Thursday, September 4, 2008

Park City...just ME and JAROM:)

Where do I start? Maybe by saying..." I DID IT!" I left my sweet little boy overnight...AND weaned him after 17.5 months!!! Yes, you heard me right. It was SO hard (both of the above mentioned things) yet Greatly Needed:) We are best buds...and being apart from him felt like a piece of me was missing. I had super emotional moments and pretty much couldn't sleep the night before we went to pick him up. Ridiculous...I know. I will get much better at it with time I'm sure! I plan to have little getaways with my hubby much more often now....for practice:) This was the Perfect getaway for us. NOT too long and NOT too far away....but a place we both love.


We had such a relaxing 5 days....and I remembered all the crazy things that I love about my Jarom. I ALSO realized that a lot has changed in the 2.5 years since we last vacationed together without little Jaxson (either in my belly or my arms). We are totally different people....and you can tell we are parents. Everything we did or saw revolved around him in some way. We would constantly turn to eachother and say, "He would love that!"..."We need to bring him here!" and so on. I guess parents are supposed to have such a deep love for their kids...but it was odd for me to recognize JUST HOW different things are....

....Now that Jaxson has joined our little family:)

First off, Jarom took me to a beautiful condo/resort in Park City for Labor Day. We spent 5 days relaxing, eating, swimming, shopping and just enjoying eachother. I loved every minute of it (except for that hour on Saturday when I realized that my kid was totally fine and didn't even have a clue that I had left him with complete strangers). After that quick bawl-session...I was ready for more fun with my hubby. I have WAY TOO MANY hormones since becoming a mother. I am an emotional wreck:)


This was the resort.....The Westgate! It was so beautiful. It had indoor/outdoor pools and hot tubs, sauna, steam room (I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS FEATURE....and jarom wants to build one in our future home now, ha:), spa, restaurants, shops, etc. The rooms were also beautiful and we spent a lot of time enjoying the huge comfy bed and 20 pillows, watching movies and eating ice-cream! Lots of ice-cream.


Friday we toured the Utah Olympic Park.
me and jar

I was so clueless in high school when the Olympics came to Utah. I was so wrapped up in dancing and my super-important life, ha! I remember being chosen to go with a group of kids from my high school to watch the skiing in park city. I turned it down for who knows what reason. I'm an idiot. I kept telling Jarom how cool it would have been to go....maybe because I was so obsessed with watching the Sumer Olympics just barely. Go Phelps!

olympic park

Kids were practicing their technique by sliding down huge ramps with skis/snowboards hooked to their feet and doing back flips and jumps into a giant pool. I wanted to try it SO badly. We settled for the Coaster and Zip-line.


I am super zoomed-in on this picture....but those are our zip-line harnesses coming up to us. I was scared to death. I was just praying that I didn't totally lose it and humilate myself before it was over. I used to LIVE for scary stuff like this....but now I'm the biggest baby ever. I didn't feel bad...because Jarom was totally scared too, I could tell. Ha Ha!

jarom zipline

We rode the ski-lift up the moutain (about 1000+ feet) and then Zip-lined down it. They let us go at the same was so fun...I loved it. We also did the huge Alpine Coaster.

I was all about that one because I could control my own speed. Jarom was at the bottom laughing his butt off at how slow I managed to come down the mountain.




We then hit Cafe Rio, of course. I could NEVER NEVER NEVER get sick of it. Oh-how we missed it while living in Omaha!!! If I wanted to be insanely rich I would move back to Omaha and start one up! They have EVERY restaurant in the world there....expect Cafe Rio. They are totally missing out. We then went swimming, hit the steam room (our nightly ritual) and ate bowl after bowl of rainbow sherbert while we watched movies!


Saturday we went swimming, toured all of the little shops and boutiques on Main Street and Jarom took me to the yummiest restaurant ever. The Westgate grill. It was fun to have a fancy dinner/evening out with my hubby and no screaming baby. I think for our anniversary last year we went to the Olive Garden and ended up getting our food put into To-Go boxes because Jaxson was tired and screaming. FUN...and Super-romantic let me tell ya.

Yep...I got to go with HIM. Yum-o!

He's freaking hilarious...and that is what I love most. We have the exact same sense of humor...which is pretty much why I knew it was a match from that start! When we were walking around the little shops on Main Street he was getting so annoyed. I finally asked what was up and he responded, "People don't like this crap! They pretend they do...because it makes them feel cool and special:) These are freakish little wierd, ridiculously expensive stores that only lame people shop at." Ha ha....I was actually having a great time...but I took that as our que to go. First we made time to stop and laugh our butt off at a FUR covered Jock strap on a manican in a window that was ONLY 9,000.00. What a steal.

We headed to something a little more up our alley...COLD STONE.



I'm already wanting to go back, just looking at this picture! The Westgate grill was soooooo good. It was one of those meals when the waitress asks if your done...(because your plate is completely gone except one teeny-tiny bite)...and your first instinct is to scream at her "NO....put it down"......but you don't. Ha ha....that so happened to me.


