Thursday, June 26, 2008

St. George :)

(Even quick weekend ones...if they are to beautiful and sunny St. George!)
We had a wonderful weekend of swimming, shopping, EATING, going to Tuachan...helping Ryan buy a car, visiting the Temple and much more. I didn't want to leave....SO Jarom and I decided we needed a few more days there "baby-free" in a few weeks! We will be heading back in August just the two of us. I LOVE IT DOWN THERE.
Jaxson was such an Angel...and endured being drug around in the 109 DEGREE heat like a champ. He can get quite the Tan we've discovered.
( heard me right...109 DEGREES!!! One day it was only that was nice. HA :)
We spent A LOT of time in the pool, needless to say....and of course hit the other must-sees in good old St. George. Namely the OUTLETS.
PICTURE Below: Jaxson with the stash. Sadly he was the only one who got spoiled. Why do parents always do that? I got one tiny pair of flip-flops and a dress....he got anything he screamed for. I STINK! He picked out the little baseball hat he is wearing and WOULD NOT take it it's his new favorite thing for the week. Unfortunately his "favorite things" change quicker than I can keep up...OR AFFORD:)
We ate A LOT of yummy food...which always make vacations so much more special for me:) Neilsen's frozen custard is probably everyone's it is MINE! Jaxson shared an ice-cream cone with his aunt Kayla! I am so lucky that my family LOVES this little guy as much as I do. She spoils him and takes such good care of him!
I have been super bad at blogging lately...and have yet to record all his NEW THINGS. At this age they are changing so quickly. It is the best part of being a mom...witnessing their little personality come out more and more each day. Recently I have noticed that: HE IS SUPER AFFECTIONATE...which I am totally loving. He has also become quite the mama's boy. I worked part-time since the day he was born.... so he was pretty versatile and loved anybody. He spent time with me, Jarom and several of my friends who would often tend him to help me out. Now that we're in UTAH....I stay home with him all day long! The kid has become my little "cling-on" and never lets me leave his side:) He gives me the best hugs....and kisses...and I am not complaining one little bit!
Jaxson has become quite the little fish and will even kick his legs when we tell him to! He floated around in his Crab for 3 days straight just splashing and laughing!
Jaxson, Me, Aunt Kayla, Uncle Nate!
He LOVES splashing people with his sand shovel. He also likes to fill it up and use it as a cup....drinking all the pool water...SICK! He will gulp and gulp as fast as he can until Jarom or I notice and take it away! aaagghhh. He is getting so smart.

I didn't take any pictures of TUACHAN....but It was beatiful! It is one of my favorite places to go. My family went and saw Les Miserables.....and it was amazing!!! I might go see it again when Jarom and I go back in August. I have seen Les Miserables a few times before...but NOTHING like this. The TUACHAN Theatre is an outdorr ampetheatre which is surrounded by huge red rock cliffs. The music echoes off of them....and there were real horses and animals, fireworks...everything, which made it just perfect! I bawled from the second it started til the second it ended!!! My dad summed it up by saying: "That play changes your life!" Holy Crap....was he right! EVERYONE SHOULD GO. Jaxson came with us...and was an angel. There were TONS of kids. He was mesmerized by it and watched the first 45 minutes without even flinching. The rest of the time he ate a snow cone and fell to sleep. I was so glad I went:)
My parents were married in the St. George it's always fun to stop by and see it. It is so pretty....and surrounded by palm trees. My dorky husband kept saying "I want to have palm trees in our back yard." I did see a law firm by cafe Rio and said to him "well then you better be dropping off a resume to them" :) I could totally see myself living there forever. And I'm pretty sure I won't leave Utah EVER AGAIN.
June 2008
What a full of life, little stinker you are!
At 15 months you are: 1- Obsessed with hats! You picked out this red baseball hat and keep placing it on your head sideways. If we try and remove it...or straighten scream:)
2- You love sports and any kind of ball. Basketballs, baseball, footballs, etc. You can spot one ANYWHERE and will throw a tantrum until you get to hold it or we buy it:)
3-You are extrememly affectionate (especially to me) and we love your kisses!
4-You love being outdoors and will stand by the front door and beg to go out and run!
5-Grandma and Grandpa are convinced that your energy level is never stop!
6-You know TONS of words....and love to say MOM, Da-Da, Cookie, Cracker, No, Tank-you, Hat, Light, HELLO...and many more. You completely understand what is going on and what we are saying to you. The Doctor listened to you talk and told us to "WATCH OUT"! When you start you're not going to stop! He can tell you understand us and are a smarty pants by the inflection in your voice and your expressions!
7- You love to show us where your nose, ears, teeth and belly button are!
8-You love soda...and had NEVER even tried it until we moved here. Now, being surrounded by grandpa's and are often full of Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper and screaming for more!

