Sunday, July 6, 2008

*** Fourth of July ***

I always get super excited for every holiday. Jarom endures it well. I think holidays make life so much more fun and he learned that early on in our relationship:) I can't decide if it's the day off of work so I get to see my husband, the great food, or all the traditions that we have...but holidays rock!
Jarom thinks I'm crazy....but I love to give gifts on holidays...and it doesn't really matter which holiday either!!! He tried once to convince me that people don't need 4th of July presents...but he failed. Even if it's just a made my childhood so much fun...and I intend on doing the same for little Jax. My mom is a tough act to follow...but I want to make holidays as memorable as she did. I decided to get Jaxson a cute little sandbox and picnic table!!!
He loves to play in it for a few minutes each morning. I didn't stop to think how messy sand can be or how it can enter every little knook and cranny of his body:)
He will have to invite some friends over this week for a picnic.
It is so cute..I love it.
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE HOLIDAY happens to be The Fourth of July! I have no clue why...but it always has been. We had a great weekend and I'm sad to be back home. We started it off by heading to my sisters in Provo on Thursday.

BELOW: Jaxson was so much fun this weekend and is such a trooper. We GO GO GO nonstop and he seems to tag along with little complaint. He is such and angel and will sleep ANYWHERE which makes life much easier when you keep as busy as we do. The morning of the 4th Jaxson got a few gifts...all red, white and blue of course.
We then met my family, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends for a day of boating at Utah Lake. Jaxsons first time on a boat was a success! I gave in and didn't make him wear his life jacket....but made everyone on the boat swear to put his life before their own if necessary...hee hee.


When the boat would go really fast....he would hold his hat on so it wouldn't blow off.
Jarom and I got some much needed "together" time while so many willing babysitters were around. I have become quite a baby when it comes to doing anything scary for some reason. I hated how choppy it was....Jarom about tipped me over and got the biggest guilt trip of his life...ha ha! Since Jaxson I have become so boring!!! I used to LOVE being thrown 10 feet in the air after my dad launched the tube off of a wave:)


Maybe I'll try to be brave at Lake Powell. We leave on MONDAY! yay:)
(For my friends in Omaha...THAT is what a mountain looks like!)
*** KISS ***
He gets super into it and puckers up HUGE. He squints his little eyes and can really lay one on ya! It's the best:)
Utah Lake
July 4, 2008
My sister and I have always been close...but have become best friends since she was married in October. I love to talk to her and be with her. We have a lot of fun together and I LOVE how protective and loving she is to Jaxson. We had a great weekend staying at her house...and were sad to leave!


Chelsea...the tattoos from your birthday party came in handy! Me and Kayla decided to apply them during our little boating trip.
To all my friends in Omaha (Suzanne, Jill) who thought I'd NEVER get a tattoo....WAHLAH!
It's a cupcake....super dangerous:)
His new found obsessions with capri-suns! He drank at least 10. The worst part is I let him!
We then headed back to my aunt Lisa's house for a big barbeque and fireworks. We ate the best food ever....and Jaxson loved running around and acting like one of the big kids!
~His new little 4th outfit~
The three of us watching the fireworks!
It takes quite a bit to get ME sunburned....but Jarom...oh my. He looks like a cherry in all of these pictures. His face got fried!

I LOVE holidays when Jarom gets to spend 4 days straight with us!
I hope he feels the same:) ha ha.
Me and Jax at the barbeque!
My baby doing his first sparkler. It was funny because he INSISTED on holding it by the burning, extremely HOT end. Boys I guess! He is such a stinker.
We then spent the night at Kayla's again and enjoyed the 5th at SEVEN PEAKS!

Jaxson LOVED the kiddie pool and all the slides. He is pro at going under water know...after my dad didn't realize to catch him in time:) He LOVES water...which is good because we are always SWIMMING. Below he is enjoying his 50th piece of licorice.
Jarom will kill me for putting this on here....but this is a perfect example of what I LOVED to do before I had Jaxson...and ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to do now. Holy crap...even looking at it freaks me out.

It was great weekend and I'm not ready for it to end. We just got home and are hoping the next week goes by we can head to our favorite vacation ever...LAKE POWELL.
Only 7 days away...HALLELUJAH:)



Suzanne said...

i just have to look so bad a** with that cupcake tattoo! LOL!

Chelsea said...

cute & fun pictures!!! maybe one day soon your life will turn as boring as the rest of ours:) ha ha...and how rude you stole the cupcake tattoo from Jaxson, he would have looked great with it on:) ps I would not go on that slide for a million dollars- and I'm not kidding

Bryce & Brittany said...

Wow! It looks like you guys had so much fun!!! Jaxson is such a little stud!! My grandpa's appointment has been changed and we will be in SLC tomorrow and Tuesday so I hope we'll still be able to see eachother!! I need to see's been forever!!! I love Jaxson's 4th of July outfit! Way cute!! I'll call you tomorrow so answer your phone!!:)

Rachael said...

So, I'm Not Crazy, You really do look so gorgeous like in EVERY picture. And Jaxson is so cute. Not that many babies are that cute. You are so beautiful,.Like even swimming. Good for you. I LOVE the kissy picture. Aren't kisses from your little one the BEST! LOVE IT

Pam said...

Jaxon is adorable. I love his plaid shorts. He is definitely a spoiled little boy! And that slide, I would never do that myself.

BRITT said...

Okay you are having way to much fun this summer! I bet your mom loves having you back. Jaxon is so cute and he is getting so big. PS you are so tan I am jealous!

Maranda & Joel said...

What a fun 4th of July! Jaxson is looking so grown up. You sure know how to spoil a kid. You haven't missed a beat since being back in Utah. I'll bet you don't miss Omaha one bit...I wouldn't if I were you. I'm glad to be back for the summer. I'll call you soon to arrange a modbe party. That is if you can fit me into your busy lifestyle!

Amy! said...

HOW FUN!!! I want to be your kid so I can get presents every single holiday! HA HA.. I am IN LOVE with your black and white polka dot swim suit :) Have fun in Lake Powell.. It is my most favorite vacation spot EVER!

The Christensens said...

Kristen I found your blog on stephs blog ( hope ya don't mind :) ) And I must say you have the cutest little family. Your little boy is adorable :)