Friday, October 10, 2008

...StRiNg oF bAd LuCk.....& Happy October:)

Where do I start?

The past few weeks have been pretty rough around here. Pretty entertaining also, I guess you could say. I can laugh now. I wasn't laughing one single bit yesterday.... or the 10 days before that:) I hit the point yesterday where I started laughing about it that's a good sign. That must mean things are looking up, right? :) :)

PROBLEM #1: It all started last week when Jarom was driving home from work. A huge truck hit a chunck of cement from the road construction on I-15 and shot it at Jarom's car. A few minutes later Jarom was stranded on the side of the freeway with a popped tire. Fun. There goes 150.00 bucks.

PROBLEM #2: I was driving my jeep and it started telling me "low coolant...low coolant". I thought that was simple enough to fix. Wrong. Jarom bought coolant, filled my car and sent me on my way. The next day it still shouted at me "low coolant". So I find out it needs a new water pump. There goes 70.00 bucks. Oh well---just get it fixed I'm thinking. The man installs the water pump...only to find out it's NOT the water pump of's the radiator. There goes 500.00 bucks. We buy new radiator...and have it installed.

PROBLEM #3: The man brings my Jeep back...but is terribly sorry. What does this mean I wonder? It meant that while fixing the radiator he accidentally broke the grill on the front. Wonderful!!! I, of course, refuse to let him buy me a new one...and start my search for a new grill. There goes who know how much $$$$ (I'll keep you posted:)

PROBLEM #4: Conference weekend rolls around and Jarom and I decide to head to Ogden on Saturday morning. We make it approximately 2 blocks in my mother's car (both of our cars are in the shop remember) and hit a gigantic pothole. Front tires immediately pop and go flat. FUN FUN FUN. We spent the rest of our precious Saturday at Big O...special ordering her tires! There goes 300.00 bucks.

PROBLEM #5: My family decided to go hunting/camping. Tow the trailer approximately 6 hours to the perfect location. Hook it up to a generator to get the inside all nice and warm and the fridge nice and cold. Head over to my grandma's trailer for dinner. Come back and the trailer is filled with smoke, wiring caught on fire. There goes 1200.00 bucks. FUN!

PROBLEM #6: I decide to go for a jog. I never run...but decided that I could stand to lose a few pounds in my "mid-section". I quickly strap Jaxson into his stroller. I take off and about 1 mile from my cell phone falls out of my pocket and crashes to the street. Shattering into about 5 peices. Great...I think. Jarom is going to love this. It's definitely non-salvagable (is that a word??) There goes anywhere from 100.00-300.00 bucks.

PROBLEM #7: I am feeling rather worn out last night and stretch out on the couch. I fall to sleep. So does Jarom. Jaxson runs wild for over an hour..completely unsupervised. DO NOT TURN US IN, PLEASE. This has never happened before...and my parents were somewhere in the house...that should count:) While we were out and he was "running free" he dug through my purse and found my glasses. They are now snapped into TWO beautiful peices. Thanks Jax...I owe you one.

PROBLEM #8: I have pretty much had it and want to die. I love to be dramatic :) !!! I put jaxson to sleep and decide to unwind by reading "the nie nie diaries blog" and catching up on blog world. Well....did I get to do that? Absolutely not. Someone was digging a trench in my backyard last night for my dad...and happened to dig up the entire phone/cable/internet wires. FUN. Nothing was working the rest of the night. There goes who know how much $$$. All I can say is I'm glad I don't have to pay for that one:)


Ta dah! I'm still alive.....and actually pretty happy.

Are you proud of me? I am. Amazed actually.



Jarom took me to the store and bought me a new Blackberry Curve.

That made things a little better.


AND....we still have managed to enjoy this wonderful Fall Season! We decided to paint pumkins instead of carve them this year. Maybe we'll do both....who knows. This way Jaxson was more involved though...and he had a blast! We let him stay up super late one night and together we painted an entire pumkin family for the porch. Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and Jax. I love Halloween:)



This picture scared the crap out of me. Check out that face. What in the?????

A little excited....I THINK SO:)





messy hands

I love this little man.

All the bad luck in the world can't phase me or his dad when we see him grin, or he hugs us tight and gives us a big fat kiss. Complete with the loud "MMMWah" sound and all!

Off to Aunt Kayla's!!! We have a fun weekend planned full of yummy food, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and all that fun Fall stuff. WISH US LUCK...we'll most likely need it!



The Wells Family said...

LOL! I have learned all too well that when it rains it really poors! We ALWAYS have car problems the week of finals...which always left us a one car family. Now..we condensed to one car. I am a bit nervous whenever there are car problems...who do i call when dad isn't around??

Good luck! Things are going to get much better. Really! :)

Jax is so funny and adorable! I too love the pic of him in his "halloween face". Priceless. Your photos look great. I have yet to try photoshop...

Maranda said...

I'm glad you can laugh about your problems now. I'd probably still be crying. I just have to say that I saw that picture of Jaxson's grin and thought it was kind of freaky myself. Then, I read your comment below it and couldn't stop laughing. I love the painting idea instead of carving pumpkins.

Bryce & Brittany said...

What a crazy week for you guys!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have a fun weekend and no car mishaps! I'm glad you survived those few days! I didn't know about the phone. That sucks but really makes it all better when you get a really nice new one! You're so spoiled!!:) And you get to go to the Carrie Underwood concert're so spoiled!:)

Paul & Taylee said...

So sorry for a CHAIN of bad luck! Glad things are looking up.

Ok the scary picture of Jaxson...CRACK ME UP! I didn't read what you wrote first, just looked at the picture...I was like "WOW! He sure knows how to get into the the season! HAHA!" Too funny.

Kyle and Janel said...

Cute pumpkins and a crapy week! I am glad you can laugh about it now.