Jarom was a good sport...and actually was extremely patient while walking through the outlets on three separate occassions. Shopping used to be more fun for him....because we would get HIM stuff every once in a while. Now that Jaxson is here....Not so much:) I did get one shirt....Jarom nothing. Jaxson, on the other hand....One of everything! A winter coat, camo and orange shoes that I am totally in love with, a halloween costume, etc! robe

Oh-How could I forget the robes!?! Oh----My----Gosh.

I never thought I was a robe person. But...I changed my mind. They had two huge, fluffy white robes waiting in our room and I got my use out of it during those 5 days. I lived in that thing. Last night (three days after returning remember) I got in a bubble bath and stole my mom's big white robe from her closet. My dad found me wrapped up in it on the couch and said, "What is this? Haven't quite snapped out of it yet?"

HA HA HA.....I never wanted to snap out of it.


It was just what we needed after the stressful few months we've had with Jarom's graduation and Bar Exam. We had such a good time that we even booked another weekend there next Summer! Yay.

We were extremely anxious to see our boy! He had the best time ever with my aunt Lana and was totally spoiled rotten. He didn't miss me at all....UNTIL he saw me again that is.

Then he totally freaked out.

He didn't cry once for 5 days....slept perfect, giggled and ran wild. THEN he saw me...suddenly realized I had left him...became completely irrate...and cried the rest of the day. KIND OF RUINED MY EXCITEMENT TO SEE HIM:) Every time I even got close to him he would try to claw me or slap me. HE was SOOO ticked off at was so sad.

The Good News: He must love me too:)


I love you Jarom...and you have permision to take me on another getaway as soon as you'd like.


Kyle and Janel said...

I am happy you got to have a fun getaway with Jarom. Seeing these fun pictures and reading this post makes me totally jealous and I think I am going to start booking a getaway for Kyle and I right now!

The McClellan Family said...

Kristin! I am so sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. It has been a crazy couple of weeks and to top it off Kate sloppered in my phone at the airport and now it has gone crazy and I had to get a new phone so I don't have your number any more - but mine is the same - however my old phone that I had to reactivate only works while charged in my car so if I don't answer leave your number so I can call you back. Park City looked like fun - I don't know if I would have gone down the zip line - I have become a big baby since Kate. Hope to talk with you soon.

Paul & Taylee said...

Ok so the whole get-away looks great but I have to zero in on the Cafe Rio part. I AM OBSESSED TOO. When Paul and I were in Texas last month these were the words that came out of my mouth. "If we did move here I think we should open a Cafe Rio. I just can't live without it." HA! oh man...I'm having it for lunch.

Bryce & Brittany said...

What a fun little vacation!! I'm so glad that you & Jarom were able to get away...Jaxson & all....and just enjoy eachother! You guys needed that! I am extrememly jelous too after seeing all those cute pictures!! I love the white robe! and the zip-line looks way fun too!:) I'm sure you're glad to be back with Jaxson now! Can't wait to see you next weekend!:)

Carin said...

That looks "heavenly!" I need a vacation like that. That is definately the plus side of living close to family. I don't know who I would be able to trust with my child for 5 days. BUT, I am definately looking forward to it ONE day.
I love Cafe Rio too! I have a friend that just sent me the Recipes for their salads, dressings, and sweet pork. SO good, you can't tell the difference! Let me know and I will send them to you. :)
It was great seeing you at Zenock's wedding. Jaxson is even cuter in person!

Suzanne said...

it looks like you guys had so much fun. i wish i could go someplace like that. i was totally picturing you going like 2mph done that coaster. i would be the same way though. anyways, im glad you guys had fun. call me soon!!!

Kelley said...

So fun you got to take a little vacation! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. I LOVE park city, there is tons of nice stuff to do. We are gonna go do our West Gate thing soon. It was good to see you at the fair :)

Maranda said...

YAY for vacations! I am glad you got a a get-away with just the two of you. Joel and I love Park City. It really feels like a vacation even though it's not far away from home. Looks like things are going well for you.

Meghan Smith said...

Yes it is my mom getting married:) you looked so cute and Jaxson is so stinking handsome!! looks like your family is doing so well:)

Pam said...

I am very jealous of your trip because I would pay so much money right now to just sleep 8 hours straight. Glad you got to have a getaway. It was also nice to see you. Jaxson is seriously a very adorable little boy. He is a big kid! And I love his big eyes. Jake was so happy to see your brother:)

allegra said...

i would LOVE to have a getaway like this. how much fun! hey thanks for saying hi! i'm glad you did! too bad our boys can't play...they're almost the exact same age and jaxson is a HUNKY little man. SO so handsome!!!
I think your pictures are great! the photoshoot you did a few posts down was beautiful. what kind of camera do you have? I have a Nikon dD40x. like you though, i still have so much to learn with the dang thing. No, we live in Phoenix now, but only for 3 more months and then we'll move back to Boston:)

Glad to be your bloggin' buddy. What a darling family you have and you are beautiful!
keep up the cute posts.

allegra said...

i meant to say, "like you said though.." not "like you though..." haha

Marshall and Dana said...

Im so jealous! Will you please call Marshall and tell him to take me on this exact vacation. That sounds so relaxing and great!