Wednesday, August 27, 2008

...I LOVE HIM...

Children amaze me. I can't believe how much they can learn and how QUICKLY:) Jaxson has totally lit up my life. I know it's the fact that I'm his mother...but I am totally wrapped around his finger. I love his kisses and squeezes, I love his smile, I love his LOVE for baseball and football, I Love his constant energy! I am left speechless daily at how smart he is and how much he can understand. He is a little sponge....and he makes my life so much more fulfilled and happy:)
I LOVE when he points! He learned to point at things he wanted months ago....and I think it's totally adorable. He knows where EVERYTHING don't even dare to try and hide it! Even if you think he's not looking at the time....hours later he will stand by any particular cupboard or drawer and point at it until you open it and hand over the contents. It amazes me! He points at animals, motorcycle's, trees, cars, BALLS and anything he recognizes!
I LOVE his wonderful relationship with his dad...which is the best part of being a mother and wife! He waits at the door for him to get home from work everyday because he knows it's "playtime" when daddy gets home. Jarom immediately sweeps him up, smothers him in kisses and takes him on a "vroom-vroom" ride (four-wheeler) down the road to see the horses and cows. They then jump on the tramp and play baseball for hours. I think they have also shared a Snowie every single day for two weeks. Blue-Raspberry and Lemon Lime is their favorite.
I LOVE taking him to the park! We have been making it habit to go for an evening walk and take Jaxson to the park. He is getting a little TOO-BRAVE for my liking...but he can climb and go down the slides with the best of ' em. His giggle is to die for.


Ta-DAH! He is no longer afraid of animals....Thank goodness. While visiting Kayla's last week he became much more comfortable with the kitten and practically mauled it to death in the process. He chases it around the house and screams "Kitty Kitty". The other day while we were riding in the car my mom asked him what a kitty said and he replied as clear as day, "MEEEE-OWWW". I was usual. I never take the time to teach him those kind of things.... he just knows.

kitten big
He wasn't AS IN LOVE with the giant turtles at Uncle Nate's house...

but he warmed up!


NOW-the tree swing made-his-day. Again...his giggle is to die for.
He kept trying to kick me in the face (or camera) while he swung back and forth.
He thougth he was SO funny!


This picture is a little out of order....but this is his "vroom-vroom" face. We LOVE it. Anytime he sees or hears a motorcycle he will start screaming "vroom vroom vroom". He get's so into it that his lips pucker out huge! He is a total boy. My dad said that he has never seen a 17 month-old with more testosterone:) yikes. I hope that doesn't mean I'm in for it when he get's older! He MUST go for a motorcylce ride at least twice a day to prevent a meltdown. I have to say....I have learned to love the motorcyle lately too! Everynight after our walk...we put Jaxson to bed and Jarom and I go for a ride around town for 45 minutes to an hour. It is so much fun and totally relaxing:) I'm not sure what we'll do when we move and don't have babysitters, wonderful home-cooked dinners, motorcylces and four-wheelers, etc. I'm trying to take advantage while it lasts!!!


Last night after work Jarom decided to buy Jaxson a T-ball set. Oh boy. I haven't seen him that excited in a while. He totally understood the concept and LOVED every second of it. He has been walking around the house lately holding his bat with both hands and getting into the proper stance----with knees slightly bent and the bat behind his head----and then swinging! Jarom figured we would get an early start and practice T-ball with him during the winter. Maybe he can be the only 2 year old on the team next year.

I remember LOVING t-ball when I was younger!

Who do you think was more excited...Jarom or Jaxson????

t-ball big




I am super behind....but a few weeks ago Uncle Zenock and Shaliese got married. It was a beautiful day and we are so happy for them. We are excited to have another Bishop boy married, for another sister-in-law and new Aunt for Jaxson:)

August 12, 2008

Salt Lake Temple



Whew-Lots of random things to post about!

Well-were off to Park City! I am super excited to spend 5 days with my hubby....but super anxious about being away from my little man. I have not been separated from him for longer than 5-6 hours since the moment he was born. We're both a bit attached to one another you could say. BUT...IT'S TIME.


Oh-I did take him to nursery on Sunday and I wasn't planning on leaving but he turned to me smiled a huge grin, waved good-bye and blew me a kiss. I was in shock. I guess that was my que to leave. WHAT???? I stumbled back to the primary room half in tears to tell Jarom the awful news. He didn't even care. How rude.



Tara and Andrew said...

I can't believe how big and grown-up he is! I guess they really do get big huh? So sad. He's so darling. we really should get together one of these days. We will be there for Peach Days! We should do lunch or something. Let me know!

The Christensens said...

I love reading your posts, they are so fun, and you little guy is so freakin cute!!!!! But just wait tell you take them to kindergarten and 2nd grade and they just wave goodbye, and you walk away crying cause you realize, they don't need you like you used to!!It's so sad that they have to grow up.....They are so fun at the age your little guy is at.. just eat up every moment of it cause it goes by to fast:(

Bryce & Brittany said...

I love all those cute pictures of Jaxson!! My favorites were the "vroom, vroom" picture and because you know how much I love cats, the one with him holding Kayla's kitty. How cute is your little man?? He is getting so big! I think it might be about time to give him a sibling!;)

Jessica Davis said...

So super cute! Lots of fun pictures of Jaxon. He is growing up so fast!

Brownies said...

Hey soooo Cute, how are you? I love the picts are you loving your cs3, it looks like your getting sooo good. I need to call you I am still thinking about getting it.

Tanya said...

I love your posts! Your pictures are darling! The turtle picture is so cute--you guys have one handsome little guy :)