Thursday, December 11, 2008


We're Back!
And I must say..."That was the BEST WEEK of my LIFE!"
What a perfect way to celebrate 5 years together. I am more in love with Mr. Bishop than ever.... I assure you....and could spend every minute of 6 more weeks with him and still not get enough! Too mushy? Sorry. He truly is my best friend. Not only is he patient, easy going and b-e-a-utiful...he is hilarous. I laugh and laugh when we're together. The last 5 years has been Pretty GOOD to us. Sure.....We are both look a little "older" and "chubbier" around the mid-secion. Jarom is even starting to get white hair...(which he claims are from trying to keep me happy...whatever:)! Regardless of how cruel time can be....I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am so excited for what our next 5 years has to bring us!!!
We have accomplished a lot together: educations, grown to be best friends, moved away from family, had the CUTEST little boy on earth:), and set common goals we plan to spend the rest of our lifetime working side-by-side to acheive!
Can't think of anyone I'd rather be with on this Journey:)

No...we are not "oiled up". That is SPF 30 waterproof.

If you were wondering! ha ha.


The first few days were spent relaxing on Waikiki beach! It was beautiful...and although one of the busier beaches we went too....I always love it! I love the wonderful food, great nearby shopping, and fast-paced lifestyle. Jarom is a little more laid back...but he endured it well. He went shopping EVERY NIGHT and let me barder for great deals on earrings for hours! He followed me around with a smile while I browsed the fancy little shops and pointed out all the things I wanted. I'm one lucky girl....because I know just how much he hates shopping...but he did for me anyways.


The entire trip he would say "we can do whatever you want. You're in charge today." Are you serious???? I remember SO CLEARLY why I married you Mr. Bishop. I LOVE being in charge:) and I'm VERY attracted to your selflessness.




The Weather was a Picture Perfect 85 degrees the entire week!

We are both Dark Dark Dark and I am currently being stared at by strangers wherever I go who think I spent 3 weeks straight in a tanning bed.


NOPE PEOPLE....I soaked it up HERE !!!


....WITH HIM....


(Be thinking the following when viewing the above two pictures: It is December...only weeks after Thanksgiving dinner, they haven't seen the sun since August...and definitely haven't exercised once since September)


international market place

Man I got some great deals! Jarom didn't quite agree...he kept whispering to me "You just totally got ripped off!" after we'd leave the international marketplace. It was funny.


The 3rd morning was spent touring the entire island! That is always one of our favorite things to do. We hop in a car and drive the entire coastline scoping out secluded beaches that we'll have all to ourselves! We had carefully scoped out the top 4-5 must sees and it was the funnest day ever.


We spent the morning at Kailua Beach. SO SO SO beeeeaaauuutiful. It is famous for it's white sand and completley see-through turqouise water. We took a stroll on the beach and watched a few locals have their 7:00 a.m. yoga session on the sand. Whatever. I can't believe they wake up to the every morning!?!


turtle bay

The afternoon was spent at Turtle Bay Resort. Wow. You can see it behind me.


This beach is famous because you can often see giant Sea Turtles swimming there and relaxing on the beach. It was awesome.

turtle bay resort me

Everyone's heard of Sunset Beach!!! The waves are insane.
The North Shore is known for it's huge WINTER WAVES and we were excited to spend an afteroon playing in them in December! The Pipeline Masters for surfing were going on...and surfers were everywhere! Orange flags were posted every 2 feet in the sand warning people to avoid swimming or entering the water.


What did we do? We jumped right in of course. Jarom led me out about 15-20 feet and just told me "when the wave comes jump up above it". Simple enough I thought. Wrong.


The wave came....I jumped...went under....felt myself flipping several times...felt my body slam against the ocean floor....and came up 5 minutes later.


YES-I pouted for like 20 minutes....(and lost my sunglasses) I was ticked off....and because of my non-risk-taking kind of a personality...was not very happy that I about drowned and left my child motherless. That wave through me around like a ragdoll!


HINT: BELIEVE the signs and giant Orange Flags.

jarom sunset beach

I spent the rest of the afternoon videoing Jarom be thrown around from a DISTANCE!

Unlike me....HE thought it was just wonderful.

sunset beach me


Home of the pineapple ice-cream (one of our favorites)...fresh cut pinapple...and (my personal favorite) Chocolate Covered Pineapple. Holy Crap!

dole plantation

pineapple maze

pineapple icecream

Jarom enjoying the best ice-cream on earth!

chocolate covered pineapple

My..."if you haven't been here....and haven't tried this....your nuts!" FACE.


