Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scaredy Cat & "I know".....

Things are still crazy at our house! I am really excited for school to start tomorrow. I think life will slow down a bit and I LOVE a reason to start new and establish a routine:) I felt left out that everyone around me was heading back to I decided to do the same!!! I will start Real Estate Schooling in the next week or so....Wahoo. I have always wanted to do I figured the time will pass whether I learn something or not:) I loved going to College and although I was excited to graduate...I have missed the challenge of learning something new. I think this will be a good challenge for the next couple of months. I'm giving myself until Thanksgiving to finish schooling and pass the State Test. We'll see.


I am kind of behind on blogging....but the computer with all my pictures is in my bedroom. My bedroom is also currently JAXSON'S bedroom for the during naptime and nightime (my usual blogging times) it's off limits:) Oh-well.



I shot this video footage of my little stinker a few weeks ago. It was hilarous...not in a cruel, I'm a terrible mother kind of a way....BUT.....well, you'll just have to watch..

THE STORY: Last Christmas I got Jaxson a cute little Spiderman toy. He hasn't paid much attention to it since. It was darling...and if you pressed it's foot it would dance and sing several songs including "the itsy bitsy spider". He has recently became old enough to take interest in all of those toys he got for I got it out. Keep in mind that in the few weeks previous to this I noticed that he was terrified of animals. My sister got a kitten and he wouldn't let it NEAR him. He would absolutely freak. Anyhow....I had no idea that the Spiderman would provoke the same reaction. He was terrified! Don't think I'm a mean mom -k-


He is still terrified of it WEEKS later. He knows exactly where it is at all times....and for days after this video wouldn't go in the bedroom. Don't worry I hid it in the bottom of his toy box. We'll try again in a few months:)

The funny thing is HE LOVED it on Christmas Day and the weeks following:)



Jaxson is being so funny lately. We can't get enough of his new ability to mimick everything we do and his vocabulary has exploded's crazy. He learns new words every single day. We have to be careful because he will repeat whatever we say and DO.

Although totally adorable to us, we might be in trouble!

Living at Grandma's house...surrounded by aunt's, uncles and both sets of grandparent's constantly.... Jaxson naturally gets a lot of attention. This can be BOTH good and bad. For example, he get's fed a lot of Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke...popcorn and licorice. I hate that part. However, he get's countless hugs, kisses and words of affection. I love that part! He get's told "I love you", "you're so cute", "you're smart!" so many times a day by my family...AND he has started to respond in the most bizarre way:) I have no idea where he learned it....but anytime you tell him one of those things he looks right at you, smiles a huge grin and says as clear as day "I know!" I about died the first time I heard it. It has progressed and for over a week now he clearly responds to any compliment as "I know" and then runs on his way.

ME: "Jaxson, Mommy loves you!"

JAXSON: "I know"

GRANDMA: "You are just so cute"

JAXSON: "I know"


I guess there's nothing wrong with building your child's self-esteem.

Another funny example! I was putting away laundry yesterday and I closed the bottom dresser drawer using my foot. I didn't realize he was being so observant....but, Jaxson spent the entire morning today opening the dresser drawers and then practicing to close them with his foot. He is Hilarous!



Other than chasing my little monkey...I have been reading Breaking Dawn, which I just finished. SO GOOD:) I have also started and finished a darling baby book for Jaxson. I was at my friend Chelsea's a few weeks ago and I was looking through a baby book she kept while she was pregnant. I kept a journal but never filled out an official pregnancy book. Anyhow, I loved looking through I ordered a couple that match (one for each of my kids...) and I've spent the last couple of nights working on it. IT'S amazing, even to me, all the details I can remember. I know they can come in many differnet versions...but the one's I ordered take you through your childs entire first year. I HAVE LOVED IT. It was the best experience for me to take time to reflect on his early days and weeks. It walked me through his first night, first foods, first b-day, first christmas, feelings during pregnancy, etc. It even had a place for me and Jarom to each write him a letter for the future. It has been a wonderful project...and I'm excited to have one for each of my kids. Each book also came with a matching treasure box to keep things like their hospital bracelet, locks of hair, etc. There are even places for pictures of all of there "FIRSTS" throughout the book. Anyhow, I recommend it. SO FUN.


I had a really great day with my hubby yesterday. We were able to take three children, that we had never met, back-to-school shopping. I felt so good that I could "try" to impact these children's lives in a good way. Their mother passed away on Christmas Day a few years ago....and they have had a rough start in life, I guess you could say. I made Jarom come along....and I set off for what was a pretty grueling day of hard work:) Did I say I was excited for back to school shopping when I had kids???? I lied. Just kidding. It was a challenge to find socks, shoes, underwear, training bras :), jeans, shirts, backpacks, supplies and the WHOLE bit all in one day. I was exhausted....and amazed at how opinionated a 12, 14 AND 16 year old can be! After much persuasion and "force" according to the 16 year old boy...I found them some things that will help them feel confident and be successful!

--------Oh how good I felt afterward though--------


Well, off to re-start "THE HOST". I have read the first 2 chapters a few times and have no clue. I am too dumb I guess. I've heard it's my goal is to read it this week! Oh-SWAT just started on Spike...I guess I'll be watching that instead. I love that movie:)


ONLY 4 days until me and my hubby head off ALONE, child-less, for the VERY first time in 18 months! Jarom got us a beautiful condo at a resort in Park City for Labor Day. Hot Tub, Zip-Line, Spa, Shopping, FOOD FOOD I come:)



Sharida said...

That video is just hilarious!! Your pretty good, I would have been busting up laughing!! lol It's so funny what kids are scared of and how they react to things.

About "The Host" takes to about chapter 6 to figure out whats going on and get hooked. But I loved it!!

Lindsey said...

Your little boy is so darn cute. Where did you order your cute baby books from? I would like to see what they look like. When we get all moved into our house I will let you know and we could get together.

Maranda & Joel said...

I cannot believe how scared Jaxson is of spiderman. That just made my day! I made Joel watch it when he got home and we both sat there and laughed. Where do you find that baby book you talked about. I would love to start something like that. Have I mentioned how much we miss having you guys out here.....and how much I miss the location of Ontario Place? I hate that every place we like to go seems so much farther away. Good luck with your new interest in real estate.

Paul & Taylee said...

Oh my goodness...ha-ha-ha. I nearly died when I watched Jaxon's video. I will do the same thing to my children! HA! Too funny :)

So glad to see your doing well!

Bryce & Brittany said... when in the world did you decide to go to Real Estate school?? You always have to have a project or something to do don't you?:) You should just relax a me.:) Oh, I can't believe that video of Jaxson freaking out about Spider man! He looks absolutely terrified! I'm glad to hear that you finished reading Breaking Dawn. It was so good huh? Let me know when you finish The Host and tell me how you liked it. Have a super fun weekend in Park City with Jarom! I am moving home to my husband this weekend! Yay!!

Allyson said...

Congrats on going Back to School! After dealing with 500 Realtors lately and looking at 500 homes, I must say I am exhausted beyond belief. But, I think you will make a GREAT agent. I'm sure a lot of people will come to you--it's hard to find a good one. And that video is hysterical!