Monday, July 14, 2008

"Omaha/Home Sick...."

I just decided that I am officially Omaha sick. This whole moving to Brigham thing has felt like a very LONG vacation....and I'm just realizing IT'S not going to end! I love it here...and wouldn't have it any other way....however, I or (WE) are missing so many things about Omaha these days. Our lives were much slower there and we spent A LOT more time together...just the three of us. Jarom has told me 3-4 times this week that he misses it....and now I'm all emotional about it...of course. Bad move on his part.
1-We LOVED to run around beautiful Zorinsky lake and hit Sheridan's Custard on the way home to quickly un-do any kind of possible calorie loss!
2-We LOVED going on Sunday walks around Conagra and letting Jaxson feed the ducks.
3-We LOVED our apartment...ONTARIO WE MISS YOU! (I know that seems wierd to miss...but it is all Jarom and I talk about. We loved it there...and it really felt like "HOME" to us)
4-We LOVED having a beautiful Gym and Outdoor pool two steps away.
5-We LOVED our friends...and some of my fondest memories are Thanksgiving Dinners, Easter Barbeque's, 4th of July Fireworks...all with our second family!
6-I LOVED having Jaxson there...wierd huh? His BIRTHDAY was such a peaceful experience with just the two of us. I remember having ONE visitor in the friend Britt (who happened to help Jarom change the first poo...the icky black one, ha!). We spent 3-4 days just hanging out together and getting to know him. It felt like we were a world away from any distractions and it was the best experience ever!
7-We miss having EVERY possible restaurant or activity within minutes of us. Saturday we were in Layton and happend to drive by Famous Dave's and we both almost freaked!!! I think we forgot it even existed...and it was once part of our weekly routine. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT....we'd hit Dave's for some good barbeque! WE loved it.
8-I WILL FOREVER MISS JAROM'S SCHEDULE! It consisted of class from 9-10 a.m., after which he would come home and get back in bed (next to, I do not wake up earlier than 10...I love to sleep). Then we'd get up and eat breakfast around 11:00....take Jaxson for a jog or to the park....then he'd study in the afternoon. It was a much better routine than the one I am currently on...which is NEVER SEE MY HUSBAND...EVER!
9-I will hate life if I don't go shopping the day after Thanksgiving at 4:00 a.m. with Britt. That's all I have to say. She is the ONLY person alive who gets as serious about it as me (or even more so).
(by the way Brittany...I blame this whole post on you...talking to you caused this!)
I hate that moving had to be so bittersweet. Moving to Utah meant being closer to family but it also meant leaving some of my very best and closest friends, a perfect job and the luxury of being a "student" behind. It was WONDERFUL to not quite be part of the "real world" where Jarom had a real job.
I wish Jarom would go to school forever!!! There...I said it. I WAS WRONG last year when I begged to be finished and wished the time away. My dad was right. The day he dropped me off and I was clinging to his shirt bawling and begging him to NOT leave me in such an awful place...he looked at me and said, "I bet you 1000 bucks you have this same reaction the day I come and get you and you have to leave!" I thought he was wrong...but he was SO right. He even payed up...and spent at LEAST 1000 bucks filling our U-haul with gas:) ha ha!
Life is ironic that way...because last year at this time I was praying every night it would go quickly:) ha ha.
So this if for all those in school....enjoy! I just looked at all my Omaha friend's blogs and I promise there will be a day when you miss it there and feel like that was your real home!


The Pettingills said...

Your post kindof made me teary eyed thinking about leaving our home here in provo. Everyday I think "I can't wait until we are done" but I know when it is done we will really really miss this life of living off of so little money but not feeling like we are going without. I'm sure once you and Jarom can settle down in your OWN place and Jarom takes the bar that things will get so much better. Its so nice to be able to live with parents and save money but it is so hard at the same time. Nothing feels like your own. When me and john were first married we lived at his parents house while they were in texas for a year and although I was so grateful for no rent it never felt like home to me. It wasn't until we moved out and had all our garage sale and hand me down furniture that I felt like we were really a little family in our own home. I'm sure once you can have your own place back with all your own stuff to use your mind will change and you will have time to spend with just your little family. Isn't it so funny how all through high school you want and need as many people around you as you can get in order to feel loved and appreciated but once you get married and have kids all you really want is to be with your little family. There nothing better than going for a walk holding your hubbies hand with your kid walking in front of you. Maybe you, jarom and jaxson should take a trip out to Nevada and see your friend Britt or even just go for a walk together more often with the three of you. I hope things get better for you!!!

The Pettingills said...

Wow that was long, sorry!!!

The Johnsons said...