Jarom even agreed that they could not AND have not every replicated it here.

Sad sad sad.

fresh pineapple


Sunday was my Hubby's Birthday! He was actually born on Pearl it was neat to be in Hawaii on that day!


We spent the morning at Waimea Bay. Our favorite beach for sure!!! We napped on the thrown around my a few huge waves....and went out for a night on the town!


We headed straight to our favorite...thankfully located right on the beach "The Cheesecake Factory!" He's 29....aaggghhh! I hate that he's almost 30. That feels old.

cheescake factory

birthday dinner

birthday sundae

Happy Birthday Sweetheart....I hope you had a memorable one!

I will remember that day was a perfect.

merry christmas

It was odd to see christmas trees, wreaths and hear "Winter Wonderland' playing as you browsed the shops in swimwear and flip-flops. It definitely didn't feel like Winter OR Christmas!!! BUT....the trees were gorgeous. The entire city was lit-up with twinkle lights.

I loved it.


HANAUMA BAY: Snorkeling Central :)

One of our top three things to do in Hawaii hands down!

haunauma bay overlook

Look at that....seriously.

hanauma bay

me snorkel



Why did we have to come home?

both snorkeling

We are becoming quite the snorkelers...I must say!

It was the funnest day ever. Do I keep saying that??? It was.


The best part of the day was when we were snorkeling along holding hands....and I felt Jarom's hand rip away from mine and watched him dart into the opposite direction as fast as possible.

What in the?????? Yep---he left me.


HE SAW AN EEL. Those who know Jarom...know his intense hatred for MOST animals. He is terrified of dogs....hates cats more than anything...and snakes are just digusting. I guess eels aren't on his top 5 favorite list either....because he left me to get attacked by it. He was totally freaked out. Ha ha ha. Oh yah...he is terrified of bats.

That just cracks me up!


We then headed to the Polynesian Cultural Center for the Famous "Horizens" show and a big Luau'.

Simply wonderful!

We visited the 7 villages....and ate the best food ever...followed by another "pinapple binge". Our mouths were permanently sore from all the pineapple...but it couldn't stop us. WE LOVE IT.


Did I mention we were greeted upon arrival with fresh flower leis!

Yep...we were. Awesome.


My favorite part of this night was at dinner. We happened to be seated at a table with an older couple from L.A. There were several pitchers of drinks to choose from lining the center of our table. We all took turns sampling the fresh papaya juice....and passion fruit punch, etc. The older lady took a sip of a "yellow" drink and exclaimed right to Jarom..."DO NOT TRY THAT is sick. It tastes like some wierd fizzy gatorade." Jarom believed her and continued our evening like usual. About an hour later he asked the waiter if they had Mt. Dew...because he can't seem to live without it?!? She pointed to the completley full pitcher or "nasty yellow fizzy gatorade" sitting directly in front of him and said...."there it yourself!"


I thought he was going to die! Mt. Dew.....that had been untouched all can that happen? Thank you old lady from L.A. I am convinced my husband is going to die from that stuff!



christmas tree

waikiki overlook
It was a much needed break....and thoroughly enjoyed by both of us! I had the best time and will be counting the months until we can go back:) Neither of us wanted to come home....but it was oh-so-sweet to be reunited with our little munchkin!!! He stared at me for a long moment...not recognizing me through my unnaturally tan face...slowly pointed at me and whispered under his breath, "mommy?" like it was more of a question!
It was priceless. He then clung to us for the remainder of the day and we took turns smothering him with love.
It never gets eaiser to be away from your child....but I think it's much needed for EVERY marriage on a regular basis!!!
I love you Jarom...and I cherish this time we had together.
Happy Anniversary Honey (it's offically tomorrow..Dec.12)!
and thanks....for the best, most romatic gift ever:)


Bryce & Brittany said...

Yay, you're back!! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! And YES you are both unbelievably dark now!! Jaxson was wondering who the hispanic people were that were picking him up!:) I really wish you could have brought me back some pineapple iceacream!!! Yummy!!! You know how much I love icecream!! Well, I'm glad you're back. Give me a call when you get a chance.

Erin said...

I am so jealous you guys were able to go and do that for your 5 year anniversary. Happy anniversary tomorrow by the way! I can't wait until we can go on our cruise for our 5 year but we can't even go until April when john is done with school. So I'll just continually look at your pictures and dream about warm weather and 8 days without my kids! By the way, where did you get your cute swimsuit covers? I really want some!

