Kayla thinks she is getting him one for his B-day next month. We'll see.

grunge border

...Feeding Nemo...


feeding fish
....We'll see if his mother let's him have his first pet at the ripe old age of 2...when he can't even help clean the disgusting water:)
Gotta go: Time to build a tower with Jax. My SOLE PURPOSE in life right now is to build a MEGA BLOCK tower as high as possible...so he can get a running start and kick it over:)
I love my job!


Kelley said...

The new blog is looking GREAT! Good job. :) Way cute post. He is such a cute kid.

The Christensens said...

You are an amazing little mommy:)

Bryce & Brittany said...

That is a cute post! What a fun day! Hanging out and entertaining the cutest little boy!!

Pam said...

He is such a lovable little boy!