Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holy Cow!

Wow...I have been busy!!! The last week of my life has been nuts, for real. It seems that we have been running from one thing to the next:) I love and hate weeks like that. I am currently sitting at my sister's house in Provo and will be for the next few days....
Friday & Saturday August 8, 9 : I had a booth at the Weber County Fair for Modbe all day on Friday and Saturday. FUN....but exhausting and one of those all-weekend long projects. Met a lot of nice people...with and without all of their teeth:)
Sunday August 10th: I woke up early and baked all morning for my brother-in-law's mission farewell. He did a wonderful job speaking and is off to the MTC!
Monday August 11th: Frantically tried to find jaxson Church shoes to fit his fat feet for the upcoming wedding. Ran errands, ironed dress clothes.....Bad and Busy day!
Tuesday August 12th: Zenock and Shaliese's wedding! She looked beautiful. It was a great day BUT also a LONG day with a little toddler. Especially because we drug him to the Temple early that morning. We then had a luncheon...and a reception. The reception was outside and I am not exaggerating ONE BIT when I say I got over 100 mosquitoe bites on my legs. It sucked.
Wednesday August 13th: Jashon was taken to the MTC and later that afternoon me and my mom rented a steamer and spent the rest of the day removing hideous floral wallpaper from her laundry room and half-bathroom walls! We can't wait to re-model and re-decorate. It is time.
Thursday August 14th: This was better day because my mom and I spent the entire day in SLC at the Utah Home Show. It was amazing. We toured beautiful beautiful beautiful houses and took thousands of pictures to get ideas of what we want in our own homes. My favorite was this 3 million home....tube slide from 2nd floor to full-size basketball court....master bath and closet that could house my entire family...you get the idea. IT WAS AWESOME. I kept saying to everyone who walked in the door behind us...."your going to die". It was crazy. We then hit Ikea because I had never been. Not that impressed. Great buys for sure....but I felt trapped in a maze of cheap stuff I couldn't get out of. I did leave with a few great finds though.
Friday August 15th: Didn't even get to shower this day....becauase my mom and I spent 15 hours straight cleaning and organizing and prepping the laundry room for it's renovation! Can I just say that I LOVE to organize things in to drawer separaters and rubber made bins. I wish I could do it for a living. As we were going through old pictures and certificates from all of us kids we found one for me from the 2nd grade, it read " the helping people get organized award!" My mom laughed for 20 minutes at me. I also found a great letter that my dad had written when he was 5 to his mother. It said, "mother...you have such beautiful hair, AND BEAUITFUL LEGS. Love chris". He hasn't changed a bit. That is so my dad for you.
Saturday August 16th: I was exhausted but still alive. Jarom and I went touring houses and looking at lots AGAIN for the entire day. It was overwhelming but a blast at the same time. I can easily find an inside that I like...but the outside, without fail, always looks like someone threw-up on it. HIDEOUS! Then vice-versa. What is wrong with people who design some of these places. Shared a snowie with my husband and baby, went to Cafe Rio....watched Phelps win 8 golds.
Sunday August 17th: Taught primary, planned 4 more upcoming TRIPS with my family...camping, park city, another venture to lake powell...the DEER HUNT...heaven help me survive that one.
Monday August 18th: Headed to Provo bright and early to shop all day with my mom and sister. STILL here at her home....vegging out. Sharing bowls of cookie dough ice-cream, painting our toes and watching movies.
TODAY: Writing a talk for sacrament this week. It's me and Jarom's turn AGAIN! It is so unfair when you move a lot....you have to speak so much more often.


Suzanne said...

OMG you've had a busy couple of weeks! that totally cracks me up that you got the "organize" award in second grade. i remember when someone was subbing for you at school and they moved one of your books or your stapler you would go nuts! LOL! I haven't been too busy but i've been dealing with a sick baby all week long. i just updated my blog finally!! miss you!

The McClellan Family said...

Wow. I was laughing when you said you couldn't find shoes to fid Jaxson's fat feet - Kate has little chubby piggies also! Kristin, I want to talk to you about something I believe you will be VERY interested in. Please email me mosskrista@gmail.com or call me 801-367-5211. Hope everything is going well.

Aaron and Angie Olson said...

My gosh what an amazing and crazy week you had. However you do make me miss Utah and Salt Lake. I love that you found an old letter from your dad. That would be a fun find. I hope you have better luck on house hunting. I have to say that I can't wait to be in a house one day. I am deathly sick of apartments now. This week should be dedicated to relaxing, but that's probably not possible. Angie

Bryce & Brittany said...

I knew you were going to be SUPER busy these past few weeks and I've been wanting to call you but didn't want to be a bother. I'm glad you survived!! I'm not sure I would have!:) I can't wait to hear all about the houses you've been looking at and get more details on the wedding & such so give me a call when you get a chance.:)

allyson said...

Thank YOU for that comment! I bawled, of course. But you truly gave me a boost today...I am getting ready and going to go find something to make this move exciting. I love that you wrote about the fight thing...because it has already happened...and I WAS too scared to leave or go anywhere.:) I swear this is so hard! But I wiped a little tear away when you said, "change some lives out there k?" You were an answer to prayers this morning...thanks:)

Sharida said...

Hey Kristin, I found your blog! YEAH!! You have been a very busy women! I hope you found shoes for jaxson. The Modbe booth was great, Thanks so much for helping!! I can't wait for the Fall Event and seeing the new Fall Line, I'm so stoked! You have got the cutest little Family and that Jaxson is just to die for!