I'm glad you guys had fun and I can totally relate to Jarom swimming away from the eels. When we went to hawaii when I was like 12 we were swimming in Hanama Bay and I saw some weird fish, I don't even know what it was but it totally freaked me out and I went literally screaming back to shore by myself where I then threw up on the beach! Good times, My family still makes fun of me for that!

Erin Pettingill

allegra said...

oh my gosh!! how fun ! i loved all the pictures. I'm SO glad you guys had a great time. It got me really excited for our trip to Thailand. I had to laugh at your line of you not seeing the sun or exercising for awhile. That's totally me...(although, you look excellent! would have never known you don't exercise you skinny minny you) Anyway I haven't been a great exerciser either. It's so hard with a baby. Haha lame excuse I know...

I love your swimsuits too. I might have to buy me a few of those Modbe babies b/4 our trip. All of my swimsuits are either way skanky (you know, from the honeymoon days. wish i could wear those again . LOL), or they've seen their day and are thrashed.

Well Happy Anniversary. Glad you had a great time! And I know what you mean about the waves and being tumbled! It's scary huh!! When we went to California I went boogie boarding all the time and trying to get out far to catch the waves was hard. I've seen my share of wave tumbling. You never feel like you're going to see the top of the water again, it's frightening.

Nathan & Kayla said...

Oh my goodness you guys are so tan! That looks like so much fun! I want to go...I loved tending Jax he is my favorite little boy on earth...go away again so I can tend him! :)

Maranda said...

I am so jealous of how tan you get and so suck! Looks like so much fun. I can never get enough of the beach. It's definetely my vacation of choice. Happy Anniversary...hopefully we'll see you guys in Utah!

Pam said...

What a fun trip! Hawaii does give people that go there and insane tan. I am glad you had fun! I liked looking at this post because I lived there once a time, and it brought back good memories. Hawaii is way fun. Do they still have a ton of weird people that live on Waikiki beach?

Ericson Fam said...

K so you are so dang funny. I loved reading that and seeing your amazing pics. Looks like you had so much fun. Happy anniversary tomorrow and we are glad your back.

CBS said...

Just to make you feel better about your first picture before you soaked up ALL the Hawaii sun...You are more tan in that picture than I can get from spending a whole summer at the pool. I would be thinking how tan I was if that pic was of me:)...just something to think aout! I'm so very jealous. I've still never been to Hawaii:( Glad you had fun!!

Andrea & Matthew said...

oh I'm so jealous! Looks like a blast!!!

Mauressa said...

Words can't express my envy! So, our five year is on the 19th right... well we both kinda forgot about it and just decided to get a babysitter, go out to a nice restaurant and then rush to get the rest of our Christmas shopping done. Teagan is much too observant and curious to do it with her this year! But hey, I'm holding out for our 7 year anniversary for a big trip. You know, after law and business school! He's in finals right so our main goal is just to survive at this point! I've still got 75 days to go, but honestly I have people tell me how huge I am every day! Phew! The 3rd is so different! I am so excited to have a little girls to spoil again! As you can see, we have a lot of catching up to do... we'll be in town the 26th through the 31st. We need to find time to... catch up!

Suzanne said...

you lucky girl!! it looks like you guys had so much fun. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Jarom! miss you guys!

Hey email me or call me soon. i need you address!

Marshall and Dana said...

Okay, I am so jealous of you guys!!!! I am going to make my hubby sit down and read your blog and make sure he knows that THAT is exactly what I want for our next vacation!! You will have to type me up a schedule of everything to do since both of us have never been there! What a great gift! You guys deserve it! 3 years of Law school and living in Omaha, the bar, what a nice rewarding treat! I can't believe your tan, that right there is reason enough for me to want to get there! I was tumbled in the waves once in Cabo and it is the freakiest thing ever!!! I lost my snorkel gear and almost my life!! Never Again! Ha ha glad you guys had fun!

Hickmanbunch said...

Hw lucky are you!! It looks like you guys had so so much fun. Hawaii is beautiful, we went 8 years ago on our honeymoon, and I can still remember, it is so pretty! I am glad you got to experience it Happy Anniversary!

Amy! said...

Kristin you look BLACK! I'm jealous :) This post made me miss living in Hawaii SO SO much!!! Sunset beach was directly across the street from my house! Did you guys jump off the rock @ Waimea Bay?? SO FUN!! Did you happen to see Planet Surf in Pupukea...(It's right by Food Land)... That's where I worked.. Sorry so many questions.. I just got a little excited! I'm glad you guys had great Anniversary :) :)

P.S. I suck with bartering at the International Market Place also! LOL