Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Luck Jarom!

Dear Jarom and (dad),
Thanks SO much for spending the past few months locked in the basement knee-deep in papers and books while we played outside and ate Popsicles:) Thanks SO much for reading thousands of court cases and books...and listening to hours upon hours of boring lectures on criminal evidence stuff while we watched movies and played in the sandbox:) Thanks SO much for always doing it with a smile and NEVER complaining even once! Thanks SO much for taking time out to be with us each day even though you have been "permanently nauseated" at the thought of taking the Bar Exam. Thanks SO much for doing it all for us and for being a great husband and Father:) WE LOVE YOU and wish you Luck tomorrow.
*** You're in our prayers ***
Jarom tested for 8 hours straight today and is going back to Salt Lake City for another 8 hours of testing tomorrow! Then we get the luxury of dragging this SCHOOLING thing out even longer by waiting and (studying some more....aaaghhh!) until August 8th in which Jarom will take the Ethics portion of the Bar Exam. After which, we wait 8 LONG WEEKS to find out if he passed. If he did....we then go through the process of becoming a licensed attorney.
Holy Crap that takes a long time...and a whole lot of work.
Thanks again to my wonderful hubby for working so hard
and congrats to him for achieving his goal and dream:)
We love you:)


The Pettingills said...

Good luck Jarom!! And I saw you guys this last weekend outside walking on 800 W. I was at my parents for the weekend. I thought of stopping to say hi but obviously I didn't follow through. You guys look like you are doing well and it was good to at least see you for two seconds. I haven't seen you since Caleb was born over 3 years ago.

Rachael said...

Yaeh! That is exhausting just reading all that he has to do. And what a great tribute you did to your dear husband. I know how you feel, So lucky and almost guilty for enjoying the day, knowing that they are at work and doing the schooling thing.

Brady & Tanya said...

WOW! That is a ton of hard work-Good Luck! That was a darling post :) I had a ton of fun at the pool-it was great to see you again!

Suzanne said...

good luck jarom. i know you'll do great and pass with flying colors!

Bryce & Brittany said...

It's nearly over!!! Hallelujuah!!!