Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Playing Catch Up :)

I have been so super busy lately...which means I have been completely neglecting my blog:) I keep telling myself to publish it...and it WILL HAPPEN in the next week, I promised myself:)
Therefore, I need to play catch-up with my "online journal" I guess you could call it. The one bad thing about blogging is my complete loss of any desire to physically scrapbook. I was a scrapbook freak before...documenting every minute of Jaxson's life with pictures and little pop-up die cuts! Now....because of blogging... I have completely stopped! I really should get going again...but this is such a quick and easy way to document. Plus-I LOVE being instantly caught up.....I am always about 6 months behind in scrapbooking and I HATE THAT FEELING!
Moving on: because of the craziness which was my life throughout the beginning part of May...I failed to post about Mother's Day and the big 24th B-day...not to mention I am behind on the day to day happenings of our life as Official Utahans.
We spent 12 hours driving on Mother's Day 2008....so needless to say it was Hardly my idea of the "perfect" day. I DID, however, get to spend some much needed one-on-one time with Jarom and we had a LONG LONG chat about our goals, future, Omaha, what we were leaving behind, and what lay ahead. It was special for me...and I remembered instantly why I fell in love with him during that drive. The hours that I was actually awake and not hung-over from Tylenol PM...were filled with some wonderful conversation and laughs! (HEE HEE...I love you honey). He also got me this beautiful jewelry box...which I had been wanting since my stroll through pottery barn at Christmas time. He is NOT even close to the mushy, romantic type...which is good because I am wierd and the sappy, lovey-mushy stuff makes me completely naseous! He knows just how to surprise me and make me feel loved. I'm one lucky girl.
A few days later was my 24th B-day. I had a wonderful day!!! Jarom postponed starting his new job until Thursday...so he could take me out and spend the day with me. How sweet:) We took advantage of our MANY willing babysitters for the first time EVER...and left him with grandma for the afternoon. We had lunch with my mom...then headed shopping for a few hours, just me and Jarom:) Jarom then took me to dinner at Maddox...and to the movie "What happens in Vegas". When I got home my mom surprised me with a party! We opened presents and ate cake and ice-cream. She gave me a sewing machine... which I have been wanting desparately! Clothes, Jewelry, books (the "Sock and Glove" book so I can attempt sewing jaxson stuffed animals) AND they pre-ordered me "Breaking Dawn"...CANNOT WAIT by the way, a one-hour massage, etc...they spoiled me! I have such a great family.
Below is my "small" cake!!! My mom selected a "small" one because me and her LOVE sweets and she knew that we'd end up eating EVERY LAST BITE and completley ruin our diets:) THANKS MOM!

Jaxson helped us eat it. Yum...frosting:)
Other than that....we have kept busy playing with grandparents and catching up with some old friends. It has been such a relief for us to be home...and I sometimes feel like Omaha didn't even happen. It's crazy how only a few weeks can change things so much. I had an entire life there...and I'm already forgetting. Oddly enough I haven't missed my apartment or the city at all! BUT...I miss the people like crazy. I have so many good friends there who I think about EVERY DAY! I will call soon...promise: Suzanne, Jill, Wendy, Stacie, Tegan.....etc. :)
Jaxson is devouring all the Love and Attention. He is exhausted most the time...and is much more of a mamma's boy because of all the changes that have been thrown his way. He clings onto my legs and begs me to pick him up ALL DAY LONG. After 13.5 months of a perfect sleeping baby...he has become a "right between mom and dad sleeper" and I have decided to just go with it! I feel so guilty for putting him through stress! Plus...waking up to him smothering my cheeks and forehead with kisses ain't that bad either. The past few weeks has has learned to say: mama...cracker...uh-oh...and the newest word "NO".
Jarom continues to LOVE the fact that the kid is obsessed with balls and sports.
We bought him this basketball hoop a few weeks ago and HE LOVES IT. He would shoot baskets for hours if I had the patience to watch for that long. I try to let him use it a little every day...but, why does it never get old? Please, someone tell me! Although it's darling...I WILL need a girl someday I keep reminding Jarom.

