Tuesday, September 9, 2008

...pEaCh DaYs wEeKeNd...

Let me start out by saying that I hate today:) I hated yesterday too. Does that sound terribly onery of me??? Life sometimes calls for days in which you do NOTHING but sit on the couch, single handedly consume an entire bag of peanut butter m&m's, blog and watch Cold Case Files. Of course, that includes feeling totally sorry for myself and letting my child run around with a stinky butt, no clothing and eating an entire jar of candy corns for breakfast.
I SUCK! Do anyone of you have days like this? Please someone tell me you do!?!
Ok...Moving on to something positive! I LOVE Peach days. Moving away for 3 years made me love it and miss it even more. I love watching the crazy people that crawl out of "who knows where" to attend things such as carnivals. It definitely was more fun now that I have Jaxson.
We started out by watching Jarom play in the Peach Days Softball Tournament.
As mentioned a million times before, Jaxson LOVES baseball....so he was ecstatic.
softball game

He acts just like a Big Boy. He has a little mitt and he carries it everywhere. He either tucks it under his arm like a football or places his hand in it just like Jarom does and throws the ball into it over and over.


Cheering daddy on....

He also found a cute little girl to play catch with. They threw the ball back and forth for over and hour. He was in HEAVEN.


Our favorite new thing: ... is what we refer to it as "THE STANCE". I should get it on video...because it is the BEST when he is batting or practicing his Swing...but you kind of get the idea from this picture. He sqauts and grunts and the whole bit!!! Priceless. He's getting really coordinated and even more interested in sports.

For example: HE HAS NEVER EVER been interested in watching TV. He hates it and refuses to even acknowledge that it's on...UNLESS it's sports. He screams and points at the TV... "BALL...BALL...BALL".

Cute...but definitely getting old:)


Saturday Morning we headed to the annual parade. Jarom was in yet another game so he didn't join us til later.

mom and jax parade

Watching the "vroom-vroom's".

He is also obsessed with motorcylces and cars....so a parade was right up his alley.

jarom and jax


He watched so intently and LOVED gathering up the candy. Of course, there are always those kiddos that jump in front and still it from the little guys.

I tried my best to refrain from hurting any of them. It just amazes me that their parents sit and watch them do it...laughing the whole time. Idiots.


Love this picture.

Jaxson was given several balloons throughout the parade. He LOVES them...ONLY because he thinks they are balls. HE grabs them and tries to throw them...and will FREAK if you try and tie it to his wrist, belt buckle or person:)

family carousel

We took Jaxson to his very first Carnival (and Jarom forgot my camera). Long story...about killed him...you can imagine. ANYHOW...I used Kayla's and at least captured a few moments of Jaxson enjoying the ONLY ride that didn't traumatize him...THE CAROUSEL.

carnival food

He also enjoyed some greasy carnival food! He LOVED it.


We attempted MANY times to place him on all the kiddy rides...but he would freak and jump off as quick as we put him in. I made Jarom be the person who waited in line...tried to coax Jaxson onto the ride, then having failed...have to ask the attendant for the tickets back. HEE HEE!


Needless to say, we did the carousel quite a few times! He absolutely loved it. I'm not sure if it was the horse, the fact that we were on it with him, or that my entire family of 8 adults were standing on the side waving and snapping pictures of him (he loves the attention). It's honestly like none of us have seen a kid on a carousel before. I should have taken a picture of them!

jax train

I thought I'd throw in a quick one to break your heart.

This is my son, strapped onto a train (the caboose) WITH giant clowns hooked to it, WITH a ton of strangers, bawling his eyes out. He was screaming "mama"..."dada"...the whole time. It was awful. I could barely watch. At one point his little hand stuck out the window on the back of the caboose and he was reaching for me and screaming my name. All of this in the name of fun....

jax and dad carousel

Don't worry!

We took him on the carousel AGAIN to make up for being such awful parents.

bumping knucks

He had to give you a high five or bump knucks with my brother as he went around. He was laughing and laughing and totally proud of himself.

mom and sister

.....Me, Kayla, Mom.....

All of us thoroughly enjoy taking Jaxson places, watching him experience them, and then documenting it with a million pictures.


All in all it was a pretty good weekend. We were busy and tired by the end of it...but it was great to run into so many people I haven't seen in forever!


I have much blogging to catch up on....so we'll see if I decide to get up off the couch and shower....or post another! My M&M's are almost gone...so I definitely need to run upstairs and find another sympathy food to take my stress out on.


Bryce & Brittany said...

Don't worry, everyone has days like that. I told you about my day yesterday....just a slight meltdown but today's better!:) I can just imagine you, Jarom & your whole family standing around the fence to the carousel ooing & ahhing over Jaxson! I love it! He is not going to know what to do when another grandkid comes in the picture!:)

Chelsea said...

how fun:) I am laughing because those kids running out in front of jax to get the candy were probably my nieces and nephews and the idiots my sisters and brother...seeming that we sit next to each other every year:) ha ha!

Erin said...

Just so you know I totally ate an entire bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms between last night and this morning for breakfast. At least you can eat a whole bag and it doesn't show up in your hips the next day! And don't think you are the only person who lets their kids run around in dirty diapers and no clothes on every once in a while. My kids are naked ALL THE TIME and I'm usually throwing a pity party for myself about not having any money, being overweight, lonely, bored, whatever it is I'm feeling probably at least once a week. Everyone is entitled to be Honery sometimes and shouldn't have to feel guilty for it. I actually just blogged about me being honery and about to snap at my kids just the other day, it felt better to let it out even if it was just to a computer.

I hope the rest of your week is better.

Jaxson is so cute! And you, kayla, and your mom are all so beautiful!


Chelsea said...

I am totally kidding:) of course I wouldn't think you would write that about them...just a joke. i'll be home sunday night

Jamie said...

Such cute pictures! Jaxson is really the cutest little thing! I love how much he loves baseball!

The Christensens said...

Oh I have days like that, and I don't think you are normal unless you do!!! And Gunner is the same way about Tv, he hates it, but the second Paul has sports on and then he tunes in (everything is football) And I must say those pictures of you 3 on the carousel are so precious!!! yOU have such a cute family!!!