Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holy Crap I'm behind!!!

A picture is worth 1000 words!!!
If that statement is true...the picture below pretty much sums it up! Jaxson is having a wonderful summer...well, we all are. We have been super busy, which is why I NEVER have time to blog or return calls OR even know where my cell phone is most of the time. Please forgive me... all those who have tried to make contact:)
Every day is jam packed lately.
Right this moment I am even making Jarom and Jaxson wait for me to finish this post before we hit the road. (my family left us hours ago) We are on our way to St. George for a wonderful weekend of swimming and shopping and to see Les Miserables at the outdoor theatre TUACHAN! We are very excited to spend time together now that Ryan is home and our family is complete.
I love this kid.
He is fun to watch....and usually has an audience of 100 people while at the pool. He is SO animated and is such a goofball. He of course freaks out if he sees anybody with a ball or come to find out a "beach ball" that is the color and pattern of a basketball. He TOTALLY knows what one is....and will proceed to scream until the other child hands THIER toy over to him.
Quite fun!
Lunchtime at the pool! We pretty much spend a few hours of every day at the pool. He is getting better about being in the water and loves to splash and play. He MUST learn to love water because Jarom and I are fish. WE love boating and swimming!
We had quite the crowd at the airport waiting for Ryan's arrival. It was great to see him. He came in around 10:00 p.m., after over 40 hours on a plane. We headed for dessert after and some much needed catching up!
This is the cutest. Jaxson had a yellow balloon (which is the color that symbolizes welcome home according to my mother:) tied to his belt loop. HE was about to meet his Uncle Ryan for the first time!

Waiting for Elder Ryan at the airport!

My dad was pretty relieved and emotiona to see that Ryan had made it home safely. I'm sure I understand now that I have a son and can just picture what a mess I'll be. Jarom keeps reminding me I have 18 more years to prepare for it:)
MEETING UNCLE RYAN. They have spent lots of quality time together since we returned! Motorcycle and four-wheeler rides...playing on the lawn, basketball, etc.
Ryan's Official Homecoming was on Father's it was a BUSY BUSY Day. We had over 100 people at our house to celebrate with a big meal....and then I let Jarom open his gifts.
One of the gifts I gave him was frames and decor for his new office. Decked out with pics of his darling little boy:)

This is random...but I thought it was a fitting picture. Ryan can be found most days riding his motorcycle around town...(taking me for rides) or playing one of the few guitars he had HAND-CARVED in Mada. He plays and sings songs in Malagasy All day EVERY day. It is fun to hear....and fun to have him back. He is very much the same....going on dates EVERY DAY....singing....talking cars and HE WASHES MY CAR ALMOST EVERY OTHER DAY.
We love having him around again.
WE also went bowling a few weekends ago. This is my sister Kayla and her husband Nate!
Such a goofball:)
At the bowling alley:)
Some of my cousings at Ryan's Homecoming! Let's just say that Jaxson was WELL TAKEN CARE OF. Every cousing I have was picking him up and carting him everywhere. They would feed him cookies and soda til he threw catch with him....teach him things....,etc.
He was ready for a we all were:) The past few weeks have been crazy!
I made Jarom play baseball with the B.C. Peaches last night....and it was SO MUCH FUN to watch him play again! He used to play every summer while were dating....and this summer has a full-time job and studying to pass the Bar Exam...(which is like another full-time job). He didn't think he had time....but I couldn't resist resorting to begging!
I LOVE TO WATCH HIM PLAY....and he makes baseball pants look really good which is a plus..hee hee:) I think Jaxson had a blast watching him too. I'm sure we'll be attending many more this summer! One very Tuesday and Thursday to be exact!!!
I will post pics of the trip on MONDAY:)
But don't count on it....I stink at keeping up lately (SORRY BRITTANY)


The Pettingills said...

I bet you guys are so excited to have everyone back in utah again after these past couple of years. Its always so exciting when your brothers come home from their missions even if they are a little weird for a while. And I am way jealous you are in st. george going to Les Miserable. I found out about it a while ago and really really want to go but its hard to find babysitters overnight for our kids. What did you guys do with Jaxson? Did you just take him with you to les mes or have a babysitter?

pinkandbirchy said...

Hey Kristin you probably don't remember me but I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. Looks like everything is good and your baby is adorable! He has the biggest prettiest eyes! (I can say pretty about a baby boy right?)

Pam said...

Jaxson really is such a cute baby! He definetly looks full of it! I love the picture of your dad and Ryan hugging. You can totally see the relief on your dad's face to have him
home. Ryan is a cute kid!

Jen Nielsen said...

Hey guys.. looks like life if fab in Utah! I love your blog, you inspired me and I finally through one together. It is a great motivator to take pictures! I am so out dated.
Miss ya!

Suzanne said...

hey girl! i bet you're having so much fun this summer. those pictures of jaxson are so cute. me and jonathan miss you guys bunches. i have a picture of jaxson on the fridge and he'll point to it and be like "jaxson, where are you?" i have so much to tell you about my externship. call me soon. miss you!

Bryce & Brittany said...

I'm so excited that I got a "shout out" on your blog and I guess I'll accept your apology since I do understand that you're busy!! Gosh- - your brother is so dang cute!!! If I was just a few years younger and not married we could be sister-in-laws!:) It's really fun to read your blog because I don't talk to you enough to know what's going on every day of your life like I used to. I actually get to see pictures that I've never seen before.:) It sounds and looks like Jaxson is having such a fun time this summer and getting a lot of attention from family! And he is still as cute as ever!! I hope you guys are having tons of fun in St.George!! Please call me when you get back!

Kyle and Janel said...

Jaxson is so freaking cute and has the most adorable smile! I am glad your brother is home and safe. I still have 22 months before my lil bro gets home...missions are great, but it is so much better when they are home! Have fun in St. George in the DRY heat!

Amy! said...

Awe.. LOVE the pic of Ryan and your Dad hugging.. It is so neat to have a brother come home from a mission.. He is so darling too!!

Elyse said...

Ha Ha! That's killin' me! Kaden has the same two swim shorts and top from Old Navy too! Great minds think alike! Looks like you're enjoying the sun!

Rachael said...

You always look picture perfect all the time. I am glad that the week turned out good, Glad to have family home

Tarbets said...

what a fun summer already! it isn't even half over thank goodness:) jaxson is stinkin adorable! i love babies. well, toddlers? anyway, i have a question if you have time to respond but if not no worries. i was wondering how early you took jaxson running in your bob. how far does it recline? i am really anxious to get out after this next baby comes! i hate sitting around!

Taylor and Emily said...

Its really about time that Jarom wears a decent number on his back.