Monday, July 21, 2008

...mOrE SuMmEr FuN....

What is summer without Otterpops? Jaxson enjoys one (or two:) a day and I don't mind one little bit...if it means I get one too. Those things are good:) I'm addicted to the blue ones.
Similar to the rest of you...we have been keeping PLENTY BUSY this summer!!! AND by plenty...I mean I want to take a 3 week nap and never pack or unpack a suitcase again. Well...almost. Jaxson is growing so quickly and getting super smart. It amazes me!!! He is my little sponge. THIS VERY MINUTE as I sit here and type...Ryan is in the kitchen teaching him dance moves...and he mimicks them perfectly! A short video clip will be coming shortly..I promise. Jaxson learns 2-3 words a day and can most definitely understand ANYTHING I tell him to do or NOT to do. He sure is at a fun age....and I am so thankful that he is surrounded by 5 adults ALL DAY LONG that love him, spoil him and adore his every move as much as his Dad and I do!


What is summer without sidewalk chalk? Jaxson seems to enjoy it...and I seem to enjoy ANYTHING these days that keeps him busy and keeps him from pointing and screaming at the front door begging to be let out. He has learned the word "outside" and I often wonder what we will be doing during the winter. I better get pretty creative! I am so glad he is at this energetic, run-around stage during the summer.

I love little baby feet and toes. They are so adorable.

My little artist!
...hard at work....
I had this great idea that I would teach him his shapes by drawing them on the sidewalk and having him copy or mimick me. I'll let you know when it works...nothing yet, ha!
Too bad I don't ALWAYS carry my camera with me...because this little section could get pretty entertaining.!!! My little boy is fascinated by animals...however, if they move, or walk, or even GLANCE in his general direction he FREAKS OUT COMPLETELY:) It is the funniest thing ever to watch. The following pictures are of him chasing our cat Loo Loo and the neighbors bunny.
The cat was hiding under the Jaxson got comfortable just waiting for him to come out and play. Of course....if he WOULD of come out Jaxson would have scream like a girl:)

oh boy....the sandbox was a GREAT purchase. I knew he would love it the second I saw it...but my husband wasn't so sure. When I was a kid I would play in our sandbox for HOURS upon HOURS and then remember getting a bubble bath in by mom's jet tub every night afterward! They are some of my favorite memories.
I LOVE to watch Jaxson play in it and HATE to clean him afterwards...but as long as he's having fun....that's all that matters. I want him to experience and do as many things as he can and I love watching him attempt something for the first time:)
Sand really does get into EVERY crevice of this kids body!

My little stud!
Please oh please let me have another child as easy going and fun as Jaxson!
He definitely is his father's son.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and FULL summer.
I have made a terrible habit of using my blog to apologize to those I NEVER CALL BACK...I am awful. last time I am SORRY to all those who have left me messages and I PROMISE to call soon. I have not even turned on the TV in over 2 months or read more than one chapter in my book............
I am too busy eating otterpops and building sand castles:)


The Wells Family said...

It's sounds too much like our summer! Maybe it is because we have boys...and boys who LOVE to be hand-on and dirty! I loved the pictures...especially the close-ups on his little feet. Priceless!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Your camera is amazing!!! I love all the cute pictures of Jaxson!! He is going to be such a well-rounded child.:) You are such a good mom too!! I hope one day I'll have the opportunity to be 1/2 the mom you are!!! You're amazing!!