Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I just wanted to let everyone know that Modbe is having a HUGE blowout sale this week! They are trying to get ready for the NEW Fall line that will be launched on Sept. 6th so everything that's left is being sold at Great Prices! Stuff is going fast.
Anyhow, Check out my website:
I put a link on the top of my BLOG:)
All the swimsuits are on sale for 24.99-34.99 which is the lowest yet this season:)
Shirts are on sale for 4.99 and the cutest skirts for 16.00 bucks!
If you checkout it will ask for a party number.
Enter Party #157 and CALL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS!
Also-if anyone wants to schedule a party for the Fall stuff e-mail me as well. They are coming out with TONS of new jeans and I'm excited to see what else!


tai and joe said...

Hey, I sent you an email about the party. I was thinking sometime after peach days! Monday's are best for me, would that work for you?

Bryce & Brittany said...

I'm excited for the fall line! I wish I hadn't spent so much at the mall then I might have been able to afford to order a few things. Bryce is going to kill me!!:)