Monday, August 4, 2008

my nEw ToY...

.......last week I was super bored during one of Jaxson's afternoon naps. Which is usually the case. I had spent every single day that week roasting outside in the 100 degree heat while I patiently watched him repeatedly throw baseketballs at his hoop, draw circles on the cement with sidewalk chalk, and throw shovels full of sand from his sandbox at me. (most likely a very similar situation to most of you mothers out there:)
I was tired of being outside...but even more tired of hearing him cry and point at the door BEGGING to get out! I set out to the Dollar Tree during his nap to find some fun things to fill his afternoon...I came home with some junky little gun that seemed to make him happy. AFTER 20 minutes of sitting on the grass (yet again ROASTING) and loading the gun with balls over and over........
I decided right then and there that I would buy Jaxson an OUTSIDE TOY that I could enjoy as well.....
(I was like a kid on christmas!)

Jaxson LOVES it! .... ( so do I)
I'm not sure of many 16 month olds that have a full size 15 foot don't think I'm an irresponsible mother, ok?!?...I watch him VERY carefully so he doesn't break a limb......and ONLY SOMETIMES do I zip him in there like a "small prison" and fully enjoy my afternoon, from a distance, in the shade...watching him bounce around like a little bunny! HA HA HA!

face in net
His favorite thing to do is run up to the net.... and and give me kisses through it!
I can't complain:)
mom and jax2

Jarom just laughs at me and rolls his eyes! I guess he's used to my Strange and very Spontaneous ways sometimes:) Only about 2 hours after I had my thought...I came pulling up to the house with the huge thing loaded in my dad's truck!
Lucky for him...he spent the rest of his evening putting it up for us instead of studying for his Bar Exam:)
We love you DAD:)
p.s. I will be the first one to admit I have issues when it comes to organizing and such! I am crazy!!! But, I MUST SAY....that today I spent over an hour on the school supplies isle at Walmart and it was Complete Heaven for me. Hee Hee. I am psycho.....but OH, was it fun. I bought Jaxson crayons and a blue pencil box, amongst other things he won't be capable of using for about 3 more years! I was SO SO close to buying him a baseball shaped lunchbox...but I feared Jarom's reaction to my craziness:) Plus, I don't want to rush his little life...I'm sure there will be PLENTY of years in which I will take my kids "back to school" shopping....AND OH WILL I BE READY AND EXCITED:) :)
that's all


Brady & Tanya said...

Exciting! Maci would love it if I brought home a tramp--she loves them! Those pictures are adorable!

Suzanne said...

do you realize how jealous i am that you have one of those. i would totally go crazy on that thing. i'd be pushing jonathan out of the way just so i could jump!

The Wells Family said...

Don't worry....even little ones can enjoy drawing and coloring. My mom bought Bobby a little John Deere lunch box while she was babysitting him and it fits all of his collectable tractors just perfectly inside. See a school thing...CAN be usable at any age. :)

Love the mom just got one this past summer and ME and ROB had to put it up. What a pain. We opted to NOT be the ones to put it down :) Glad Jax loves it.

Robert said...

How fun! I seriously loved having a trampoline when I was a kid! I'm sure my mom loved it too! Many hours of entertainment. I've been wanting to get a hold of you too, but wasn't sure of your number. Anyhow, thanks for the info on Modbe. I put an order in. So hopefully everything will fit! {always hate that part :)}

Rachael said...

Wow those pictures are awesome. Good for you. Did you take those? I totally know what you mean about the kids wanting to be outside when it is SUPER HOT. way to go mom

Bryce & Brittany said...

You crack me up!!! Gosh, I miss being able to hang out with you all the time and enjoy your craziness!:) I think it's awesome that you bought Jaxson the trampoline! He loves it! I wasn't aware of how much you loved it as well though unitl I read this post. You left that part out when I was visiting!:) I'm glad you didn't decide to prepare for Jaxson's 1st day of school in the back-to-school isle. I think Jarom would have had an annuerism....and then of coarse recovered quickly because of how well he knows you and your organized craziness.:)

The Christensens said...

You are so funny, I seriously love reading your blog. And don't feel bad cause I bought my kids tramp when cambria just turned 1 and they still love it, it definatly is one of the best investments you can make :) it never gets old, at any age .... but I totally know what you mean about not wanting to hear him cry to go outside. My youngest just stands at the door and knocks on it when the older ones go out. It is so sad.:(

Allyson said...

Oh! It's been forever since I looked at your blog! Jaxson is growing and is cuter than EVER. THOSE pictures are adorable...and I keep telling you this, but I so want a boy ever since I've seen your amazing style with him.:) Fun trampoline net...and amazing mama! Keep it up!

Kelley said...

I am so jealous! I want one of these so bad for my kids...they would go crazy. It was so good to finally meet you at the fair.