Monday, November 24, 2008

The Horrible...and the Wonderful!

Let's see....where do I start?
So much has been going on in the Forsyth/Bishop home these last few weeks!
And yes, we are still currently taking up residence in my parent's basement...ya jealous? Free Rent, Great food, and absolutely NO privacy. Ya can't beat that:)
I guess I'd prefer to start with the Horrible... now that I think about it....and sum things up with the Wonderful.
Everybody's life consists of both, right? :) HERE GOES:
The other day I was on the phone speaking with my dad about a home we are currently looking to purchase. I started my complaining/whining/venting (which is known to go on for quite some time:) and approximately 10 minutes later I realized that things were UNUSUALLY QUIET.
Where's my baby?
not a thought a responsible mother would ever have:) Just kidding.
I immediately knew in my heart that something was wrong. Terribly wrong. It is the worst feeling ever....and my mind was flooded with the the blogs I read... of mother's who experienced that feeling...only moments too late. I flew up the staircase...just hoping he was upstairs with Grandma. Nope. I then flew down 2 flights of stairs screaming his name and feeling the panic begin to set in. He came running out of my bedroom and met me in the hallway. For a moment he appeared fine....and then I realized his mouth was full of PILLS. The poor child was almost as traumatized as I was. What were they??? I had now clue. They were white. I don't have ANY white pills. He knew I was upset and has never heard me scream like that in his entire 20 months of life! I started bawling for my mom. I laugh now....but it was just horrible (hence the tital of this post:) Ha.
He didn't even blink before my entire fist was in his mouth prying every little pill out of it. I was screaming out of control and my mom was too. We are NOT a good pair when it comes to handling Stressful situations. My mind was flooded, "how many did he eat...did he swallow any...holy crap I am the worst mother ever....Jarom's going to throw up and hate me for a matter of fact I'm going to throw up!....where did he get pills....How did I let this happen????
(a little to over-dramatic for ya??? Sorry...that's totally me:)
I immediately called poison control. They started interrogating me with ridiculous questions I couldn't answer. "How many did he eat? How many!?! What are they??? How long did you leave him alone?"
Let me just point out (and I told this to the poison control man verbatim) THAT I HAVE NO CLUE HOW MANY HE ATE.....I DID NOT KEEP COUNTING AS MY BABY POPPED 7, 8, no I think he's on number 9 Pills into his little mouth! Don't you think I would have put a stop to it....had I seen him doing it?!? AND....he was alone for 5-10's not like I locked him in the car for my 12 hour shift at Burger King. Come on.
He instructed me to take Jaxson to the ER immediately to be monitered because we didn't know WHAT they were...or how many he consumed. This was NOT happening...especially to me!
I am the crazy mother who drops my kid off at my cousin Karen's last week for 2 hours and calls her 10 minutes later with ridiculous OCD requests like "please cut his food TINY because I'll die if he chokes", "and make sure that he doesn't get into any belts, or neckties becuase he loves wrapping them around his head/neck"...."oh, and don't let him sleep next to window or blinds". Thanks:)
Thank goodness she's a sweetheart and doesn't think I'm completley NUTS.
I tried to calm down (thanks to my wonderful husband) and his ability to immediately take charge of any situation. Just talking to him calms me. (Knowing he didn't want to kill me also helped:) Anyhow....I re-traced my steps and asked my baby "Jax, show mommy where you found the candies." Sure enough...he grabbed my hand and led me straight to my camera case and pointed. The side pocket was unzipped and... I immediately realized what they were...I knew exactly how many....and I was more relieved than I had ever been!!! Hallelujah.
They were Advil. There were only 5....and according to poison control he could have consumed 12 before it affected him...crazy huh??? Anyhow....he was busy sucking the sweetened brown coating off of all of them when I found him! Hence the reason the pills were WHITE and I did not recognize them in my moment of panic. He hadn't swallowed any of them...and I was left completely grateful and even more traumatized.
As if I wasn't already anul enough about his safety!!!
Ok-Enough with the horrible!
He survived...I survived...we both cried for most of the day and then things got better:)
Introducing: THE WONDERFUL!
WHICH BRINGS ME TO: Why there were advil in my camera case??? WELL....because I went to the CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT on Wed. night!!! I stuck a few in there "in case" and that smartie pants found them. I swear...he is a mischevious little thing. It totally rocked by the way and I have some wonderful pics, she is even more beatiful and amazing in person, I have a new found love for her CD even though I was getting sick of it....and she seems like the sweetest person ever. It was the best concert I have ever seen and I loved spending the day with my mom and sister!
That is for another post....maybe tomorrow. It is 3 a.m. and I have no clue why I am still up.
We also put up ALL the Christmas decorations and Jaxson is a little "over stimulated" to say the least. He is thinking this whole "holiday" thing is pretty awesome and I am getting so stinking excited to see him react on Christmas morning when I give him a "vroom-vroom" = four wheeler to zoom around the house! We watched the big game, of course....Go Utes....and I single handedly consumed 2 half pints of ice-cream in the past 48 hours. Chocolate Chip cookie dough...and mint chocolate chip. Delicious. I'm not going to Hawaii next week or anything....(the thought of a swimsuit right now makes me want to cringe).
Oh and I am busy checking the BLACK FRIDAY LIST....and planning my course for my crazy day of shopping. I am done buying gifts. I have NO money left....but I can't resist the crowds and the deals! Last year the security gaurd in Target told me and my friend Britt to stop running. hear me right. HEE HEE.
For now...I have only 4 days to use my powers of persuasion and convince Jarom that I NEED a Scarlet Red Gateway Laptop from RadioShack. Wish me luck....
Watch for Carrie Underwood pics...TOMORROW maybe.
Love, Me


Bryce & Brittany said...

I can't believe all that happened since the last time I talked to you! I can just see you freaking out finding Jaxson with white pills in his mouth!! I don't blame you though, I think I would have freaked out too!!! I'm so glad he's OK! Keep those Advil out of reach Krisin!:) Wasn't that an amazing concert!! I'm still talking about it!! It was amazing!! Please let me know if you want to go shopping with my mom and I on Black Friday, we'd love it if you came along.

The McClellan Family said...

I like to consider myself somewhat calm in emergency situations - but I would have been so scared if I found pills in Kate's mouth. Chad left a baggie of tylenol and advil in his bag on the ground and Kate was running around with it - I was not a happy mommy.

The Wells Family said...

don't you worry! every mother has had something crazy happen. i finally realized i needed to get child locks on my cleaning cupboard when bobby got a hold of my BAM spray cleaner (he is obsessed with spray bottles), and proceeded to spray himself in the face! (note: the bottom says DO NOT get near eyes or skin...will cause permanent damage.) i thought i had made my child blind for the rest of his life. lots of crying from me...and crying from bobby since i was crying and dunking him in water. ahhhh!