Sorry that you are feeling home sick! If you want....we have a hyda bed and three boys for Jaxson to play with when you want to come and visit! :) We live right by all of your friends! (the ones that didn't move anyway) I love to read your blog, because I was NOT excited about moving out here and already I know that I am going to miss it when we are done and have to be "real grown ups!" I am glad that I am not the only one with crazy emotions about Omaha! :)

The Wells Family said...

I just got off the phone with my hubby after having a complete meltdown and then I was blog surfing and read this post. I think it made me feel better. :) See...we just found out on Friday that we are officially moving to Washington DC. I can't quite grasp it, especially knowing that I will never live by family again ( least for 20 years). Your post made me realize that I will probably love the new experience and fall in love with my new "home". Thanks Kristin!. :)

Suzanne said...

i know this won't make you feel any better, but everyone in omaha misses yot too. and all i have to say is that you NEED to come back. move your family out with you if need be, but it is a MUST that you be back here in omaha!

Bryce & Brittany said...

I guess I'll apologize now for being the cause of this post and reminding you of some of the emotions that you're feeling right now! I'm sorry!! Isn't it crazy how we always want something other than what we have!!?? I know how you're feeling about missing Omaha! The one difference is that I know that I will see Bryce more, once he finishes with the Barr, than I ever did in Omaha. What can I say- - my husband loves to study!!! Soon enough he won't have an excuse to have to!! I know how crazy your life is right now, from what you told me on Sunday, but it will slow down!! Summers are always busy but I know you'd feel way worse if you were in Omaha missing out on- -1)4th of July with your family, 2)redecorating your mom's laundry room:) 3)way fun trips to St.George 4)enjoying time with your brother who you haven't seen in 2 years, 5)week long trips to Lake Powell and 6)family members all around to help babysit Jaxson!!:) Do you feel a little better now?? I definitely miss being able to hang-out with one of the few people in this world that actually nows what I'm thinking!!:) I hope you guys are having tons of fun in Lake Powell!! I can't wait to see pictures!

Maranda & Joel said...

I can't say that I feel the same way as you. Maybe by my 3rd year I will...Maybe. I have loved being back in utah. We barely missed a major storm that hit Village Green, uplifting trees and breaking power lines. The power was out for 4 days. I don't even want to know what my house is going to smell like with all the food that thawed in my freezer. I really enjoyed the 1st year there, but I really don't think it will be the same this next year. I already miss Ontario Place, I miss you guys, and I'm kind of dreading going back in August. However, when you said you loved having your baby out there it made me so freaking excited to just have it be Joel and me with the baby. I want to talk to you so I'll call you soon!

Ellie said...

I never thought I would hear those words come out of your mouth...but I completely understand. Coming home is a different adjustment. It's taken be about 2.5 months and I think I am just now starting to feel normal. Don't give up. Home will never be the same..which can be a good and bad thing. You will see.

Kyle and Janel said...

Kristin I love this post. It made me realize how grateful I am to have time to just my husband and my little family, for the time that it is just us. But I still am going to be sad when we have to go back to Omaha in August. growing up is so bitter sweet!

Dan & Keri said...

Omaha misses you too Kristin, at least we have the blog to see how Jaxson is growing up. Hope you guys are doing well in Utah!

Jessica Davis said...

Wow, I have missed so many of your posts. All of them are so cute. The pics of Jaxon are adorable as usual. I don't think he could take a bad pic! I'm sorry your feeling homesick. It sounds like you made so many great memories there.

channa said...

I am sad for you right now because I know EXACTLY how you feel. Its been exactly one year since we moved from California and we still miss it. We went back to visit about 4 months after we moved back and it made me miss it more. And every time I would talk to my friends or read their blogs I would be sad and feel left out. Friends out there become family just like you said so its so hard to leave. And also Brady and I felt the same way when we moved home about losing all our own little families quality time. I promise it will get easier but I think you will always miss those memories and those friends. It was a rough transition for me too. I hope it gets easier for you and i hope you can take a vacation out there soon. Sorry:(

Jen Nielsen said...

I am so glad to be in contact with you again! I was starting to think you had forgotten Omaha for good! So I have to admit your post is bitter-sweet for me. I sure miss you and your crazy is contagious and I could really use a some. Im sad you miss your hubby but Im sure it will get better with time. I want to see pic's of your new place.

Roxxi said...

So, I was just looking at your blog and read about you being Omaha sick and I know that I was only there for a year, in case you did not here Triumph got accepted at ASU so we are going to be staying here for the rest of Law SChool and so forth, but since we finally found out about being so fortunate to stay here, I have been missing my apartment and friends back at Omaha. I was very relieved to read this and know that I am not the only one who was feeling this way. Now I don't feel so crazy. I really am feeling Omaha sick too. Thank you for posting your true feelins so it makes me feel better. Hope you guys are doing well. Keep in touch, you guys look awesome.