Monday, October 13, 2008

...pUmPkIn pAtCh...and...CoStuMe fuN :)

I LOVE HOLIDAYS. Mainly because they make life SO SO SO much more fun. They also---give you something to look forward to, reasons to bake treats, buy gifts, decorate...or spend time off participating in crazy traditions:) Whatever holiday...I'll gladly take it!
This weekend was wonderful. We spent the ENTIRE thing celebrating Halloween...and Jarom even had the day off of work for Columbus Day. I spent the morning asking him annoying questions like:
Me: "...what year did Columbus find America? Was it 1942. I know the song when was it?? Oh ya, 1492. Whatever. What were the names of his ships again???
Jarom: Your psycho....and I'm embarrassed for you.


Anyhow...enjoy my "WAY TOO MANY" pictures. I couldn't narrow them...because I love them all. They hold such special memories for me and I wanted every last one of them to be a part of my Blog Book when I publish it....Sorry:) I decided to adopt a motto that I saw on the cutest girl Allegra's blog.

Don't Likey...Don't lookey :) she says. Ha ha....thanks Allegra. I totally agree.

pumpkin faces

Jarom hates me. And loves me..... for being completley excited about each and every opportunity I have to force him to do things like this. We had a wonderful time taking our baby (toddler) to the pumkin patch and corn maze this weekend. We couldn't help but talk about how much difference one little year makes! Last year we were in good ole' Omaha taking Jaxson to Vala's pumkin patch (that place rocked by the way)....and he was sooo tiny. We had him bundled in a thousand layers and a huge puff suit like a little marshmellow.


This year the kid ran wild! He walked (ran) the entire corn maze with the hugest grin on earth. He climbed through tunnels, picked his own pumpkin, went for a wagon ride...did it all. It is the best feeling in the world as a mother: To watch him LOVE totally excited about it...Learn...Explore...and Laugh.


Next I want to introduce:

My little Ferocious Dragon

Halloween Costume 2008


I am totally in love with this picture.

The little boy...the costume...the cheesy grin...the works!

I can't help but think countless times a day: This is the Best Time of my Life:) I am scared with each day that passes that it's going to fast...or that before I know it Jaxson will be grown and I'll have 4 others running around. YIKES. Until then...I am going to TRY and have many more weekends like this one. Me... Jarom...Jaxson.

picking pumpkins



jar and jax

me and kay

We stayed the weekend at my sister Kayla's house..and they joined along for the fun. We love living close enough to go visit...and in the months we've been in Utah....we have several times:) Jaxson adores her...and so do I. Although we've always been best friends....we are getting a lot more time together now-a-days and becoming even closer! What do people do without sisters? Makes me start thinking that Jaxson may need a little brother ASAP.!

(jarom...don't have a heart attack)


Jarom is a lot better at using the camera than I am. As you can see by the amount of pictures I am in...and the lack of pictures he is in. I think it's his wonderful quality of patience. I have none...he has enough for a crowd! I often watch him with Jaxson...and am amazed at how loving, kind and PATIENT he is.... AND I truly mean AMAZED...because it's usually long after I want to beat him:)

He laughed and laughed and laughed.
jaxson running

and ran and ran and ran....


and almost knew that being generous with his loves and kisses would mean we would get to stay longer! Kids are so much smarter than we think...even at 19 months.

This is random.... but to prove my point: Three baseballs were somehow trapped underneath the treadmill at my parents. Jaxson would lay by the treadmill and cry out "ball...ball..ball". Jarom decided to rescue his ball the other night. He reached under and retrieved it. Jaxson kept laying on the ground saying "ball daddy ball". Jarom reached under there and sure enough...another baseball! This continued again...and sure enough ANOTHER ONE. He totally knew there were three...and waswaiting for his favorite. They all look the same of course...but are different sizes. One happened to be a "real" baseball. He preferred that one. Of course.

SEE..... S.M.A.R.T I tell ya.




mom and jax

pumpkin display

The mums and flowers were beautiful!



My Family

October 2008


I also took some pictures of Jax in his Halloween Costume that I had to share. I forgot my was freezing...and there was snow on the ground....but I think we got some darling ones!

Crowds of people kept stopping on the street and just laughing. He can be such a show off. People would stop and tell whoever they were talking too on their cell phones ALL about this littly boy dressed as a Dragon who was smiling and saying "HI...HELLO...HI" to EVERYBODY who passed by. That explains why there are few of his face. He wasn't interested in me.

He was performing for his audience.





He even learned the word "Boo" the last few weeks...and says it repeatedly.

He is at such a fun age.




Another one I just love love love.

I think mother's instinctively LOVE pictures of their own (well I know it)...but this was him begging me to pick him up and my heart melts when I see it. You can see his huge molars...which is so cute to me. He is getting so big.

I didn't pick him up. SO......Daddy did. Maybe that's why he likes his dad better than me these days? He gives him WHATEVER he wants....and I don't.
I loved this picture though...because he was just begging us to make it stop.
Man, it is hard to be loved.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall/Halloween Season!
I have to admit...I have seen/stolen some wonderful ideas for the season from some great moms and their blogs. Jessica gave me the idea of finger painting with Jax (thanks...such a cute idea with canvas).....Jamie gave me the idea to make halloween sugar cookies for him to decorate (I just know he'll love it)....both of which we will be doing this week!
So many great moms out there. Thanks for the ideas!
It's sure to be a long winter with my little guy. He is obsessed with outdoors. So keep them coming!


Tara and Andrew said...