Oh-and as you can tell from the picture below....he GRUNTS or SCREAMS each and every time he throws the ball. I have no clue why...or where he learned it....but BOY DOES HE GET INTO IT.
This week has been HECTIC while making preparations for my brother Ryan to come home tomorrow evening. We are so excited...and I am SO ready to see him again and catch up. My mom has made banners and posters...balloons...the WORKS! Mostly...I am thrilled that tomorrow he will meet my little Jaxson, who has the sweetest little spirit. My mom has been "nesting" similarly to a 9 month pregnant woman who is about to bring home a newborn. We have cleaned out EVERY drawer in the house and developed and framed SEVERAL mission pictures that are filling the house. We have re-decorated Ryans room with all sorts of Madagscar stuff (to make him feel at home I guess:) and even grocery shopped for a specific MENU that will be followed for the next week. WISH ME LUCK...
I will most likely gain about 10 pounds...and Ryan, who is accustomed to eating grasshoppers and cock roaches will be in complete shock I'm sure.
We are so lucky that our mom is "crazy"....because she always goes to the millionth degree to make sure we feel special. I'm sure I'll have Several pics of the Homecoming...but until then, UPDATE YOUR BLOGS PEOPLE. I just flipped through a few and most of you are slacking as bad as I have been:)


The McClellan Family said...

I am so glad you are enjoying being home. I know what you mean about feeling like Omaha never happened. Everytime I go home I forget I live in the midwest. I do like it here but I will be okay to leave when it is over. Kate is also ball obsessed. I swear every toy I buy entertains the girl for 5 seconds - except balls she will play with them for hours. I do hope you get a girl that is not a tom boy (but I have to admit I love that Kate loves to play rough).

Andrea & Matthew said...

oh my I cannot believe that Ryan is already coming home! I can't wait to see the pics!! And you are not weird about the mushy lovey-dovey stuff...that also make me nauseated!!!

Rachael said...

So i didn't know that you like to Scrapbook... I am totally obsessed,. It's like my way to De-stress from the day. We should get together to Scrap and trade ideas... caseycookfamily.blogspot.com

Bryce & Brittany said...

Isn't it crazy how busy our mom's can keep us?? I swear my mom rarely sits down so most of the time I feel like I need to be helping her or doing something!! Don't you dare forget about our 3 years in Omaha!!! It's sad how that happens though. You just get into the routine of things and it's usually how it's always been at home. I do miss Omaha a little but I'm enjoying living in a small town right now when I can go to the pharmamcy and the pharmacist asks how Joe(my grandpa) is! I love it! I'm so excited for you and your family to have Ryan back! I remember the feeling well! I'm sure he'll have lots of stories to tell and I can't wait to meet him one of these days on my next trip to Brigham. I miss you guys and I'm so glad things are going well for you guys! Oh....and I'm glad you forgave me for voting for Cook!:) I need to call you soon and I will. I am driving home this Friday so I'll probably call you while I'm driving. Tell Jarom and Jaxson hello for me!

The Johnsons said...

So I met Joel and Maranda. They are awesome. We also met their dog, but I can't remember her name! Anyway...Kael loves their dog and walked it on it's leash for 45 minutes the other night. Joel said he would bring it by and let Kael walk with him sometimes. They are great. I am glad that you are having a great time back at home and that your brother is home! That is the best!!

The Corrigan Family said...

I love the basketball hoop. I am going to have to get one of those for Teage. He loves to play ball too. I bet your parents are eating Jaxson up.

Kyle and Janel said...

Looks like things are great in Utah! Happy Late Birthday!

Emmett and Ashlee said...

Hey we are changing our blog address to emmettandashlee.blogspot.com so you guys know. We are taking our last name off all of our stuff, so please don't add our last name to your blog. Thanks!!

Kevin and Nikki said...

Hey Kristin! This is Nikki (Davis) Kirby. I have been watching your blog and your little Jaxson is adorable. I saw your husband and him at church a couple sunday's ago. I am in the Lake View ward. Anyway, I was wondering about the Modbe swimsuits. Do you have an e-mail or some way I can get a hold of you? My e-mail is knikki84@gmail.com. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!

Brandie said...

You guys are so cute! Where did you make your blog from the setup it's so cute. Your little boy is adorable. Him and my Kayden would have so much fun Kayden loves balls and has the same hoop. You look very happy and your jewelry box was beautiful.