Thursday, January 29, 2009

..My first attempt...

Don't judge to harshly...this was my first attempt at Digital Scrapbooking:)
I sat down tonight determined to throw something together really quickly....
and this is what I came up with.
...Pretend that all the corners are rounded...especially on the pineapple picture...I haven't quite figured out how to do THAT on a scrapbook page yet:)
Well, I would change NUMEROUS things about it...
It turned out decent...I think.
Page 1 of Layout
Dole Plantation Side 1 560
Page 2 of Layout
Dole Plantation Side 2 560
What do you think????
Oh and I was also thinking...that I would give almost anything to go back to Omaha right now. Something about these horrible post-christmas months that make me OMAHA-SICK.
OMAHA-SICK for some fun evenings at Zorinsky Lake...or feeding Ducks at Conagra Lake with my baby. SIGH.
For now....I just flip through the picture folders on my computer and dream about my cute little apartment...Jaxsons adorable nursery (that is conveniently packed in boxes and living in a storage unit in Willard right now)...our morning walks on Papio Trail...Ontario Street...and having a Famous Dave's on every corner! Come on Utah...get with the program.
Good barbeque has to be found somewhere closer than Layton. It's Pathetic.
For now I look at pics like this.... and Dream....about the good old days:)
conagra lake 560


Sharida said...

Congrats on your first digital layout! It looks great! Can't say I'd do any better the old fashioned way. lol

I've never been to Omaha and those memories sound great right about now! I'm done with the cold! I'm such a summer person!!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Way cute layout! I love it! And P.S.- You wouldn't want to be in Omaha right now, it's so freakin cold there!!! What are you thinking? Maybe in May, that is a great month in Omaha! If you want to take a trip back I'll gladly go with you!:)

Ericson Fam said...

I love the layout. So you need to show me how to work the whole digital scrapbooking thing. I would love to get more into that. Yours looks great. I'm sorry you miss Omaha. We need to get together and do lunch or something.

Marshall and Dana said...

Way to go on the digital scrapbooking!! What soft wear do you use? I have memory mixer but I'm like 3 years behind on Lexi's and haven't even started Hannah's. Sad, I know! I love your stuff so let me know what kind it is!