I love love love that costume! Aren't kids the cutest in Halloween costumes?? Tayson is going to be a frog and my dog is a princess:) It's so funny. I'm excited for the age that Jaxson is at. Tayson is starting to react and I absolutely can't get enough of it. I'm sure I'll be just like you next year at this time!:)

Sharida said...

What a fun place and great memories to cherish! I'm all about pics, you can never post too many! lol Especially when you've got such a darling little boy. And that just to die for!! So stinkin cute!

Ericson Fam said...

Oh it looks like your little fam had so much fun. Jaxson is so dang cute in his dragon costume. I love it. You need to come and take pics of my girls in their costumes. K and I love your hair. It is getting so long.

Jessica Davis said...

What a stinkin cute little dragon. I really love this time of year because the kids have so much fun. Jaxon looks like he is loving life! I swear bad luck happens all at once but things will definitly be looking up. I think it already has!

Bryce & Brittany said...

So so cute!! He is the cutest little dragon ever!! I love that costume! It's so colorful! It looks and sounds like you guys had tons of fun at the Pumpkin Patch but it doesn't compare to Vala's does it??:)

allegra said...

lol. yeah, don't likey don't lookey:) i agree, and i love the pictures. never too many! the pics look great by the way. ok, so that halloween costume is SOO cute! he is such a cute kid...that's not a bad idea taking pictures of him around other seems like he'd be happier and more friendly that way instead of trying to take them when no one is around. good tips. i would stop and smile at that cute dragon if i were a bystander, too.

i LOVE little boy hoodies and hats. i can't wait until it cools down for Max to wear hoodies and hats..but, alas it's still 85 degrees here:) aren't boys so much fun?

sorry you've had so many bad, expensive things happen lately!! that is NO fun!! i hope it looks better from here on out

The Wells Family said...

So, so cute! I love the little dragon! Old Navy makes Halloween so easy for kiddos! :)

so...question about your fabulous editing on Jax's halloween pics. how did you get the edges black? jess showed me the burn tool, but i can't seem to get it to do much and anything drastic. how did you do it??

Chris and Melanee said...

Oh my goodness....that little boy is SO ADORABLE!! I am so glad you found me and thanks for the sweet comment ya left...I am so glad to see that you guys are doing well, and back in Utah!

ps...what kind of camera do you have? I am wanting Chris to get me one for my mommy gift in a couple of weeks for birthing his children:) I want something nicer, and your pics look great...and how much did you spend if you dont mind me asking...if you would rather email me its!

Raike said...

Awesome photos..! He is looking so cute and adorable in this Halloween costume.

The Christensens said...

YOu ar such a good little mommy....and everytime i look at your blog I can't get over how cute your little boy is.... And by the way how do you get him to keep the hat on? Gunner refuses to keep anything on his head. And I almost bought that same little dragon, but I ended up with the little monkey there at old navy :)But I so love the Dragon and it is so cute on :)

Allyson said...

Amazing pictures!! And the cutest dragon I've ever seen! I swear he just gets cuter with time! My favorite is his little grin up at the camera.:) I am also glad to hear that at least you got a stellar new phone out of the series of unfortunate events happening to you lately--the only way it can go is UP from here!:)

I'm sorry I never answered your questions from way far back on my blog...but thank you so much (again) for all of your comments. Every day I keep thinking that others have survived living away so we can too! My e-mail is Keep in touch!

Maranda said...

I wish I had the drive and creativity you do to make every holiday fun and memorable. I have to admit that Halloween is my least favorite holiday, but you seem to make it look like so much fun! I'm sad we missed out on going to Vala's with you guys last year, but I think we might try and make it this year. I love the dragon costume and Jaxson makes it look that much cuter! I miss the little guy. He is growing up so fast. It would be fun to see you guys while were back in Utah this next week. I can't stress enough how much we miss you guys!

Suzanne said...

he looks so cute in that costume! i still have to get Jonathan's soon. We're going to Vala's on Saturday, i'll be thinking of you! The picture when Jarom picked up Jax in his costume...Oh My Gosh, totally made my heart melt! and your hair is getting so long!!! miss you guys like crazy!

Chersten said...

I love the pictures you take. How do you do the words on the pictures? You are an amazingly talented person, I am so glad to know you!!!

Cody and Sharice said...

Wow. This blog is awesome. Very impressive Kristin! I bet Jarom is thrilled with it!

Brandi said...

Kristen, I am with you on the love of the holiday thing.....Jon's fam wasn't as into that kind of stuff. Lucky him, he married me:) It really does make life so much more fun. And I especailly love Halloween....haha. Love your little dragon and all of your fun pictures. So sweet.

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

I seriously love reading your blogs. I think that it is so fun hearing about all of your daily adventures with Jaxson. I sometimes feel stupid feeling up my blog with just the simple things of my day that I think that other people could care less about. However I love all of your simple moments that you tell that describe your life. I love this time of life so much too!!! You also take the best pictures. I need to invest in a more fancy camera sometime. I already look back on the last year and want to cry about how much Brighten has changed.
I haven't talked to Tai but I think that you said that you would have my Modbe stuff. I'm in Brigham at least once a week. So, let me know and I'd be more than happy to pick it up. It was supper fun being able to see you the other day. We'll need to stay in touch since we live so close:) Take care and keep up the great blogging!

Aaron and Angie said...

Holy cow on the pictures. They are amazing so good job. You are such a fun blogger. I always look forward to reading your blog postings. I love Jaxson's costume. That has got to be the cutest one yet.

Ashley said...

He looks so cute in his costume! You guys are such great photographers, and you're all so photogenic! I'M JEALOUS! I love how you've captured all of these fun little moments in your lives; it goes by so fast, doesn't it!?! Oh, and sorry about all of your bad luck a while ago! I hope things are better for you now!