Wednesday, January 28, 2009

..Ready to go...

Before our errands today....I told Jaxson to go get his shoes and get "ready to go". He didn't come upstairs for several minutes....
glasses and hat
He was sure Ready.
According to Jax you need a zip-up...a coat...most definitely a Hat...and sunglasses (upside down...every time... no matter what...) and a "sippy" of juice or milk. We also must gather his 3 favorite blankets.
...NOT 1...NOT 2....but his 3 Favorite blankies.
I told my friend Britt the other day:
"I should be in much better shape than I am....for lugging around at least 45-50 pounds of gear all day long" :)
Just one of the many moments as a Mother...when you stop, laugh and then wonder how on earth they learn so much...or can come up with such things! I'm more convinced than ever that these little kids come with their own little spirit and personality.
He does and says things that are totally "typical" Jaxson...and have NOTHING to do with me:)
for sure.
I'm sure having a blast getting to know this "little boy"
....his likes, dislikes, sense of humor, preferences.
No matter what....I'm almost certain we'll always be Best Friends.


Maria said...

Well, look at you Ms. My-blog-was-cool-before-but-now-it's-totally-AMAZING!

What I want to know is how you have to sidebars????? Very cool. I'm jealous. Good job!

Maria said...

to=two (sidebars) one on each side. :) "Hi. I graduated from Box Elder!"

Bryce & Brittany said...

What a smart little guy! He knows how to get ready to go mom.:) He should.....because he's always going somewhere!:) He runs around shopping all the time huh??:)

Sharida said...

That seriously is the most adorable picture! They just light up your life don't they! I'm a firm believer in letting their personalities shine through, even in their "get up". lol

Your such a cute mom, I love reading about the "You and Jaxson" adventures!

toYn fAmiLy said...

well it looks like you figured it out! yeah! Now you have to teach me. Call us... the kids can have a play date!

Brownies said...

Wow this is the coolest blog i have ever seen. You must be a pro at ps3 and I want you to be my phtographer. PEACE