Sunday, August 3, 2008

Train Station

Big Yellow wall
Wow! That just took me WAY too long. Thank you Jessica Kettle for instructions on how to GO BIG! I love love love the big's just too bad I'm not more technically capable...because it just took the whole afternoon:)
We had a wonderful weekend! Jarom FINALLY finished the Bar Exam and our lives can officially begin. Hallelujah:) I am so proud of him and grateful that he did it and I DIDN'T have to.
We spent the day Friday hanging out together...went and saw Batman (holy crap I'm still freaked out...I am the biggest baby ever) and went to dinner. Saturday we went to lunch and took Jaxson to the Train Station to see all the big Trains. He is a bit obsessed lately with ANYTHING that MOVES and makes a lot of noise...MUST be a boy thing. Everytime he sees a four wheeler, motorcylce, car or TRAIN he goes "vroom vroom vroom"! I love it for the most part...but I have spent many hours driving him around my lawn or in circles around the house on the four wheeler! He is such a boy...
and we are loving this crazy, full of energy little 16 month old!

big throwing rocks

big smile on tracks

big grinning
He has such a contagious little laugh...and we seem to get stopped wherever we go because of it. He definitely gets noticed and has picked up some pretty "LOUD" habits....such as screaming at a higher pitch than I ever thought possible.
It's wonderful during sacrament...I love it. ha!
big serious face
I love this one....he was giving me such a serious little look.
Big black train
He loved getting to climb up onto all the big trains...and explore.
I'm just glad we left there in one piece. NEVER take your child there alone...becuase it took both Jarom and I to keep him from killing himself. I'm glad to report we only got into ONE fight and only about 3 cuss words were used. NO it was a success.
Things got ugly for a minute while Jaxson was so cutely posed on this old rustic brown train and got up and decided to start running.....while he was oh,.... only 8 feet in the air and Jarom could no longer reach him. HE SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF US! I thought Jarom was going to strangle me....and all of that for a cute photo:)

big close up

You can see how hard he laughs....he gives himself a double chin and all!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Tegan said...

O my he is so so cute!! He looks so grown up. I hope you guys are having fun living back in Utah. I will have to let you know when we are there visiting and maybe we can get together!

The Wells Family said...

Holy Crap he is growing up! He looks like 2 years older than he was last week in these pics. What a doll. Boys are too much fun and you will learn more about trucks, tractors, etc. than you ever thought possible!

I do love his laugh. Every once in a while I will scan back on your blog to posts where you have him laughing just so I can laugh myself. It really is the cutest laugh around.

Kelley said...

LOVE these pictures Kris!!! such a cute little man

Bryce & Brittany said...

Those are some really good pictures!! Jaxson is such a little stud and I'm so glad I was able to see you guys for a few hours on Thursday! I'm so glad that our husbands are done with the Barr and I hope they don't ever have to take it again!! Life can now begin!:)

Toyn Family said...

Great pictures! Jaxson is so cute! i just love his smile. I am going to come over and have you teach me photo shop! k?

Suzanne said...

how cute are these pictures! he is getting so big. can you believe that he was only 4 months old and jonathan was 9 months old when i started school and we met? now Jaxson is 16 months and jonathan is 22 months! too crazy! call me soon, we miss you guys!

Jamie said...

WOW those pictures are adorable! He is turning into a little blondie! He is getting so big!! My boys are kind of obsessed with trains, boys are so fun right?!

Jessica Kettle said...

what a cutie, great job with the pics! So when/where are you guys moving (hopefully to Farmington!!)? Let me know if you need a stud of a realtor (aka my hubby). hehe!