Oh-and you scream if you're picked up.....especially when you are busy running or destroying the plants and flowers at the temple:)
~Mom and Jax...St. George Temple~
We love your grin...and your little laugh!
Our trip was wonderful...and we were sad to come back! Jaxson hated the drive home...and kept doing crazy things to try and keep himself entertained. First: He kept sucking on his toes and then laughing his head off about it! HE is such a goofball. But we sure love having him around!
We are loving our summer and are so glad Jarom decided to play baseball! I was a bad influence and told him to play and enjoy himself instead of use the time to study for the bar! Keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't backfire....but in the meantime, we are enjoying watching him play every Tuesday and Thursday night with Uncle Zenock and a group of friends:)
Off to a baseball game!
We hope everyone is enjoying their summer:)


Carin said...

I LOVE St George. I loved the year and a half that I lived there for college. JC and I have decided when we come back to Utah that is where we want to live. We love it there! Cute pictures!!! Jaxson is getting so big and cute. We sure miss those peaches baseball games.. take advantage of them for us. :) It looks like you are having a great/fun summer in Utah!

Suzanne said...

hey stranger! sounds like you had a blast! i can't believe how big jaxson is getting. just by reading about him saying all those words makes me so excited for you. i remember before you left you would always say, "jaxson doesn't say anything but hat." and now he's talkin like he's a pro! it sucks that i can't talk to you everyday like i used to be able to. i have so much to tell you. for starters, i'm only TWO weeks into my extern and dr. shar (the dentist im assisting) has already asked me for my resume and asked me to fill out an application! Can you believe it!!! Im so excited. well i hope all is going well for you, jax, and jarom. we miss you guys!! call me soon!!

nicci said...

what a fun trip! jaxson is so cute! it was fun seeing you at the pool. maybe we'll see you at a peaches game, me, jarom, and jace love baseball and go watch gil play sometimes =)

The McClellan Family said...

Wow - Jaxson looks so old in the pic. with the red hat on sideways (how cute). I am glad you are having a good time and that you are getting lots of hugs from Jaxson. I look forward to talking with you and catching up!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun time in St.George!! Your family is always doing fun stuff!! I love that in every picture of you in the pool you have a different swimming suit on!:) It's good to know that you're getting good use of all those cute suits!!:) I really like that picture of Jaxson sucking on his toes. So cute & totally show his funny personality!

Chelsea said...

looks like st george was so fun..and hot! I could not live there because of the hottest summers! cute pictures

Brownies said...

I have been in St. George tons the last two weeks, can't believe I didn't see you, maybe some time we will, Tauchan is so amazing glad you had fun

Amy! said...

Your comment made my day!!! St. George looked like a blast.. I love that place :) So I am in Canada right now and I just had this thought.. We HAVE to set up your brother and my cousin A.J.... She is SO DARLING!! All of our family is heading back down to Utah tomorrow because Ryan and Jessie are blessing their baby on Sunday..These two need to meet.. I wasn't sure if he was dating anyone yet but I thought I would give it a shot... What is your e-mail... I could maybe send you a pic?! Ha.. Playing match maker is oh so fun ;)

Mauressa said...

Your dedication to your blog makes mine look pitiful! I love seeing all the beautiful pictures and how great is it going to be to have all this recorded for the future! Yes, I got my swim suit and I LOVE IT! I should've gone for the small bottoms now that I am prego and am already a little self-conscious, but hey, they fit okay for now! and the top it perfect! Thank you so much, and my mom said that Camilla wanted to get an appt. with you to try shirts and stuff on before out next order. Keep in touch. We will be there the first of August!

Brooke said...

Looks like a fun trip! Love the Jaxson baseball hat picture..seems to fit his personality to a 'T!' Such a cute family.