Monday, July 21, 2008


...I never wanted to leave!!!
Until, of course, I remembered that I had been showering in Lake water for the better part of a week AND using a porta-potty:) Even with those two "MINOR" details...Lake Powell is one of my very favorite vacations ever. All those who haven't been to Lake Powell....MUST MUST MUST GO. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth and for those who love water skiing/'s the perfect spot. Jarom and I plan to buy a boat one of these years and make it a tradition for our kids. Every summer....pack up and spend a week on the Lake.
It's the best.
For all my students back in Omaha...I talked about Lake Powell a lot. This picture gives you a small idea of how beautiful it is. The Lake is over 130 miles long....and surrounded by 1000 foot red rock cliffs. Not to mention anywhere from 104-115 degrees day and night:) The water is super WARM and well.....I already want to go back.
I just uploaded 20 plus pictures...whoops. I tried to narrow them I promise....but taking an adventure like this with a baby presented WAY too many photo opportunities.
My Boys....
Once again...Jaxson was an angel and proved just how easy going and happy he naturally is.
We were a little worried about a 1 year old surviving the extreme heat without any relief (even at night) for a whole week. I also worried, as any mother would, about dehydration....heat exhaustion....not getting enough fluids....not being able to sleep on the top of a huge houseboat with 30 other people, a small thing called DROWNING...AND that's just to name a few!
You would have thought we never left home...for as perfectly as he acted. He even cut all four molars during the experience and didn't even shed a tear. He laughed....splashed...played....ate WAY TOO MUCH junk....drank almost 8 capri-suns a day AT LEAST...and got the cutest little farmers tan on earth. I can't wait to take him again:)

Chococolate Chip Cookies....ummmm.....

We spent LOTS of time in the water...since it was the ONLY relief from the Heat! Jaxson loved splashing and playing and has become obsessed with giving high fives. All 9 adults who went with us CATERED to his every want....and spent LOTS of time each day throwing around beach balls and high-fiving with him!

He is also becoming quite the little swimmer. If I tell him to kick his legs....he will kick them through the water, back and forth, as fast as he can. It is hilarious.
He'll be quite the little fish I'm sure.
I love this little squirt. He makes every day so much more fun.
A LOT harder....but still more fun.
Drinking his 50th capri-sun.
If he even SEE'S one he will scream until he gets his own. Nobody could drink one in front of him after he had reached his limit for the day. I tried to put a limit on how many he could have...but once he tasted one....water wasn't too appealing anymore. He would refuse to drink anything until I gave him one. He would grin from ear to ear when I gave in and took one out of the cooler.
Not only was he an angel....but he never even missed ONE nap. He took a nap every afternoon...whether we were riding around on the bumpy boat or on a noisy housboat with no
air conditioner and 30 other people. He would cuddle up to his dad and take a nap as we toured all the pretty canyons.
Jarom and I got to spend an hour each evening riding the waverunners around and spending some much needed quality time together....
The girls: Ryan's friend Michelle, Kayla, Mom, and Me.
I wasn't kidding when I said that Jaxson ate TONS of junk! He was the only baby/child with all adults and teenagers so he was spoiled and lured in by LOTS of candy. I lost all control about 5 minutes into the trip....and just let him eat whatever. He did perfectly fine!
He definitely is MY son....I LOVE OREO'S.
....and I eat them the very same MUST ALWAYS Lick the center first!
He had fun driving the houseboat....
He was a good sport about the life jacket...that looked incredibly uncomfortable!

It was so much fun getting to go with EVERYBODY this year. Last year we stayed home because Jaxson was a newborn....and Ryan was unable to go because he was on a Mission. This year we all were home....and it was the best trip in Years.
Ryan is a nerd...and is always doing funny things. He was tying an anchor to the boat and fell in. We were all sitting up on this huge rock and he started quoting "Zoolander" with Jarom. This is his "MER-MAN" pose. I was laughing so hard. I got several!
Note his FoHawk....which took an entire can of mousse to create.
My brother-in-law Nate is pretty funny too. He is a lot of fun. We always goof off and have some pretty interesting conversations when we're all together!
Kayla and Jaxson. She keeps falling more and more in love with him!
I love that they have a close bond. Jaxson recognizes her and loves to be with her.
The poor kid can sleep through anything! Great for me....but I felt so bad watching him sweat like that! Check out his was soaked!

Every day I am reminded how big he is getting. He is only 16 months old....and as we were packing lunches for our day of touring the lake I decided to pack him a sandwich too....thinking he would eat the bread or cheese. He never failes to surprise me!!! He took the entire sandwich out of the ziplock and ate the whole thing just like me and his dad.
Didn't stop til it was gone!
What a goofball.

~My Family~
Lake Powell
July 2008
Thanks Mom and Dad for ANOTHER wonderful vacation.
I know it was a huge effort and considering that gas cost $6.50 a gallon on the Lake....I feel really lucky that they took us and spent 5 days straight letting us have a blast together.
Lake Powell RULES:)


Tara and Andrew said...

Soooo jealous! I absolutely love that vacation and would rather go there than anywhere else. Looks like you guys had a blast! I would be a nervous wreck with a are so brave:)Love the pics!

Bryce & Brittany said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! What a fun trip!!! I have 2 main things to say....#1- When you & Jarom buy a boat one day you have to invite Bryce & I to go to Lake Powell with you!!:) and #2- Jaxson is getting sooooo dang big!! I can't wait to see him next week. I am serisously amazed that he ate that whole sandwich just like a big boy!! It makes me sad though because I used to be able to watch him grow up and now I just get to see it in pictures.:( Anyway...I'm glad you guys had sooo much fun!! Can't wait to see you next week!

The McClellan Family said...

It looks like you had so much fun. I have been to Lake Powell twice and I am ready to go back any day now. Jaxson is looking so much older! He is losing his babiness! He is adorable.

Kelley said...

Looks like you guys had SO MUCH fun...I am uber jealous. I have NEVER been to Lake Powell, but not after seeing all your pictures I REALLY want to go.

ps. You & Chelsie should stop by and see my now that you are in Utah :)

Kyle and Janel said...

I love family vacations and Lake Powell is the best place ever!! Jason is adorable. I love all the pictures! So cute!

Jamie said...

I LOVE all the pictures! I am jelous, maybe one day I will get to go to Lake Powell. It looks so beautiful and so much fun! I love the pictures of Jaxson playing with chalk! Cutest little colorful feet!

Jessica Kettle said...

how fun! had to comment because YET AGAIN our boys have the same clothes. Max wore that same navy/white rash guard top! haha!

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