Monday, December 1, 2008


Our Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Really busy...lots of added 5-7 pounds...but perfect just the same:)

Can I just say that my family (particularly my mother and her sisters can cook)! It was delicious!


We headed to southern Utah and spent the holiday with over 40 of my aunts, uncles and cousins. I love having such a close family...which is the NUMBER ONE thing I'm thankful for right now in life!

My aunt Ruth did a wonderful job hosting the event....and AN EVENT IT WAS. She perfects every detail from music to centerpiece...and I love it. I am all about holidays:) I get so so so excited.





Not to mention her house is just B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L

me and jarom


My aunt Ruth got Jaxson a darling bib to wear..."As sweet as Pumpkin Pie".

He get's A LOT of attention because he's the only baby around these days.

23 adults to 1 child....Not To Bad.

jaxson asleep

He sure loves his Aunt Kayla.

He played SO hard for hours and hours....then crashed!


...So did his daddy...

I guess a helping of mashed potatoes bigger than you could ever imagine will do that to you. Jarom LOVES LOVES LOVES mashed potatoes:) I laugh every year at his mountain masterpiece. Our friends in Omaha will remember well I'm sure:)


My aunt Ruth snapped this quick picture of my family.

It was wonderful to spend Thanksgiving with them this year. It was our first in 4 it was special for me! We had the best time in Omaha...and will always cherish the memories of Thanksgiving at our little apartment with TONS of friends. (Not to mention the Black Friday shopping with my friend Brittany:) but this year I felt complete. I am so Thankful for Jarom's job and the blessing of moving back to Utah.


We ate and ate until we couldn't eat ANY MORE....and then moved on to celebrating Christmas! It is difficult for everyone to travel the 4 hours down to my grandpa's (40+ people) so we held our Peterson Christmas Party that evening as well. The kids had a blast! They all exchange gifts....we sing Christmas carols...and YEP...EAT again.


Jaxson got a cute elmo/cookie monster giggle ball. He loved it...until Tanner (he's about 10 years old) opened a football. Jaxson was following him around saying "".

It's a good thing Santa has one ready and awaitin' for him:)


Aunt Kayla always spoils him too. She got him a darling little puppy that sings: "Jingle Bell Rock" and dances. The little bell on his hat shakes and Jaxson thinks it is hilarous:)


We then packed up...and my wonderful husband drove me the 4 hours home...(arriving at 1:00 a.m back in B.C.).....only so I could awake 3 hours later and Shop like Crazy. Me and my sis hit Shopko at 4:00 a.m....Khols...Target...the Mall and more. It was hectic....I saw a lot of disturbing people doing disturbing things...laughed til my stomach muscles hurt...bought way too much stuff only because it was on sale and not at all because I needed it!


It was much needed break....and I am anxiously awaiting This THURSDAY when I can board a plane and fly to H.A.W.A.I.I with my sexy husband and spend some more time with him:) Not to mention frantically packing and wrapping Christmas gifts. I have SO much to do....and instead I'm blogging like usual:)

I hope you all had a safe and fun-filled Thanksgiving!


Ally said...

Thank you for your comments on "zen". I have loved watching how little Jaxson has blessed your life--and I can't wait until we have a little one in our home. Have fun and be safe in Hawaii! You have no idea how much I'd give to lay on a warm beach right now.:)

Bryce & Brittany said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!! The table looked beautiful!! Jaxson is the center of attention at every family function isn't he?? What a lucky little guy! Happy belated Thanksgiving!!