Monday, November 24, 2008


I was in complete awe....and I'll admit 150% jealous in every single way. I wasn't going to post this giant picture of me next to her.....but oh well. I have since become content with NOT having long beautiful blonde hair, perfect teeth, a perfect complexion, and talent like no other. So enjoy:)

There are NOT WORDS to describe how wonderful it was....or how much I enjoyed it. I was in heaven...and I'm currently re-obsessed with her CD's.


COUNTDOWN 'til Carrie :)


She is so beautiful....and she sang "American Girl" with the cutest 14 year old fan. I was so proud of her (the fan), really! She was great... so confident...and sang it sooo loud.

carrie and girl

She sang for 2 hours STRAIGHT... and never even broke a sweat.

ok---she did at the very end, but it was like watching her run a marathon!!!



OK----enough about that.


My baby is getting so big.

I'm pretty sure he has learned about 30 words this week :)

Some of my favorites:

Juice (Juicey)

Tub (Tubby)

Duck (Ducky)

Blanket (Blankie)

Grandma (Nana)

Grandpa (Papa)

Jaxson (Jaxsee)






Please (PEESE)

and so many more:)

It makes my life so much fun lately....and I cherish this stage of life.

I have mentioned MANY times that my son is O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D with baseball. This video was taken over 2 months his technique has improved a bit:)

Ha ha ha!


He almost never misses it now....

and his new thing is to throw the ball in the air himself and then hit it. He mastered it in nursery using a baseball and a bowling pin for a bat. Whatever.

(The Nursery leader is convinced that he was born with an EXTRA dose of adrenaline and/or testosterone:)

I would have to agree!


Cris, Callie, and Cayten said...

That is like my son Cayten! He has been able to make a basket in the basketball hoop since he was 1. It was pretty amazing and he improves every day. I have to agree that my son was probably also born with extra adrenaline!

allegra said...

ok, that video is SOOO cute! i laughed at him dancing and he's got a good swing on him! Maybe Max would love baseball...we haven't even tried that sport with him yet.he's too obsessed with football and basketball.

anyway, fun concert! i love her music! and whatever--you have every bit as cute of smile as hers, if not better.

sorry to hear about the pill scare!! i would be screaming and crying too! i'm glad he is ok...

The McClellan Family said...

Love the dance:)

Maranda said...

I am so jealous you got to see Carrie Underwood...I love her! That's so scary what happened with Jax and the pills. I'm glad that he's alright.

Bryce & Brittany said...

Wow! Your pictures of the concert are amazing!! I want your camera! Isn't Carrie Underwood amazing!!? What a great concert huh? I need to call you soon. I hope you got lots of good deals on "Black Friday".:) We shopped for about 14 hours staight! It was exhausting but fun!:)

Arnall Crew said...

Hey we are finding people! Hope you are doing well. We'll figure out this blog thing before too long! Keep in touch.
The Arnall's